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  1. moosie

    String buzz even with high neck relief and action

    This, exactly.
  2. moosie

    Kent Armstrong pickups wiring issue

    But the meter measures resistance, yes? Ohms? Essentially the continuity test is just very low resistance. If you touch the probe to the two points you want to confirm, and you see 0 ohms, or very close to that, then it's continuous.
  3. moosie

    Kent Armstrong pickups wiring issue

    It's a good idea to use your meter to figure out how any unfamiliar switch works. Before wiring it up. This way you can ignore all the conflicting pseudo-information... You do have a meter, right? Else how will you troubleshoot when things don't work the very first time? ;)
  4. moosie

    Help! Scratches after using #2 steel wool

    Yep, wet sanding, not dry. I usually prefer naphtha as the lubricant on a guitar body. Water will swell open end grain in any holes or unfinished cavities. Even with a fine grit, USE A PAD, not your fingers, to keep the surface dead flat. Use brand new, high quality papers. The cheap big box...
  5. moosie

    Do I really want my neck straight?

    I wish I had a video of my former tech doing a fret level. He's been doing understring levels for 35+ years. The process was entirely unique, incredibly efficient, and the results were by far the best I've ever played. From the time he first picked up the guitar, to removing the strings so he...
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    How many guitars?

    Current count is 19. 7 Teles, 3 Strats, Marr Jag Terada Gretsches: 6120, 6128 Jet Gibsons: 335, 330 VOS Collings City Limits Martins: D18 GE & OM-28V Washburn 12-fret parlor I recently sold a Gibson ES-275. I miss it some, but I hardly ever played it. I also sold my AV65 Thinskin Jazzmaster...
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    Chris Scruggs - short history of the Tele in country music

    Chris Scruggs, the Fabulous Superlatives bass player, is the guest of this Fender Play video. He talks about (and plays examples of) the early country music stars, starting with Western Swing back in the 40s.
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    Where is everyone? Has anyone else noticed the slowness

    I still struggle with the 'upgrade'. The new posts listing is different, yeah. And I miss the little site navigator that you could pop up anywhere by clicking an icon thingie in the upper right (don't look, it's gone now). But mostly I struggle with the colors and lack of contrast. I've never...
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    Where’s Your Happy Place?

    Making furniture in my shop.
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    Help! Scratches after using #2 steel wool

    As you work your way through the grits, sand each grit at an opposing angle to the previous. Makes it easier to tell if you've removed all the scratches from the coarser grit.
  11. moosie

    Do I really want my neck straight?

    The better method, in my view, is to learn to do a proper fret level. It takes patience and practice at first, but it's absolutely not beyond the abilities of the average DIY player. I have the fret kisser, and do use it occasionally. But in my opinion, it's not a tool to make fretwork easy for...
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    Need help with volume pot issue

    That's more of an issue in an amp where ground loops can cause noise. There's no reason to do this in a guitar. Ground is ground. It's more 'cosmetic' than anything.
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    Tell me which guitars I should sell

    I voted dump all of them, and then the next step is to ask me what to buy. I have some ideas about that... OK, keep the Tele and the Gibson. Dump the rest.
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    Wiring help

    If you need to separate the leads, attaching hot to switch, and ground elsewhere, then you're better off picking apart the braid, about a half inch back, so you can then twist it into a short wire. Splice a new length of wire to this, by bending both wires to look like the letter J. Hook the Js...
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    Complaining about the world, then and now.

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    Do I really want my neck straight?

    Maybe agree to disagree on this.
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    Need help with volume pot issue

    Lots of cold-looking solder joints there. Reflow *everything*. In particular, the pot lugs should be filled with molten solder. You shouldn't see open holes in the lug tips. The behavior is what one would expect if the vol pot is not properly grounded. I don't mean the case. I mean the pot...
  18. moosie

    Do I really want my neck straight?

    I'm aware of several ways to set relief, all valid if done correctly. I'm not counting the specialized gauge. There's the capo/feeler method, the tapping method, and the straight edge. In my opinion, all of these should be done with the guitar in playing position, as should most setup tasks...
  19. moosie

    Do I really want my neck straight?

    They are equivalent, yes. But converting like that doesn't add value in this situation, only needless complexity. The 64th is the meaningful unit in this context. If we leave that constant, and just think of it as a 'unit', then everything is much simpler. Which way would you rather count...
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    Do I really want my neck straight?

    Actually grinding the fret is not difficult. But the rocker won't definitively tell you if this fret is high, or that fret is low. In addition, one has to consider that MANY frets may be off to a tiny degree, unless the last fret job was very recent. The out-of-level might not be enough to...
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    Won’t be playing for a while…

    Aw, man, that sucks. I did a similar thing to my picking thumb last fall, on the bandsaw. The worst part, as I'm sure you know, was the painkiller they injected before stitching it up. I lost about a week shop time, and it was probably 8 weeks before I could really play guitar again. It...
  22. moosie

    Need help deciding: a guitar that complements the Telecaster

    Another strong vote for the ES-335. It's a great guitar, and it pairs well with a Tele, in my opinion. I love Gretsches, too, especially with Dynasonics, but tonally they can be quite similar to a Tele, and I interpret the "pairing" request as something ELSE, to cover different territory...
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    Help me country

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    Assume you meant to say 'cap', not 'pot'. Welcome to the forum.