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  1. Shepherd

    James Garner R.I.P.

    Spent many hours as a kid watching Rockford, have season 2 sitting on my coffee table. Watching an episode this week I remember thinking to myself that he wont be around much longer. RIP and thanks for keeping me out of trouble.
  2. Shepherd

    Job interviews

    The interviews I hate the most are the behavioural interviews. You can have all the skills needed but screw up that part of it and your done. Some of the questions are just idiotic and have nothing to do with the job. " So your home alone, you just took a dump and you find out your out of toilet...
  3. Shepherd

    Anchorman 2

    They both sucked.
  4. Shepherd

    Cabinet Material

    Just use some of the laminated pine shelving, it's cheap, stable and light.
  5. Shepherd

    How would you suggest I smooth this out?

    I'm just amazed at how thick that stuff is.
  6. Shepherd

    Sprayed sealer too thick, need help smoothing out runs

    You can scrape the runs flat with a razor blade.
  7. Shepherd

    Do I have to use vinyl sealer under lacquer? What does it do?

    You don't need it. It's actually made for use in areas of high humidity such as kitchen cabinets. A thinned mix of lacquer will seal it just fine and if your doing a natural finish you wont lose any clarity like you do with a sanding sealer.
  8. Shepherd

    10 bands better than the Beatles????

    Right place, right time. Five years later and they would have just been yesterdays version of a boy band.
  9. Shepherd

    Offset Hybrids

    Yeah we went all through the warehouse, they just had more of the firewood quality stuff. It was all cracked and really not good for much else. Tried to get some mahogany for a LP build while I was there but thy didn't have anything wide enough.
  10. Shepherd

    Offset Hybrids

    That figures, I went there last year while on vacation. Called them up and they said we have pallets of flame maple on sale for $6 a foot. So I drove 2 hours out of my way via 101 to get there and the stuff they had was basically firewood. Nothing even close to the stuff you got. Bad timing I...
  11. Shepherd

    Offset Hybrids

    That's some nice stuff, did you get it locally? Almost impossible to find around here.
  12. Shepherd

    Realistic maple fretboard wear VS. Unicorns

    Here's one I just did but I just stained the bare wood before I finished it. I didn't sand thru the finish at all. I copied a real '54 but tried to keep it subtle.
  13. Shepherd

    How to make Headstock Decals
  14. Shepherd

    Home Security

  15. Shepherd

    2014 August in California/ Yosemite any tips?

    If you like ghost towns check out Bodie, it's only about an hour away.
  16. Shepherd

    Tele Templates

  17. Shepherd

    If I ever win the lottery....

    Why almost? Even just $5 would help. I donated yesterday and today I made close to $300 in side jobs that came out of the blue. Maybe there is such a thing as karma I don't know but it feels good to help those that cant help themselves.
  18. Shepherd

    If I ever win the lottery....

    I wish I had more to give. 1Xg2G_oINqc
  19. Shepherd

    Best tele template?

    If you cant make your own templates .....
  20. Shepherd

    RIP John Lennon

    +1. Right place at the right time. Five years later and they would have been just another band.
  21. Shepherd

    Dupli-color similar to surf green?

    I just used some BIN shellac.
  22. Shepherd

    Dupli-color similar to surf green?

    It is enamel but as long as you go very light with the first few coats of nitro it works fine.
  23. Shepherd

    Dupli-color similar to surf green?

    I used this, Then applied tinted nitro to get this,
  24. Shepherd

    Wanting to restore my '54 Tele...
  25. Shepherd

    Color ratios and recipes for classic fender surf green looks required

    In case you want a matching man cave.