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  1. tery

    Where’s Your Happy Place?

  2. tery

    Favourite photographers?

    Laura Mars
  3. tery

    Favourite photographers?

    Helmut Newton
  4. tery

    Favourite photographers?

    Another vote for : Bones
  5. tery

    Super Rare Bird

    Thanks Bones I didn't even know that they were running around loose!
  6. tery

    It's my birthday today.

  7. tery

    Monkeys Loose in Danville PA

    That ape must be freezing its little tail off.
  8. tery

    RIP Don Wilson

    Rest In Peace.
  9. tery

    Won’t be playing for a while…

    Don't do that anymore.
  10. tery

    Are You A Tourist In Your Own Town?

    Mr. Congeniality here.
  11. tery

    pig brains, duck tongues, and other delicacies.

    Dead ducks tell no tales.
  12. tery

    Band room broken into

    Someone knew what you had there - this was not a random act of opportunity.
  13. tery

    "Someday Soon"

  14. tery

    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome to TDPRI :)
  15. tery

    Louie Anderson Passed

    So long Louie.
  16. tery

    Hei from windy Baltic Sea

    Welcome to TDPRI :)
  17. tery

    RIP Marvin Lee Aday aka Meatloaf

    Rest In Peace.
  18. tery

    replace hot water heater prophylactically?

    If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  19. tery

    Sunset after 1700 CST

    Soon we will set our clocks ahead one hour.
  20. tery

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

  21. tery

    Hello from western MA

    Welcome to TDPRI :)
  22. tery

    Zippo! Who still has one?

    My Zippo retired 23 years ago - but I miss lighting ladies cigarettes.
  23. tery

    Hello to all, just joined

    Welcome to TDPRI :)
  24. tery

    Orangutan golf cart driver

    I'd like to put him in a NASCAR racecar.