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  1. Peegoo

    Dick Dale Observations

    Dale had a built-in tuner in his Strat. There are five LEDs are along the edge of the pickguard. You need only a single E...hence the five LEDs. The two switches are a standard three-way pickup switch and a 2nd toggle switch to bypass the three-way and activate the neck and middle pickups.
  2. Peegoo

    Almost bought a fake Les Paul from GC

    Chibsons are easy to spot a mile away if you know what to look for.
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    They're sorta like Garbage...but I prefer Garbage because they're edgier, and vocalist Shirley Manson seems like the sort of woman that might kill you while you sleep.
  4. Peegoo

    Sports fan? Who is your team no matter what? Show your team colors!

    Team Peegoo. The only one I ever root for. And I'm the biggest fan.
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    Barrel switch tip in the way

    You can even improve on ^^that by using a file and smooth sandpapers to knock off that pointy point on the Strat-type switch knob. Measure carefully before doing the work so you don't file/sand to the point that you get into the blade recess. Done correctly, it resembles a Tic Tac. NOT the...
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    What type of USB-cable do I need

    If you have a meter, you can confirm the type of cable (power only, or power + data) by testing continuity through the cable. The two outer conductors in a USB plug are power. You'll have end to end continuity with both cable types. In a power + data cable, the two inner conductors are...
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    Raising Ned Devine: County Carlow Man outdoes Florida Man

    Weekend at Paddy's. SHOOOR there was no alcohol involved.
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    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    That's just his jealousy/envy speaking. Brian Ferry attracted way hotter women because he--unlike Reed--had style and class to spare.
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    PRS Vela with a Trem?

    That's the issue with many sig guitars: they may have features you like...and features you don't.
  10. Peegoo

    Reviving the "Why vintage guitars are not worth the money" discussion

    In the 90s and the 00s you couldn't give away a 70s-era Fender--especially the three-screw models. And back in the 70s you couldn't give away 1960s Mustangs and Jazzmasters. That's why all those punk/garage bands played them...they were cheap as chips. Now look at the market. Nostalgia is a...
  11. Peegoo

    GFS 'Filtertrons' - any good?

    I have Gretsch Filtertrons in a few guitars and a pair of TV Jones FTs in a custom build. They all sound great and they sound like Filtertrons should (twang and growl). The GFS 'Trons and Gretsch humbuckers (full-size HBs designed to look like FTs...sorta) really do not get close enough to...
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    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

  13. Peegoo

    PRS Vela with a Trem?

    That^^^ is your best option. Make certain your tech measures the front pickup cavity depth and considers that when routing for the spring cavity in the back. If there are any visible screw holes from the original bridge, a cool thing is to inlay pearl dots (fingerboard markers) over the...
  14. Peegoo

    It's 32 degrees and you're driving on the highway...

    Twimas (The World Is My Ashtray) are everywhere. And don't be too sure about that McDonald's bag either. Some people are so stupid they leave dirty diapers in the Wal Mart parking lot. I do not visit Wal Mart unless I lose a bet, and yeah, it's a thing.
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    I saw something strange yesterday

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    Reviving the "Why vintage guitars are not worth the money" discussion

    Just like Ed! You have to remember: at the time, Ed didn't sell vintage guitars. His inventory was mostly current/late-model brand name production and parts-a-casters his staff assembled or he had built under contract. It's like Ford dealer saying, "don't buy a Chevy."
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    It's 32 degrees and you're driving on the highway...

    If you've ever wondered why no automobile rental agencies in Alaska have white cars in their inventory...well now you know.
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    Pine build, maybe

    About three years ago I made a Strat body from alder and left it unfinished. I installed some killer Rumpelstiltskin pickups and a Warmoth neck. This was an experiment to see if there was a marked difference in tone over a few other Strats I have with Rumpels in them. You know--the ol'...
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    Barrel switch tip in the way

    If you don't wanna reverse the control plate and flip the switch 180 degrees... I learned a cool trick from Danny Gatton (Peace be Upon Him): bend the switch lever downward to move the knob downward. It's not much of a change, but it makes a world of difference. Make sure to bend it at a...
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    It's 32 degrees and you're driving on the highway...

    The fastest speed what I can safely drive are precisely one mile per hour below the speed that I'd doing when I'm lose traction and go spinning off into the rhubarb. Results not typical. Do not attempt. Your actual mileage may vary. Professional driver on a closed course. This does not...
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    Whammy tech question.

    Most guitars are quieter in operation when there's a string ground (that ground wire on the Strat's spring claw). The science behind this is it uses the capacitance of the human body as a filter to attenuate noise in the signal. Most guitars with a string ground make a humming sound until you...
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    All the local fashonistas shop at Wegman's and Trader Joe's. I shop at Aldi and Giant. The local Aldi has excellent produce--better than Giant and Safeway, and it's less costly. Chicken, eggs, milk, and butter are quite a bit cheaper too.
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    Mind Your Own Biscuits

    You're gonna need some redeye gravy on that. It has to contain coffee to be the real deal. And yes--instant coffee granules are allowed. Just make sure they're not caffeine free; that is a huge breach of protocol!
  24. Peegoo

    Is this Guitar Nut too high above the fretboard?

    the height of the nut does not matter when installing it. The critical dimension is the distance between the strings and the first fret, which should be in the neighborhood of .018" to .021" or so. This is achieved by filing the nut slots to the proper depth in the nut. This is called nut...