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  1. MickM

    Neil Young "Barn" Movie!

    On you tube
  2. MickM

    Neil Young "Barn" Movie!

    I watched The Barn yesterday. (FFWD thru the slow parts) In general I like Neil or I should say the 2 Neils. There is the acoustic playing singer/songwriter and his flip side that cranks his LP and gives it his all with reckless abandon. sort of like a 19 yr old punker who has no respect for...
  3. MickM

    Blinked and missed it

    How 'bout a linky?
  4. MickM

    Let’s see your top mount string ferrules

    Other than having too many strings, I think it's a very attractive looking setup. Strings still feed through the back?
  5. MickM

    Neil Young "Barn" Movie!

    Is there a song called Cortez the Censor? Not yet?
  6. MickM

    Let’s see your top mount string ferrules

    If I ever saw any "top mount" ferrules I don't remember what they look like. Top load bridge?
  7. MickM

    Favorite Paintings

  8. MickM

    Favorite Paintings

  9. MickM

    Help me country

    In the most recent edition of Fretboard Journal John Sebastian tells how "Nashville Cats" came about. He said that the Spoonful played a gig in Nashville and afterward they went to the basement bar in the Holiday Inn where they were staying. After a while he describes a "really rough looking"...
  10. MickM

    Cheaper Nut Slot Files?

    Same here. These are Ho sco/Japan and you get 11 files for 6 more dollars than the 6 file set from Stewy Macky.
  11. MickM

    Monkeys Loose in Danville PA

    If the monkeys were driving there would've been a differen't outcome.
  12. MickM

    Man stole an $8000 LP by stuffing it in his pants

    I was going by the image in post #11. Even with the poor quality of the pic of the guitar I can see it looks just like the wine red w/gold hardware studios I sold in the 90's.
  13. MickM

    Man stole an $8000 LP by stuffing it in his pants

    Looks like a LP Studio. $8000 is pushing it!
  14. MickM

    Need tuners for a Modern Player Thinline Deluxe

    Exactly. Cut the low E at the D string tuner post, insert string end in top of the E string post (sharp end straight down) and wrap and wind. These are the only tuners I've used that don't leave a sharp little end waiting to get your finger.
  15. MickM

    ID help. Vintage 1x15 speaker

    the pencil looks like somebody's version of the date that it was loaded?
  16. MickM

    Man stole an $8000 LP by stuffing it in his pants

    When I read the title I thought that the $8000 LP was a rare record album. I figured it was possible if he was wider than the average bear.
  17. MickM

    Who likes/hates Fades (guitar finishes)?

    Me too. Plus it doesn't matter either way.
  18. MickM

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    I knew one. That's why I remember the movie.
  19. MickM

    What brand of boots do you wear?

  20. MickM

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    You talking 'bout Bunny Boiler Glenn Close?
  21. MickM

    "What Your Favorite Sad Dad Band Says About You"

    When is the author supposed to graduate high school? It might not be too late for him to transfer to Vo-Tech courses.
  22. MickM

    Dachshund sticker shock

    If you are considering taking this pup home I think you should ask the store manager to give you the breeders info so you can go see for yourself. Could be legit but if it's a mall/franchise pet store they may not have a clue as to where there little critters come from.
  23. MickM

    Dachshund sticker shock

    If you buy a female, try to get one that isn't spayed at a young (12-16 weeks) age. My recently deceased Lily started to leak urine at about 10 yrs of age unbeknownst to her(they can't tell) and the vet said it is very common when a shelter insists on them being spayed before you take them...
  24. MickM

    Last night, I lost the best friend I've ever had.

    I too believe this.

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