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  1. homesick345

    NAD - Peavey Bandit 65

    I think this particular Bandit 65 model is a tremendous amp (irrespective of type & circuit), ..& might very well be the best SS amp ever made. If ONLY BB & Albert King wised-up to these beautiful sounding SS amps, instead of the crappy sounding Moog/Lab & Acoustic amps..... (this is a...
  2. homesick345

    Any Mesa Boogie Fans here on the tele forum?

    Check my threads about the Mesa Mark V:25 little head
  3. homesick345

    Got an electric car

    A simple idea EV cars could explore; is external battery/power-banks for cars, that you could load in your trunk & plug for a cool 100-200 miles extra, when you have to travel Another idea; is an trunk compartment for a small honda gasoline generator (say EU20i) which could be also operated...
  4. homesick345

    CTS 10" alnico specs?

    I can relay the answer of the late TED WEBER, who addressed this specific question for me, regarding the beloved CTS alnico 10s: 1. They should be good for 15 watts max 2. They are around 92dbs enjoy
  5. homesick345

    Does magnetic out-of-phase sound the exact same as the same as electric/switch out of phase?

    If you have a magnetic Out of Phase Gibson (let's say the neck pickup magnet is flipped) - Does it sound the same as having two regular pickups with an out of phase wiring switch? Or is it bound to have differences?? thanks
  6. homesick345

    Dale Watson’s amp?!

    I played for a couple years on a Mustang 4 V2 (the 100 watts 212 version) excellent amp
  7. homesick345

    Debate/argument time.

    "This sounds digital" is kind of an insult "This sounds solid state/transistor" is meh? "This sounds like a tube amp" is still a compliment so...take your pick
  8. homesick345

    Favorite Small Bands?

    Sean Costello sings & plays/played proper guitar, in my book. Way better than the "big names" infesting the blues
  9. homesick345

    Punks vs. Construction Worker - You have to see this

    The green color makes the video :)
  10. homesick345

    Pro Reverb versus Deluxe Reverb

    Big amp vibe vs small amp vibe
  11. homesick345

    power tubes: tone related question

    I am vastly aware of differences in construction, quality & reliability, among tubes........ & how much an old RCA set is hard to beat for stability, reliability, consistency, etc... YET, again: How could that "better construction/materials" translate to the OPT & Speaker? What would the OPT...
  12. homesick345

    power tubes: tone related question

    How could that translate to the OPT & Speaker? What would the OPT read from the tubes other than electric values?
  13. homesick345

    power tubes: tone related question

    Let's say I have two completely different sets of power tubes (let's assume two sets of 2X6L6GC for a super reverb) One set is a vintage RCA set the other set a modern JJ or whatever Let's assume that both set of tubes present all the exact same readings on a professional tube tester. What...
  14. homesick345

    WEM Westminster 15

    Not a fan of british amps; or EL84s, or Celestion But I played that Wem this afternoon Holy cow - that was a beautifullllllll sounding amp.
  15. homesick345

    Eminence Red White and Blues vs Cannabis Rex ?

    RWB is one of the better 12 inch guitar speakers ever made. And all the descriptions I usually find on the internet - like the post above or the one in BillM's are so completely off it's funny Conclusion: there's no point arguing tone or what we hear (or want to hear)
  16. homesick345

    What is a Piggyback amp?

    faith restored in youth & the future of guitar music.
  17. homesick345

    Taming a bright cab or brightening on a dark cab w/o speaker replacement

    A chair (speaker relative height plays a lot on the treble response to your ears/tightens the bass) OR turning the cab 180 degrees, you'll have less highs more mids in short: cab placement
  18. homesick345

    Single ended 6V6 to EL34. Impedance?

    thank you! is there a short version for the math-impaired? Like just stick a 4 ohms or 16 ohm speaker?? :):D
  19. homesick345

    New Amp Day: Victoria 5112

    Is this 210 arrangement the original cabinet of the 5112?
  20. homesick345

    Single ended 6V6 to EL34. Impedance?

    I put an EL34 (instead of the 6V6) in my 5F1 Champ (yes, the trannies can take it, it's all safe & sound) the amp runs the 6V6 at 8 ohms. What impedance does the EL34 want to see? thanks
  21. homesick345

    Guitar Warehouse speakers

    yes, me Can't go wrong. A great 10" - perfect to my ears.
  22. homesick345

    Speaker swap on Bassbreaker 15, thoughts?

    same loudness. P12Q may or may not sound harsh & horrible with EL84s