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  1. wacolo

    Wanting a hollow/semi hollow. Big dude i want a bigger guitar

    I seem to remember an interview with Chan Kinchla of Blues Traveler where he talked about having a custom strat or tele built that was oversized to fit his frame.
  2. wacolo

    Meme of the Day. Got any good ones?

  3. wacolo

    recuring dreams

    There are two I have had most of my life, usually several times a year. The scenario is usually the same but location and specifics can change. The first is I am in my house and random strangers come in and start going through the house and looking through things. I yell and scream at them to...
  4. wacolo

    Swampy Music

  5. wacolo

    Give Us Songs That Have A Big Dose Of Humor!

    Ok just a few more.
  6. wacolo

    Give Us Songs That Have A Big Dose Of Humor!

    If you did not notice I am a Steve Goodman fan 😋
  7. wacolo


    I always loved this T-birds version of It Comes To Me Naturally
  8. wacolo

    Boz Scaggs - Small Town Talk

    By way of Rick Danko and Bobby Charles.
  9. wacolo

    Samsung is releasing a guitar with LED guide lights on its fretboard

    Someone beat them to it by a few years. I believe these were produced in the mid 90s. I always wondered what happened if the bulbs started going bad.
  10. wacolo

    Random New Years Eve Vids

    No idea who these people are but they look to be having a good time. 1979 The Beach Boys, Chicago and Doobies And the ubiquitous ball drop compilation
  11. wacolo

    Betty White rip

    A lousy way to close out a lousy year. RIP. Someone throw some bubble wrap around Dick Van Dyke.
  12. wacolo

    Favorite Cooking Show

    Great British Baking Show - Everyone is genuinely talented and they are supportive of each other. Cooks Country/Americas Test Kitchen - Interesting, unpretentious and the taste tests are always fun and interesting. Jacques Pepin - From back in the day. He had great, simple recipes and you got...
  13. wacolo

    New to me camera day

    Maybe 15 years ago I got into toy camera photography on a casual basis. I still have my Diana and probably a Holga somewhere. I would love to get back into it.
  14. wacolo

    At What Age …

    I am 50 and own 2. Big, chunky shawl collared beauties and they are my favorite in the cooler months. However I am not a grandfather.
  15. wacolo

    Anyone I.D. this Gretsch?

    This ad refers to this as a Country Club. The model in the pic looks pretty close.

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