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  1. stepvan

    RIP Marvin Lee Aday aka Meatloaf

    It's inevitable that we all face the same end but a year without losing so many too early in life would a nice change.
  2. stepvan

    Meatloaf dead at 74

    The title says it all... R.I.P.
  3. stepvan

    When guitar brand have very unlikely players in their ads.

    What a piece of crap!
  4. stepvan

    Building a T-Style from a historic stump

    Should be pretty stable for sure
  5. stepvan

    Building a T-Style from a historic stump

    Love the way you layed out the pieces prior to cutting the body
  6. stepvan

    Super weekend, one of the best I ever spent.

    Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend!
  7. stepvan

    I did a thing...PRS SE content.

    Awesome happy NGD! I got my first prs (the santana version of the 245) and after spending some time at home with it I knew it was a keeper congrats
  8. stepvan

    Hand problem:

    Sounds like a rediculopathy in one or both shoulders, I have experienced this at times and has to do with a nerve in the rotater cup area shifting and getting pinched. If this is indeed what it turns out to be it is Treatable with p.t. and cortisone.
  9. stepvan

    Fair thee well, Dobie.

    Was watching reruns of that on roku's too bad
  10. stepvan

    A generation of Millennials is in mourning

    What did die as result of?
  11. stepvan

    Today is... Post a short stupid joke you made up!

    A dirty joke for you guys, Three white horses fell in the mud
  12. stepvan

    Can you get a Tele to sound like a Strat?

    I swapped a guitar madness p.a.f. copy into the bridge position and changed the other two pickups with some with Alnico magnets and installed a bone nut, sounds and plays great
  13. stepvan

    Yellowstone revisited.

    Nevermind Yellowstone still waiting for season 3 of "The Son"
  14. stepvan

    The state of the world in a single meme

    Oh we have that problem here in MA too. Could never afford to live in the town I grew up in as all the prices were driven up as it became a bedroom community of sorts, then the taxes we went up because of the new library the new people wanted, the safety complex they said was needed, the...
  15. stepvan

    STORM TEAM 5......goofy reporters

    This has to be the funniest things I have seen this week!
  16. stepvan

    My Wife just bought me a $7000 Les Paul!!!

    Congratulations man that is surely a one of a kind beast!
  17. stepvan

    You have a budget of $300 dollars

    Yup but we know it all
  18. stepvan

    You have a budget of $300 dollars

    That actually crossed my mind too and likely where it will end up.
  19. stepvan

    You have a budget of $300 dollars

    Not making this up but whatever
  20. stepvan

    You have a budget of $300 dollars

    There are definitely deals to be had still if you keep vigilant
  21. stepvan

    You have a budget of $300 dollars

    That's funny I had the Montgomery ward version of that guitar as my first guitar only real difference was mine was black
  22. stepvan

    You have a budget of $300 dollars

    To be fair yes I should have said $500

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