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  1. 39martind18

    Anyone go back to school later in life?

    Started going to university in 1969, partly to get an education, partly to avoid the draft during the Viet Nam era. I managed to flunk out shortly before the draft ended in 1973, was reclassified 1A. Then the draft ended, and so did my reason for going to school at that point. Fast forward 5...
  2. 39martind18

    Pawnhop Steal Vibrolux Reverb Update

    At the right place at the right time- They said the VR had come out on the floor about an hour before. I like to check and every once in a great while, I'll find something. This time I just got lucky!
  3. 39martind18

    Pawnhop Steal Vibrolux Reverb Update

    Yup, know what you mean! I've purchased 3 JBLs, 2 K110s and an E120, on evilbay. In each case, they were purchased as working and arrived DOA. After negotiations with the sellers, they all told me just to keep the carcasses, since they didn't want to pay for return shipping. The E120 I...
  4. 39martind18

    Tips on relicing?

    Yeah, let it happen naturally! YMMV
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    Re-release of the Harrison Rosewood Tele

    Around 25 years ago, I encountered a rosewood Tele in a pawnshop in Tyler, TX. My main focus in electrics at the time (and even now) was/is semi and full hollowbodies, so i wasn't really interested in obtaining it (Stupid me classified all Teles as "country guitars). My impressions were that...
  6. 39martind18

    I'm Getting Reverse-GAS-Syndrome?

    My criteria for obtaining a new piece of gear is fairly simple: Would what I'm considering obtaining double something I already have, will I use it reasonably often, and is it a bargain? Recently I bought an inoperative 1979 Vibrolux Reverb at a pawnshop for $250. My preferences in a tube amp...
  7. 39martind18

    Ok, so whats your next gig and gear...

    Next Thursday, senior living center, using a 2006 Epi JLH Sheraton through a Roland GR30 synth into 1979 Vibrolux Reverb, Sennheiser e838 mic into Digitech Vocalist Live 3 then into Mackie ProFX 8 feeding a Bose L1 Compact. Dell laptop running BIAB 2020 into the Mackie/Bose, playing a wide...
  8. 39martind18

    Wanting a hollow/semi hollow. Big dude i want a bigger guitar

    My main stage guitar is an Epiphone Sheraton, which is a 335 body style. Mine is equipped with minihums, and my secret weapon, a piezo pickup in the bridge. While the minihums have the typical fullness of humbuckers, they also have a tighter, more focused bottom. The piezo is set up so that...
  9. 39martind18

    Grassers: Do you NEED a red spruce top to be heard?

    What I thought, but thanks for the confirmation.
  10. 39martind18

    Grassers: Do you NEED a red spruce top to be heard?

    As I understand it, my old D18's top is Adirondack spruce. Any difference between that and red spruce?
  11. 39martind18

    What's The One Piece Of Gear You Can't Live Without?

    elihu, that is a BEAUTIFUL Martin! Love the bearclaw spruce!
  12. 39martind18

    What's The One Piece Of Gear You Can't Live Without?

    As best I have been able to tell by serial number, 1933, 1939 for my D18.
  13. 39martind18

    Epiphone Owners Club!

    2002 Elitist Riviera 12 string and 2006 MIJ/USA Sheraton (a la John Lee Hooker). Amp is a Fender Blues Deluxe modified with a 2x10 baffle running 2 JBL D110Fs.
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    Asleep around midnight, usually awake around 7:30. My sleep-night will usually be interrupted 3-4 times by flipping, and, occasionally, a trip to the porcelain convenience. Lots of dreams, most unremembered.
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    What's The One Piece Of Gear You Can't Live Without?

    I refer you to my avatar and namesake. While I don't play the old Vet on gigs normally, after 47+ years, it's just as much a part of my playing as my fingers.
  16. 39martind18

    Used Shoes?

    That's why we have an RV, replaced the mattress with on we already had from our previous one.
  17. 39martind18

    Tell me I don't need a 2nd Princeton!

    Why all the wining about the Bordeaux?
  18. 39martind18

    I wanted to love the new ToneMasters

    I've been gigging a TMDR for over a year now, and have been pretty happy with the sound, and I love the portability factor. Since I play clean most all the time, breakup sounds are not a real factor for me. When compared to my 1969 DR, and more recently to the 1979 VR I obtained, the primary...
  19. 39martind18

    NGD: Went shopping for an Acoustic, Walked out with this instead

    These Sheratons were MIJ and finished in the USA, with Gibson USA Minihumbuckers, whose sound I love, about halfway between a single coil and a humbucker.
  20. 39martind18

    100 Boxes, 2 Tons, $5,000

    Von- you shouldn't be doing that kind of manual labor at your extreme advanced age- you'll make the rest of us look bad!
  21. 39martind18

    NGD: Went shopping for an Acoustic, Walked out with this instead

    As a person whose main stage instrument for the last 14-15 years has been an Epi, I approve, as if my approval really means much. Ennyhoo, nice, pretty Epi! Pic of my Sheraton
  22. 39martind18

    Pawnhop Steal Vibrolux Reverb Update

    The Tone Master Twin (black) will have the Jensen neos in it. That might give you a pretty good idea of how they sound.
  23. 39martind18

    I Want A 380

    Bersa Thunder .380s are probably the best in class, in cost to value ratio. Not really a 1911 platform, it does feel familiar enough to the 1911 to work for me. YMMV
  24. 39martind18

    Pawnhop Steal Vibrolux Reverb Update

    I've had good luck with the Jensen neos in both 12 and now 10 inch 100 watt versions. There is a good reason Fender chose them for their Tone Master amp series. If one prefers the classic Fender sound, these deliver it in spades, but if you are searching for different tones, then I don't know.
  25. 39martind18

    Pawnhop Steal Vibrolux Reverb Update

    I'm just about ready to put a pair of D110Fs on the market, they were rebuilt using E110 components several years ago, and are black frame. PM me if you have any interest.