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  1. Crobbins

    NGD - Ultra Telecaster - Texas Tea RMN

    Nice, congrats.
  2. Crobbins

    In praise of my Fender Vintera Telecaster Custom 70

    Congrats, but keep the Esquire. 💥🎸💥
  3. Crobbins

    "Someday Soon"

  4. Crobbins

    My NAD Experience - Marshall Valvestate 2000 Combo

  5. Crobbins

    New Cab Day.

    I just picked up a matching 1x12 cab for my Mesa Boogie California Tweed. Sounds great.
  6. Crobbins

    2004 American Series Telecaster

    Congrats. Have fun.💥🎸💥
  7. Crobbins

    I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry:(

  8. Crobbins

    NGD Squier Tele Custom

  9. Crobbins

    NGD Esquire 70th anniversary LPB

  10. Crobbins

    What bridge for thinline

    Nice score, congrats.
  11. Crobbins

    Finally got a proper Telecaster

  12. Crobbins

    You Are My Sunshine

    Hello, everything is going well. We finally have received some rain.
  13. Crobbins

    You Are My Sunshine

  14. Crobbins

    GASeous attack

    Very cool, congrats.
  15. Crobbins

    NGD LSL Paisley