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  1. medownsouth

    Alcohol Free January Starts...

    8th for me: Happy New Years!
  2. medownsouth

    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    nothing ventured nothing gained
  3. medownsouth

    Who Ya Got?

    Tide :)
  4. medownsouth

    Hardtail Top Load Bridge

  5. medownsouth

    Slow mail?

    In my experience: no, they’ve been doing a great job for couple months now.
  6. medownsouth

    How do you get your daily workout

    Thats coming along nicely. Be a great chill spot!
  7. medownsouth

    Selling A 1979 Telecaster

    Based on what I see on Reverb I’d list it at $2999 with offers on & take 2500 or better.
  8. medownsouth

    Anyone have experience with Alpha pots?

    Yeah they’re perfectly serviceable, buy em install em play on
  9. medownsouth

    Difference between “used” and “light relic?”

    If you think thats a great deal, then I can offer you an even better deal on these, dm for payment details
  10. medownsouth

    Cheap usa tele on reverb

    No affiliation. Good luck!
  11. medownsouth

    Wudtone Honey Finish

    weird; here's one
  12. medownsouth

    All I want for Christmas is a streaming service that has all western movies.

    happy holidays!
  13. medownsouth

    New strap day! She’s a beaut’!

    So lovely; nice!
  14. medownsouth

    Wudtone Honey Finish

    Buffalo Guitar Works has some really nice examples up right now on reverb :)
  15. medownsouth

    Think this crack will buff out?

    just wick a lil ca glue in there, that'll come right out
  16. medownsouth

    Anybody live near Bristol, TN ? If so, need an assist

    Seller has a guitar on craigslist up there will not ship it I’ve tried and tried. If you live nearby can we work something out? I’ll make it worth your trouble send me a direct message.
  17. medownsouth

    My wife, my best friend.....

    Don’t tell us, tell her. Happy holidays, cheers
  18. medownsouth

    Welp, one debate settled. Next up, hot dog sandwiches

    Hotdog sandwich: yes please!
  19. medownsouth

    If you had an extra $1800 how would you spend it?

    Truly spare coin? Idk prob acorns, bc, maybe cannastock
  20. medownsouth

    Tex Mex Pick I going to like these?

    They are a serviceable set but a pass for me. I like flat pole pieces and a Vintage wind. For the money take them for a test drive, drop them down low and you’ll probably be able to get a nice sweet sound
  21. medownsouth

    It’s Hobo season again!

    I’ll try to take a picture next time, But they’ve gotten clever around here. Cash app tag on the cardboard sign. Lolz. True story