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  1. flathd

    Yet another "use your turn signal, dang nabbit", thread

    When I make a u-turn I use the 4- way flashers and also flip on the windshield wipers as an extra precaution. Never had any problems.
  2. flathd

    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    I've still got a pack of smokes left from when I quit smoking in 2001. Maybe we should exchange gifts this year.
  3. flathd

    Who Is This Clown?

    He looks familiar, but I'm not very good with names .
  4. flathd

    Boomers- what are your one-liners for today??

    CMA Awards on again?... that ain't country!!
  5. flathd

    Another, “What The Heck Is This?”, Thread

    An antique Bong?
  6. flathd

    Objectively speaking, the best pizza you can assemble from Domino's is...

    Dominos is great for 4 year olds birthday parties like my friend had for his grandkids. Out of about 10 pizzas I liked the BBQ chicken best. Sounds weird but it was really good, plus the kids wouldn't eat it. BTW, I would never order pineapple on a pizza.
  7. flathd

    Very Sad Day

    Sorry for your loss, and your very sad day. No need to apologize.
  8. flathd

    Why on earth does it take FIVE DAYS to...

    Anyone remember the early eBay days when you either mailed a check payment and waited 3 weeks for the check to clear, or drove to the Post Office or Bank and waited in line for a $3 Money Order and waited a couple more weeks for your purchase to finally arrive? I much prefer the one click...
  9. flathd

    Went to the grocery store, and bought three small bags of groceries. Eighty two bucks.

    The eggs were on sale, usually about $1.50 a dozen. No lie, I got 6 thick cut pork chops for $7.53. Not everything was on sale, one lb. of ground beef was $5.69.
  10. flathd

    $1,750 knit hoodie @ Nordstrom

    How do I know if it's an authentic Balenciaga, and not a cheap imitation?
  11. flathd

    David Spade! Does not look good.

    Those knuckles, is that from smoking the cigarette too far down or playing guitar?
  12. flathd

    Life is UNFAIR when...

    When your name is Karen, according to the tabloids. Still haven't figured that one out.
  13. flathd

    Went to the grocery store, and bought three small bags of groceries. Eighty two bucks.

    Went to the grocery store, eggs were .77 a dozen, Red Baron Pizza $2.99, Thick cut pork chops $2.99 a lb., life is good!
  14. flathd

    Adults Excited About Halloween....

    Not my Baby Ruth, it's in the treat bowl! It's not immature to celebrate Halloween. Throwing a tantrum on an airplane is immature.
  15. flathd

    Your Favorite Car Stereo System

    I have a Clarion stereo cassette player that I bought in 1983 for my brand new Ford Ranger. Still works, and is now in my 2002 Chevy Express van. Last week the volume knob broke off, but it still works fine. (sorta).
  16. flathd

    21 Strange and Ingenious Uses for WD40

    JB 80 - "Twice as Good".
  17. flathd

    Why on earth does it take FIVE DAYS to...

    Use your credit card with Paypal, not bank account.
  18. flathd

    Adults Excited About Halloween....

    I wouldn't say I get "excited" about Halloween like when I was a kid, but I do hand out candy. This year we had only 11 kids total, up from 0 last year. Now I have half a bowl of Baby Ruths, Salted Nut Rolls, and Tootsie Pops. And they're all mine....,Bwhaaaaaa ha ha.
  19. flathd

    Giving Up Thinking!

    I'm gonna need to put on my thinking cap for this one...
  20. flathd

    Dangerous knuckleheads drivers in your locale are usually driving what ?

    Its more of a location thing, IMO. I went out of town yesterday and the drivers weren't too bad. (except the freeways). On the way back, the closer I got to the Twin Cities, the worse the drivers were. The tailgaters and zig-zaggers were everywhere. I did see a Highway Patrol pulled over a car...
  21. flathd

    lucky to be here this morning.

    TD, you should have told the ladies you were a retired stunt man, and you were auditioning for your big comeback.
  22. flathd

    Give us your best new name for Faceb**k!

    I was going to say Farcebook, but its been taken. How about Fauxbook? with no connection to Faux News.
  23. flathd

    Storm Chasers and Scammers

    Yeah, I was a Licensed Building contractor for over 20 years and if anyone tried to scam people like this, they would be heavily fined and have their license revoked. I am surprised how the tree trimmers are not regulated more than they are. I would think they would at least need a permit for a...

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