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  1. stratisfied

    Musikraft Blackguard - Should I refinish the body?

    So buy from someone else. It's a swamp ash Telecaster, preferably one piece with a butterscotch blond finish, right?
  2. stratisfied

    Musikraft Blackguard - Should I refinish the body?

    Sell the body and get the one you want
  3. stratisfied

    Thick Plastic Finishes on Guitars is a Buzzkill

    Meh. Good, dried resonant wood is the difference between a good guitar and a great guitar, not the finish. It's a placebo effect in combination with wishful thinking when someone strips their guitar, applies a thin finish and then claims the "tone" miraculously was released. In many cases, it's...
  4. stratisfied

    Lets build something that looks like an L5 archtop

    I keep sneaking peeks while my Ibanez archtop isn't looking... I think she's insecure about her weight and jealous of the trimmer, fitter guitars! Beautiful work as always Freeman.
  5. stratisfied

    Factory Defects on Satin Poly Neck - 2016 American Elite Strat

    Are those spots discolored like that? If so, you'll have to sand the back of the neck down and refinish. If they are shallow, you may be able to sand them out. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. A stain wipe on poly refin on the neck up to the cove where it meets the headstock would be...
  6. stratisfied

    Show me your cherry necks!

    Cherry Neck w Curupay fingerboard stained to match mahogany thinline body. Cherry neck on spalted beechwood strat body project
  7. stratisfied

    Telebody with unique forearm contour ...

    Jimmy the Torch says "Just a little bit more and it'll be perfect ... dammit, where my fire extinguisher?"
  8. stratisfied

    Strats with binding

    The more I look at my pickguard, the more I hate it. Got a new one on order.
  9. stratisfied

    Telebody with unique forearm contour ...

    File this one under "I wanted a reclaimed relic body but may have gone a little overboard on the relicing." It's for sale out there in that wacky world called eBay if you want to "reclaim" it for your own.
  10. stratisfied

    Contractors/flippers/builders/interior design aficionados : when will white/black/grey/oatmeal be over ?

    I'm all about one color on the walls throughout. When I walk into a house where every room is a different color with different flooring, my head wants to explode. I've lived through the dark oak trim phase, the golden oak trim phase and the current white trim look. With wood floors and cabinets...
  11. stratisfied

    Who likes/hates Fades (guitar finishes)?

    Half a sunburst. Original intent as to look like a vintage guitar faded from sitting in a stand in a store window. The bottom of the guitar would get more direct sunlight in a stand that angled back. Dumb.
  12. stratisfied

    Duplicolor primer types

    It's acrylic Lacquer actually and requires a lacquer based primer.
  13. stratisfied

    Duplicolor primer types

    They will all work. White for light colors like others said. Regular primer will apply smooth and level but takes more coats to fill scratches and slight imperfections. Filler primer if you have sanding marks you want to fill or imperfections too shallow to putty. It does not "lay down"...
  14. stratisfied

    recuring dreams

    Just 2 lost souls, I guess.
  15. stratisfied

    recuring dreams

    I have a recurring dream where I leave a familiar place and can't find my way back. It plays out in different variations like I'm at a resort and walk past restaurants and shops and wind up behind some huge warehouse buildings with hundreds of dock doors (I worked in logistics and designed and...
  16. stratisfied

    Air Duct Cleaning

    There are a lot of bad companies doing this type of work. I found a good one through referrals from neighbors. The difference has been like night and day. I can go weeks without dusting instead of days. I had chronic sinusitis one episode after another. I have gone 6 months with no symptoms...
  17. stratisfied

    Leveling Frets With a Back Bow

    ThomasGinex Fret Leveler will work with strings on. under tension. It actually works pretty well.
  18. stratisfied

    1968 Basement Jam - Stephen Stills and Jimi Hendrix

    Thought you might find this interesting listening.
  19. stratisfied

    anybody here reload/handload ammo?

    In my experience from washing the cases to completed round, about 2 hours for 20 rounds with a Lee Hand Loader.
  20. stratisfied

    Are Jazzmaster Pickups Typically Very Bright?

    Without the "Rhythm circuit" it will pretty much sound like any other single coil guitar. Bright and thin.
  21. stratisfied

    anybody here reload/handload ammo?

    Yes, the Lee Loaders are very time consuming and as has been said, every effort to speed up can result in errors. I shoot more .223 rifle and 9mm handgun as factory loads are as cheap as reloading. You can burn through handgun ammo pretty quickly so I take my 9mm and .22 and trade back and...
  22. stratisfied

    anybody here reload/handload ammo?

    I used Lee Loaders for 25-06 and .270 rifles many years ago and currently use them for my .30-06, .270 and .243 rifles. Trick is to fire form your own brass and use it only in the gun it originally fired in. Your chamber sizes the case (called fire-forming) and all you are doing is a neck size...
  23. stratisfied

    Do You Leave Home Garage Open? Why?

    Building codes prohibit penetrations of the roof over a garage and require fire-safeing, typically 2hr fire resistant drywall ceiling or attic partition separating the garage attic space from the living area attic space and also to prevent spread of fire across the roof.
  24. stratisfied

    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    Psst ... that's where the microphone is located on an iPhone.

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