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  1. ce24

    Worst You've Been Called

    I doubt I ever heard the worst! Lol
  2. ce24

    Favourite photographers? Cathy was my girlfriend in college…47 years ago….we recently reconnected and have enjoyed seeing how each others lives evolved. She was at Tiannenmen square when the massacre happened and had to...
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    I would say that "my band" is a minomer since you have no say in anything... No fun,no say, no play,! Just say you want to go in a different direction and call it good.
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    I'm impressed so far.... Editing/saving is a breeze... single FX and dual FX work great in tandem with my BOSS ME80 for stacking reverbs and delays. I figured for $60 I couldnt go wrong.
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    New GEAR day. I got a CL deal on a Lexicon MPX100 rev,del,cho,flang,detune Rack unit. Sits on top of my TRAYNOR real nice.
  6. ce24

    40’s National: Dobro Enters the Resto Dojo

    This is a webster chicago 1949 5 w. Amp i restored…..great sounding little amp.
  7. ce24

    40’s National: Dobro Enters the Resto Dojo

    Keep us informed….cool amp.
  8. ce24

    If you were one of the best amp repair people in the nation,

    If you take an amp... Make sure you answer all communications and return the amp! Just saying!
  9. ce24

    Suggestions for putting a decent “dad band” together?

    Open mics can be jams.... Get 4 songs that you can sing...3 chord boogie or folk songs like girl of the north country... Its easy for others to follow... Go do it. You lead the song don't try to follow them they should follow you. You will meet others that way .... I did this exact same thing...
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    Tongan Volcanic explosion...

    Where is this mythical virgin!
  11. ce24

    Dachshund sticker shock

    Here is our 15 it old rescue... Thinks she's a dog... We rescued her 2 years ago.... Was breeder and didn't know happiness... She does now!
  12. ce24

    Would you rather be without electricity, or water?

    I didn't have running water my first year in bush Alaska.... Had to go cut ice and haul it back by sled. Electricity was intermittent..... One phone for 300 people at the city office.... Either way I'm good... Been there done that.... As a matter of fact my 2 year old daughter was so use to...
  13. ce24

    Anyone know how to reach Bruce Zinky these days?

    Its tough when these good builders go silent. Muchxs has had an amp of mine for over two years and will not respond to inquiries.....vintage 68 non reverb Princeton I'd sure like to have back but I'm losing faith I'll ever see it again.
  14. ce24

    Tongan Volcanic explosion...

    About 6 or so hours later at around 4 am my son was awakened by his dogs went outside and BOOM HUGE BANG them rumbles for like 15 MINUTES. All the neighbors in his neighborhood thought it was the military base doing maneuvers.... Nope wasn't that... It was the volcano blast..... In Wasilla Alaska!
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    Give Us Songs That Have A Big Dose Of Humor!

    Lyle Lovett, John Prine and of course ZAPPA!
  16. ce24

    Magic 6

    So Fender has this Magic 6 …Bass on 2, Mid on 3 and treble on 6.i have found this to be a reliable formula for a starting point when im dealing with an amp at a jam. I have an Origin 20 and was wondering if there is a marshall type formula as a starting point….they are different sounding amps.
  17. ce24

    Best Tube Head for Guitar AND Bass

    TRAYNOR.BASS MASTER....YBA1A....100 WATTS OF PURE TONE.... You are welcome!
  18. ce24

    Terrible unfortunate accident. Injury. Need some advice.

    This would not be a frivolus legal action by any means.
  19. ce24

    Terrible unfortunate accident. Injury. Need some advice.

    Lawyer up if they don't want to pay... Good lawyer will win that case and pay his fees too...ASAP!
  20. ce24

    The stigma of yoga

    Yoga promotes peace.....carrying guns promote violence.....I'll take yoga.... Which I do 2 times a week..... Yes I own guns but don't see the need to carry....
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    Jam nite

    A while back I posted that I was joining the house band at a local bar for jam nite. There is this guy that's a very good player and is well respected in the scene here. He comes to the jam maybe once a month or so. So I've come to know him a bit. At last Tuesdays jam he came. we played the...
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    Let's talk about Classic cartoon series and what you hate about them.

    More fertile ground would be cartoons made in the last 30 years....
  23. ce24

    anybody here reload/handload ammo?

    Nope. No need. In the last 10 years it takes one bullet to make sure my 270 is dead on.... Then one bullet for my deer. So a box of twenty lasts me 10 years. Shooting guns isn't really a thrill to me.
  24. ce24

    Talk me into, or out of, getting a tube amp

    Tubes just feel good!…. I have both but toooobs just feel goooood.
  25. ce24

    A bolt of lightning clawed my pine tree

    I did some searching about how to prevent this. It appears for about $100 iirc that you can install a breaker in you panel that is a surge protector for the whole house.... Kinda cool.... On my to do list.