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  1. mkdaws32

    What five people in the history of guitar would you most like to personally thank if you could?

  2. mkdaws32

    Anyone here plays their tele with the ashtray on?

    I wouldn't mind trying - my only Tele with a vintage bridge didn't come with a cover.
  3. mkdaws32

    Have we reached the endpoint of modeling?

    Lol! My old, old Boss GT3 had an log - I think they called it a “wave pedal” but it could be set up to use an LFO to control multiple parameters instead of an expression pedal that was controlled by the user. I have no idea if the newer GT processors kept that concept or not. It would be very...
  4. mkdaws32

    Suggestions for a Warm(ish) Strat Pickup Set

    I can second the Bootstrap sun city selects or Fender Tex Mex is in the same ballpark - a little warmer than vintage but still “Stratty”. I have them both in two Strats. But for even a bit darker the Oatmeal Stouts are phenomenal- probably my favorite Strat set but a little more power and a...
  5. mkdaws32

    Objectively speaking, the best pizza you can assemble from Domino's is...

    Green peppers, mushrooms, pineapple, black olives, bacon, sausage, ham.
  6. mkdaws32

    Fretboard with Lake Placid Blue??

    I voted maple, but either works for me.
  7. mkdaws32

    Well hello!

    Welcome - can’t wait to see how that Tele comes together!
  8. mkdaws32

    Very Sad Day

    That’s beautiful. My sincere condolences. I will certainly do the small thing you ask. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
  9. mkdaws32

    Joyo American Sound: clean up with guitar volume knob?

    I can do that - I have a new Peavey PVM 45 mic that's supposed to be great on cabs that I haven't tried yet.
  10. mkdaws32

    Joyo American Sound: clean up with guitar volume knob?

    Maybe I can do a comparison of a bunch of these (4 Joyo pedals + the Blonde, Plexi and Cali sections of the Flyrig). Record something direct and reamp the same tracks through each if these - might be a fun projects. I'll try to get to that later this week.
  11. mkdaws32

    Windows 11...Bueller...Bueller...

    Me too - I'm using a Dell Gaming laptop that is a number of years old - upgraded with two SSDs and 16 GB RAM. It smokes most mid to mid-high end laptops available new today, but the processor is one generation too old for W11. Makes no sense since newer machines with less processing power are...
  12. mkdaws32

    Joyo American Sound: clean up with guitar volume knob?

    Its "girthy" in the low mids - definitely a different flavor than the AS, AC or BS (I haven't gotten the new Oxford Sound - yet! ;);) ) The drive is thick and can be loose but not messy or uncontrolled - it's a different beast. The AS gets used most by me as a front end into an amp for clean...
  13. mkdaws32

    Have we reached the endpoint of modeling?

    But if you drop the pedal, will you get the "thunderstorm" effect?
  14. mkdaws32

    Ultra Luxe Telecaster (Under the Hood)

    A little noise doesn't bother me. For whatever reason I tend to prefer true single coils right now or vintage output PAF style buckers in the bridge position only sometimes. That said, I've always shielded my guitars and use a noise gate to take any noise left over - not too aggressive on the...
  15. mkdaws32

    Joyo American Sound: clean up with guitar volume knob?

    The California Sound is a Joyo one - and it is a clone of Tech 21 US Steel, I think maybe? In any case I think it's supposed to emulate a Mesa Mark series, but that's a pretty tall order ;) But I like it in any case. Edit to add pic:
  16. mkdaws32

    Joyo American Sound: clean up with guitar volume knob?

    The AS adds a nice color and fulness to your tone - makes it more "ampy" if that even makes sense. But I agree the drive should be used sparingly for a little "edge" if you use much drive on the pedal, I find it does not play as well with other drives in front of it - just gets kinda messy...
  17. mkdaws32

    Anyone using an "amp in a box" pedal into their USB interface for recording?

    The California Tone is a real sleeper. I love it direct. The American Sound gets a lot of love around here, and rightly so. There are some fans of the ACTONE and the British sound, as well, but personally, direct and with pedals in front, I'm often grabbing the California Tone even over my...
  18. mkdaws32

    Anyone using an "amp in a box" pedal into their USB interface for recording?

    Yep - I've used a Tech21 Flyrig with great results. I also have a number of Joyo character pedals and they work great direct, as well. I have Helix Native and you can get some fantastic tones using a modelled amp plugin combined with an analog signal from one of these Tech 21 or Joyo pedals or...
  19. mkdaws32

    NCIS anyone?

    Gibbs was getting old and even more jaded and grumpy. I miss Abbie, though. I like new girl better than Bishop, but I never had a problem with Bishop, per se. Kate and Ziva were both great. I love McGee, Palmer, Nick and am happy for the inclusion of the occasional scene with Duckie. Gary...
  20. mkdaws32

    Yikes - I’m creeped out! I can’t stop watching it, though.
  21. mkdaws32


    Yes, but there are studio recordings that don't sound that good. Great audio engineering at work there!
  22. mkdaws32

    Have we reached the endpoint of modeling?

    Yeah - I thought it was cool in the early modelling days to have a bunch of (bad) emulations of real amps in a single box. Lots of fun, but these days I find a model I like the feel, tone and breakup of for the style of playing I'm doing and I could care less which real amp it's based on or how...
  23. mkdaws32

    Replacement bridge for player series tele

    I'm not an expert and not as knowledgeable as some others here, whom I hope will chime in. But I do know a "standard" vintage style bridge will not drop in to replace a "standard" modern bridge, which I believe is what the Player series has. The holes in the body for the strings will not line...

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