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  1. teleplayr

    Did You Grow Up Without a TV Remote?

    My folks had remote controls in the 60's......Us kids !
  2. teleplayr

    Famous People You Have Met

    Todd Rundgren, Leon Russel, Rhino & Lee Dorman (Iron Butterfly), Steve Smith, Rev Jones, Neil Schon, Greg Bissonette, SRV, Rod Evans (Deep Purple). I'm sure there are others I can't recall right now.
  3. teleplayr

    Show Your First Guitar

    Sorry, I don't have any pic's of my first guitar. Hopefully it was destroyed years ago. The action was so high it would've made a great cheese slicer!
  4. teleplayr

    Jimi's Radio One Strat

    It's just the artist taking liberty of a guitar.
  5. teleplayr

    Stacked vs Regular P90s

    Use a DI box with a "Ground lift".
  6. teleplayr

    NGD: 2009 Fender AVRI 52 Telecaster

    I've always wanted a '54 Strat (my birth year). Can I afford one NO WAY!
  7. teleplayr

    Where are all the F-logo B5s?

    Get a Vibramate "Spoiler".
  8. teleplayr

    Fender Supersonic 22 - Goldilocks amp?

    If anyone's interested the Santana IV concert that I posted a link to will be shown on Ovation TV the 10th.
  9. teleplayr

    Fender Supersonic 22 Hum

    You might check the cables (and tubes) to your reverb.
  10. teleplayr

    Going From 10's to 9's Reluctance To Change

    That's what I've used on all of my guitars for years.
  11. teleplayr

    NPD DOA?

    It's called a pico fuse, we used those in video medical electronics.
  12. teleplayr

    Gretsch guitars...tell me about them

    My luthier friend said that the acoustic style electrics weren't built all that well. He normally wouldn't buy or take one in trade until they started fetching high prices.
  13. teleplayr

    Takamine electrics--anybody else have one?

    I had one of the Explorer copies. Wish I still had it, I foolishly traded it off.
  14. teleplayr

    Designing Eric Johnson's Pickups

    What about the story his guitar tech. told about the positioning of the screws on his FX pedals?
  15. teleplayr

    Fender Supersonic 22 - Goldilocks amp?

    Actually it's the IV album, not the III.
  16. teleplayr

    Strap locks for AM Pro II Tele

    I've used both on my guitars, no issues with either one.
  17. teleplayr

    Locking tuners for American Pro II

    I did the same thing on my '95 American Standard w/Fender-Schaller locking tuners. I also added a Pearl-oid pick-guard and trem cover.
  18. teleplayr

    Fender Supersonic 22 - Goldilocks amp?

    . It shows the amp on stage. It was the IV album, not the III.
  19. teleplayr

    Fender Supersonic 22 - Goldilocks amp?

    There are photo's of him onstage with a SS 60 playing the III album.
  20. teleplayr

    Which STRAT would you get and why?

    My "Keeper" Strat is a '95 American Standard. It's had its share of mods (all reverse-able) the neck shape works for me.
  21. teleplayr

    Anyone have experience with Alpha pots?

    I've always used CTS.
  22. teleplayr

    How many delay pedals do you have/actively use?

    DD-7 I also have an Ibanez DE-7 in reserve.
  23. teleplayr

    OK.. one LAST NGD

    Famous last words.
  24. teleplayr

    testing a range of tone cap values

    I use .022 caps on everything.