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  1. MisterZ

    What brand of boots do you wear?

    Sorel when it gets cold. Today LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoes with waxed cotton uppers. Muck Boot Arctic Sport around the yard. Otherwise it's Birkenstock all the way, per my podiatrist.
  2. MisterZ

    Won’t be playing for a while…

    Wow...just wow. Heal fast, but follow doctor's orders and don't try to make it go *too* fast.
  3. MisterZ

    Who would have been Elvis Presley's next guitarist?

    David Lindley would have been awesome, if a totally unrealistic choice.
  4. MisterZ


    I got my Fitbit to use as a pedometer, but I love the sleep stats best. This screen is one of the first things I look at after the coffee kicks in.
  5. MisterZ

    Pay Attention to Your Breakfast!

    They make "bread" too. I say "bread" because it's horrible.
  6. MisterZ

    Would you rather be without electricity, or water?

    When we get a generator it's to keep the well going, so there's your answer.
  7. MisterZ

    Summarize Your Day With A Picture......

    Sue me...two pictures.
  8. MisterZ

    Snark shade - This settles it for me - No snark 'bout snarks

    Yep. I have one. I like it, too. Big display makes it easy to read. And it's accurate. Win.
  9. MisterZ

    Here’s 14 inches for ya …

    We had *plans*. I love spending time with MrsZ, but since this wasn't a big anniversary we had a day of stuff to do. But I am cooking a nice dinner, and we have a bottle of bubbly open, so there's that.
  10. MisterZ

    Indiana Jones

    I thought the 4th was better than the 2nd.
  11. MisterZ

    Here’s 14 inches for ya …

    Monday noon-ish. A foot so far and not stopping. Nice that it happened on my days off. Not so nice that it happened on my 18th wedding anniversary.
  12. MisterZ

    Wheel of Wordle? Wordle of Fortune?

    I am obsessed with this and with the NY Times Spelling Bee.
  13. MisterZ

    shoes For Industry! The Best Of The Firesign Theatre

    I loved the Mr. Rogers skits. "I'm gonna put ony my cowboy boots for ya now, 'cause cowboy boots are macho. Can you say that? Macho? Sure, I thought you could." Classic.
  14. MisterZ

    Teacher and friend died last night

    Condolences, brother.
  15. MisterZ

    40 Years from THE Catch

    52 years since my Jets won the Super Bowl. 😢
  16. MisterZ

    The Nevers - Netflix

    Waiting for the second half of the season on HBO.
  17. MisterZ

    Dinner tonight

    Salmon, roasted broccoli, pearled couscous.
  18. MisterZ

    Happy Birthday Pat Benatar

    I saw her in 1980 in Syracuse, NY when I was a freshman at SU. Great show! HBBD!
  19. MisterZ

    Trying to fill a hole in my soul

    So sorry to hear this. It's always hard to lose a friend, and when it's one like this it's harder.
  20. MisterZ

    Show us your guitar case and amp stickers

    Love the HOG sticker!
  21. MisterZ

    New Amp Day

  22. MisterZ

    Is there a really great 5w clean platform?

    Katana, if you're not wed to tubes.
  23. MisterZ

    PARTIALLY GUITAR RELATED. (Warning: War and Peace length post)

    Good on ya! Glad things are looking up, and it will be interesting to keep up with your journey.
  24. MisterZ

    Performance Anxiety

    Only once have I gotten the yips so bad I couldn't play (wrote about it here a couple of years ago). Nervous is normal! You want your performance/recording to be the best it can possibly be. Use that nervous energy to fuel the performance/recording.
  25. MisterZ

    Ohio is freaky

    East Aurora, NY is a hundred or so miles west of Aurora, NY.

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