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  1. RomanS

    Favourite photographers?

    Somebody who hasn't been mentioned yet: Alexander Rodchenko - love his abstract-graphical architectural photos!
  2. RomanS

    Favourite photographers?

    Ralph Gibson - for his great work with textures and grain in abstract B&W pics. Elliott Erwitt for his use of humor in street photography. William Eugen Smith, Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, and Sebastiao Salgado for their documentary work. Ansel Adams for his pioneer work in B&W landscape...
  3. RomanS

    Wanting a hollow/semi hollow. Big dude i want a bigger guitar

    Stonetree Guitars makes an oversized Tele model - Eric Ambel (used to play in Steve Earle's band) has a couple of those...
  4. RomanS

    Wanting a hollow/semi hollow. Big dude i want a bigger guitar

    What about a Jazzmaster? Bigger than a Strat, but in the same tonal ballpark (at least more so than an ES-335). As for a big hollowbody with single coils: ES295, or early-style ES175 (with P90s)?
  5. RomanS

    What brand of boots do you wear?

    Red Wing Iron Rangers - I always hear people complaining that these are uncomfortable, but for me, these are the most comfortable boots on the planet (after the required initial break-in period, of course); I've got a pair in brown, and another one in black. My other favorite shoes a specific...
  6. RomanS

    P-90 Noise. Worth it? Take the POLL!

    Exactly! I'm not a fan of hot P90s myself - but early '50s style lower wind ones (less than 7.5k for the bridge PU) are great - clear, but warm, like a super sized Tele. Neither Grant Green nor Carl Perkins had problems with them being not clean enough...
  7. RomanS

    P-90 Noise. Worth it? Take the POLL!

    What noise? You mean that little bit of hum when not playing? Well, then keep playing, don't stop!
  8. RomanS

    Why Stainless Steel Frets

    If your frets have akind of "cool", blue-ish shimmer (like chrome hardware), and a very mirror-like shine, they might be SS. If they have a "warmer" color, and look slightly dull/matte (unless you just polished them), they are nickel.
  9. RomanS

    Why Stainless Steel Frets

    Same here - the SS frets on all 5 of my Warmoth necks are smooth as glass, and I have never ever polished them even once (unless you consider wiping them down with a rag, after applying fretboard oil, "polishing"). My nickel frets - not so smooth...
  10. RomanS

    Why Stainless Steel Frets

    My GHS Boomers last exactly as long on SS fretted neck as they do on nickel ones. I change them when the low E an A lose their twang, and that's only a matter of how much time they have been played, not of fret material.
  11. RomanS

    Why Stainless Steel Frets

    Some people apparently listen with their eyes rather than their ears...
  12. RomanS

    ¿What guitar do you like the least? Comparison of eight different guitars playing the same melody

    Favorite: ES335, followed by Ibanez GB10; clear treble, but plenty of warmth. Least favorite: Sheraton, followed by the D'Angelico; smeary, grainy, fuzzy treble, too compressed.
  13. RomanS

    Why Stainless Steel Frets

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE in sound with SS frets. I have very similar necks, with nickel and with SS frets, I have swapped those around on the same couple of guitars, and there's absolutely no way that you could consistently tell which type of metal the frets are made from. Also, necks...
  14. RomanS

    Real heavy 1958 song

    Great find!
  15. RomanS

    Help me pick out a set of acoustic strings, please!

    Another vote for Martin Retro monel strings - I've got them on all my acoustics now. Instead of jangly, bright treble (ugh...), they really bring out the fundamental of the note; a very old-timey sound, perfect for blues, Americana, classic country. Be advised, though - they need some...
  16. RomanS

    Bedroom amp question

    I own a (homemade) Princeton Reverb, a (homemade) 5E3, a VHT Special 6 (basically a Champ), and a Carr Rambler. You know what I use for playing at home (I live in a city apartment, and often play late at night)? A Positive Grid Spark! Even the 5W tube amp among my collection sounds way worse...
  17. RomanS

    What’s everyone current favorite pickups?

    7 kOhms, A2 magnet, don't know what kind of wire.
  18. RomanS

    Power of the Dog movie

    This is the third (possibly fourth) thread about this movie here - just saying...
  19. RomanS

    New PSG Day -1973 Sho-Bud LDG

    Congratulations, that's awesome! Here's my '74 Pro-1:
  20. RomanS

    Carl Perkins - Boppin' The Blues (Live)

    Wow, I didn't know Carl Perkins played a Jazzmaster, I always associate him with the goldtop P90 Les Paul...
  21. RomanS

    One of our biggest problems illustrated.

    High fructose corn syrup, processed foods, TV dinners, convenience food, fast food... ... instead of home-cooked meals made from fresh ingredients. Plenty of empirical studies, plenty of books and TV documentaries about that problem!
  22. RomanS

    Banjos are alright by me.. There, I've said it

    The renaissance of the banjo, mandolin (fiddle, accordion, tenor guitar, etc) has been going for well over a decade - Mumford & Sons, The Dead South, The Decemberists, Avett Brothers, Sarah Jarosz - the list of hip popular bands & artists using those goes on and on...
  23. RomanS

    Banjos are alright by me.. There, I've said it

    I love banjo, particularly clawhammer/frailing style, less flashy and more moody than bluegrass-style picking (which I also like, nevertheless).