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  1. Dan R

    GAS Hamer double-cut - Korean. Talk me into or out of it.

    I'm not sure about the quality on those but I love the look of them. Hamer USA would definitely be a winner. Hamer made some fine guitars along the way.
  2. Dan R

    Hanging in a hotel lobby

    Cool story. It's good to remember we are all just people with limited time on this Earth. Let's enjoy each other's company and have some laughs along the way.
  3. Dan R


    NRBQ is a fantastic band. They need more recognition. Thanks for the videos.
  4. Dan R

    Wes Montgomery 1965 My favorite guitar player.

    Wes is at the pinnacle of all guitarists. I have a double LP a friend gave me some years ago. It's a treasure.
  5. Dan R

    Roy Buchanan - I'm a Ram

    Raw, snarling tele from one of the finest.
  6. Dan R

    Bryan Ferry Bitter-Sweet / More than This / Kiss And Tell / Oh Yeah (on the Radio) / Slave to Love /Avalon

    Bryan Ferry is cool, I mean like secret agent cool. Roxy Music with his presence is epic. I love Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry.
  7. Dan R

    Remember Steve Forbert?

    I have a Steve Forbert CD around here somewhere. It's from the King Biscuit Flower Hour live series. It's pretty good. He has a distinctive scratchy voice. He's a talented guy. Incidentally, anything from the King Biscuit series is good.
  8. Dan R

    Kenny Burrell "All Blues"

    Fantastic performance by Kenny Burrell. Jazz guitarists are the best. Jazz bassists are the best. Jazz drummers are the best. Any questions?
  9. Dan R

    New Eye Candy! Guitars Just Completed. Walla Walla Guitars

    The prices are actually quite reasonable considering the craftsmanship. If you want a one of a kind guitar, they are certainly attractive.
  10. Dan R

    New painting: Oranges and lemons

    Very nice still life. Well done!
  11. Dan R

    Uncle Jerry, James Burton, Elvis Costello

    I have "Almost Blue" on vinyl and CD. This made me more of an Elvis Costello fan than I already was. Brilliant move to cover old Nashville favorites. Naturally, it's great to see Jerry and James Burton is the master of the telecaster.
  12. Dan R

    Ronnie Lane

    Big thumbs up for Ronnie Lane! Such a talented musician, he deserves far more praise. He was the secret weapon in (Small) Faces. He was a very good songwriter too. I picked up a used copy of Rough Mix many years ago. A friend saw it and said, "Hey, that's a really good record."
  13. Dan R

    New Eye Candy! Guitars Just Completed. Walla Walla Guitars

    I don't normally go for guitars like that, but those are killer! I'm sure they cost a lot of cheddar but they look stellar.
  14. Dan R

    Van Morrison - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

    The title seems like a nod to Pink Floyd although I'm not really sure what Van intended here. This is one of those rare songs that makes me happy and sad at the same time. I've always admired how Van can take a simple chord structure to create such beauty.
  15. Dan R

    This Site Is Becoming Very Hard To Navigate

    It's not that I hate change, I don't like the new format very much.
  16. Dan R

    New Bass Day! - Lace Helix Bass

    I'm sure it's a wonderful instrument. Too futuristic for me, but it's nice.
  17. Dan R

    The Temptations - Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

    This is the kind of music I heard on the radio as a kid in large amounts. R&B and Beach Music was big in the Carolinas. The Temptations had a choreographed show. Way ahead of their time as showmen and artists. This song is one of my favorites. The production it top notch.
  18. Dan R

    Rolling Stones - Rock and a Hard Place

    I loved this song then and love it today. "Steel Wheels" was a solid album and a great tour. RIP Charlie.
  19. Dan R

    New PSG Day -1973 Sho-Bud LDG

    I've always admired the Sho Bud steel guitars. They seem like the Cadillac of steel guitars. Great look and great sound.
  20. Dan R

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Peace on earth, good will toward men.
  21. Dan R

    What Are You Eating Christmas Eve?

    NY strip steak with scalloped potatoes and butter beans.
  22. Dan R

    Jimmy Cliff - You Left Me Standing By The Door

    A friend of mine had this record. I would try to work out the guitar part on this one.
  23. Dan R

    Brian Setzer Orchestra - Jingle Bell Rock

    Have a rockin' little Christmas, everybody.
  24. Dan R

    The Black Keys - Sad Days, Lonely Nights

    They are pretty great and should be recognized.
  25. Dan R

    Good dog gone

    A good and faithful dog is one of life's great pleasures. Farewell Mr. Gimble.

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