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    I seem to spend a lot of time here at TDPRI, as well as
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    I ask myself the same “should I quit” question often. No real issue, but in my previous band I was more or less the leader/guitarist/singer and in the current I’m mostly just in a lead guitar and occasional vocal role. There’s definitely advantages and disadvantages to both roles. i was out...
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    NFL playoff picks predictions and discussion

    Was hoping for a Titans victory yesterday…my son is a Titans fan and I’ve liked the Chiefs since I was a kid during the Len Dawson days. We’ve been to every Titans/Chiefs matchup but the first one after the Oilers became the Titans. We had a trip to Tennessee planned for the championship...
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    Magical Deluxe Reverb RI?

    Nice playing, nailed the Roy Nichols solo in the first clip. I might have to drag my DRRI out and revisit, been thinking about selling it.
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    Meatloaf went all the way last night, paradise, no dashboard light...

    OK, I have to ask - what was your theory?
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    Meatloaf went all the way last night, paradise, no dashboard light...

    The guitar player was Todd Rundgren. In reading about Meatloaf's death this morning I was surprised to learn that the female vocalist on "Dashboard" is not Karla DeVito, who was in the video. It was Ellen Foley, who went on to have her own career in music and a stint in acting, including the...
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    I saw something strange yesterday

    There was a video out somewhere showing that homeless/down and outers/askers of money were considerably more likely to share what little they have than folks who have much. Shared empathy, I suppose. I go back and forth; our city actively campaigns against giving money as there are better...
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    Songs with morality tales-- your fave!

    As W.C. Fields said, "I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally." This song sort of cracks me up but there's some mighty fine a-pickin' and a-grinnin' in it.
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    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    I grew up in Holcomb, KS where the infamous Clutter murders occurred in 1959. Truman Capote wrote one of the first true crime novels about the murders, the killers and their execution - "In Cold Blood." My father was employed by Mr. Clutter at the time of the murders and was a suspect for a...
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    Allison Moorer & Shelby Lynne

    Tragic history for these two, their Father murdered their Mother then committed suicide when they were young. Both have great voices but I prefer Allison’s over Shelby’s. Put them together though, incredible. Their version of “Looking For Blue Eyes” in this short feature is spectacular.
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    Chargers v. Raiders - 1-9-22

    Chiefs fan here so by allegiance I’m sworn to dislike both the Chargers and Raiders. But that game was crazy and kept me up well past my bedtime…team loyalty aside I‘m a football fan and that was a classic.
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    When guitar brand have very unlikely players in their ads.

    I found one of these on ebay, it wasn't terrible but I didn't end up keeping it.
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    When guitar brand have very unlikely players in their ads.

    Endorsements are hooey no matter who is 8n them. Did you ever notice how ads feature Johnny Hiland and Joe Walsh are in? It’s almost comical. Gear reviews as well. Just once I’d like to se an honest review where the reviewer says “this is a P.O.S.”
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    PSA - Cheap TP

    I bought some El Cheapo Kirkland TP at Costco and was quickly informed by Mrs. telemaster that this is not an area of the budget we will be skimping on. I had to buy the softer TP anyway and guess who has to use all the B grade paper? I'll give you a hint - it's not my wife and she's the only...
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    Going From 10's to 9's Reluctance To Change

    I also went down in string gauge this last year due to some pain in my left wrist. I was using D'Addario 10-46 and went to the EXL120+ set which is 9.5-44. My wrist issues have vanished and after a little adjustment time I get along with these strings nicely.
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    I don't usually post these, but perhaps a short one is in order.

    Sorry for your loss, John. Willy had a good run, but more importantly it sounds like he had a good home and lots of love.
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    My Wife just bought me a $7000 Les Paul!!!

    Congratulations on the beautiful new guitar and for your awesome wife!
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    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    We just recently made some decaf from a plastic can that had sat for at least a couple years. It still tasted like decaf.
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    A family gathering (not guitar related)

    Great picture! Glad you were able to get together to make this memory!
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    Playing lap steel with a great Cuban Rock Band

    Good song, despite my not understanding the lyrics. I hope it accomplishes much. Tasty lap steel playing as well, kudos!
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    Are you going out on New Years Eve?

    It's pretty standard for Casinos to allow smoking. The gig isn't at a Casino but it's in Oklahoma, I don't know how or why they allow it but it definitely sucks...I gave up smoking in 1989 and I'm not particularly fond of breathing everyone else's secondhand. It is what it is. I'd be fine if...
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    New PSG Day -1973 Sho-Bud LDG

    And "Borrowed Angel". Already tackled both tunes, the guitar has THE sound.
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    Are you going out on New Years Eve?

    Gigging about an hour away from the house, the major concern is winter weather moving in. I may have to spring for a hotel but my preference is to make it home, we'll see. My wife doesn't want to go because this particular club allows smoking, we played NYE there two years ago and she was sick...