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  1. LGOberean

    Where is everyone? Has anyone else noticed the slowness

    Higgy, you're asking for pictures of that?!? Awkward...:oops: I've noticed the new formatting or whatever it's called, and IME it's a downgrade from before. I haven't particularly noticed a general slowdown, but that's because I haven't posted as much, or even been here as much. The...
  2. LGOberean

    What is your signature model?

    I've seen this thread title several times, and kept thinking it was bound to descend into backpage/archive status soon, so I didn't bother posting. But it seems to keep finding its way to the top of page one, so I guess I'll chime in as well. I already have a guitar that qualifies as my...
  3. LGOberean

    Logan Custom Guitars Club

    Thanks for that. I'm glad to hear that he's continuing to work, and that his family is with him. And you're right, the very nature of custom ordering from Bob gives you a more personal contact. With my first order in 2008, I was just a customer. But I was impressed with Bob's knowledge and...
  4. LGOberean

    What brand of boots do you wear?

    My hiking boots are Timberlands. Basic but well made (in Vietnam). I bought them almost a year and a half ago, so I don't remember the model # or the price, but around a C-note. They've held up well, and are quite comfortable. My wife and I take trips in our travel trailer and stay in state...
  5. LGOberean

    Bill Lawrence 5-Way Telecaster Mod Question on 5th Position

    I have a tele that has Lawrence's 5-way wiring scheme, together with the Keystone set of tele pickups. But I didn't install the pickups or the switch or wire it up myself. t's the tele on the left in my avatar pic, built for me by Bob Logan of Logan Custom Guitars. So I can't help you sort out...
  6. LGOberean

    Are we guitarists the absolute worst about buying stuff for our stuff? Who is worse than we are?

    I won't argue your point about guys and their gear/gadgets in general, but I would point out that women aren't above accessorizing/accruing accouterments. My wife outspends me by a wide margin in virtually every category of belongings. Clothing/footwear? Fuggedaboudit! In 2019, we bought a...
  7. LGOberean

    Logan Custom Guitars Club

    Bob's website hadn't been down the last time I checked, but that had been several days, maybe a week ago, so I just checked again, Logan Custom Guitars. The site isn't down now. As near as I can tell, there isn't any new content on there, no new listings in his "Guitars for Sale" online store. I...
  8. LGOberean

    Dachshund sticker shock

    $5,500?!? 😲 Wow, John, that's way too much money in my book. I don't know if that's the going rate, but I wouldn't pay it. But then, I wouldn't pay one tenth that price for any puppy. YMMV.
  9. LGOberean

    How much does what you learned to play on still influence what you use today?

    What I learned to play on in 1967... ...the guitar I play almost every day these days...
  10. LGOberean

    Hohner Owners

    Gregor Hilden. Greg's Guitars. I watch this guy on just about a daily basis. The number of top notch guitars that have passed through his hands as he has demo'ed and sold them is mind-boggling. And his mum's-the-word/I'll-let-my-fingers-do-the-talking approach is refreshing. And he's a really...
  11. LGOberean

    P-90 Noise. Worth it? Take the POLL!

    I'm a single coil guy, which of course includes P-90s. I only have one guitar with a P-90, a tele with a P-90 in the neck position. I don't notice hum when I'm playing. Now if I have the guitar on a stand while it's plugged in, with the Volume control knob turned up, yeah, I notice the hum. So...
  12. LGOberean

    Hohner Owners

    I used to play the harmonica, and yes, I used Hohners. I even had one of those harmonica harnesses, or whatever it is you call those things that fit around your neck and hold the harmonica in place while you're playing guitar. But the longer I let my beard/mustache grow, the more problematic...
  13. LGOberean

    Show me your highly figured swamp ash tele body

    What a fantastic thread! Eye candy overload here, but I don't regret looking one bit! Here's my contribution, a Logan Custom BSB, with an amber-tinted Birdseye maple neck, Bob Logan's stainless steel bridge plate with a straight aligned bridge pickup, DiMarzio Twang King pickups and a 4-way...
  14. LGOberean

    P90 Teles

    I have a tele that has a P-90 in the neck position, paired with a vintage style tele bridge pickup. It was made for me by Bob Logan, a member here, back in 2008. I now have a total of 7 Logan Custom guitars. If I were in the market for dual P-90s on a tele style with a chopped bridge plate, Bob...
  15. LGOberean

    What's Your Current Rig?

    It changes from time to time, but not by much. I have a Logan Custom acoustic/electric tele that I plug into the instrument channel of my Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge. A Sennheiser e835 mic gets plugged into the mic channel. Then I line out from the Mix D. I. Output on the rear panel to a channel...
  16. LGOberean

    Chris Martin’s wife.....

    It is sad news for the Martin family. And John, I too lost my father to cancer, back in 1989 (he was just 57).
  17. LGOberean

    I think they look alike...

    My wife and I just recently started watching the old television series The Virginian. One of the (then) young actors in the series was Gary Clarke. As I watched the first episode, I kept thinking, “He looks like ‘Trip’ from Enterprise.” Those two TV shows debuted 40 years apart, so I thought...
  18. LGOberean

    Best shaving hack

    You are correct, sir. And I've had that guitar for almost as long as I've had the beard. The beard first came in 1980, the guitar in 1983.
  19. LGOberean

    Best shaving hack

    Shaving? Here's an even better "hack" (pun intended?) for ya: Don't. I quit committing that unnatural act in 1980.
  20. LGOberean

    GASeous attack

    Headstock: Yikes! Pickguard: Yuck! Humbuckers: Yegads! Or to put all of that another way, YMMV.
  21. LGOberean

    Harmony Guitars Club

    I was until recently in the First/Second camp myself. And I still am, after a fashion, since I see the Spring/Fall nomenclature/Sears catalog connection as something of a distinction without a difference. And I do realize that my approach is not unlike the old Certs commercial, "Stop! You're...
  22. LGOberean

    Hohner Owners

    New Year's resolutions? I've got leftovers from last year! You know that expression "Pay it forward"? With regard to NYRs, I'm "rolling it forward." :oops: A resolution I had last year was to get better at DIY on guitar repairs and maintenance. Oh, I bought a new tool or two, and did some minor...
  23. LGOberean

    Harmony Guitars Club

    I thought for sure that we have talked about the date stamp controversy in this thread before. I did search for the topic, but while individual references to specific date stamps on specific instruments have been made, it doesn't seem that a discussion of the date stamps in general--and what the...
  24. LGOberean

    Logan Custom Guitars Club

    Oh, Bob, I'm so sorry to hear it! It's been 3 years since we were visiting with you, but it seemed to me then that she was well and full of life, so this sounds like it's out-of-the-blue sudden to me. Beth and I send you and your family our condolences, and our prayers are with you.
  25. LGOberean

    Playing Out with a Tip Jar and QR Code

    Ditto to Bill's ditto. This boomer was dragged into the 21st century by his heels, kicking and screaming all the way. I'm not in a band, but I do gig as a solo performer (as distinct from a performer of solos). I generally do well on tips, as in $40-$60+ per gig. And that's cash. I wouldn't...

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