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  1. darkwaters

    Where’s Your Happy Place?

    In my den with my books and guitars. That’s where I’m happiest.
  2. darkwaters

    Wish you were here

  3. darkwaters

    It's 32 degrees and you're driving on the highway...

    I’d need to translate that to kph and Celsius, but I’m too lazy.
  4. darkwaters

    Neck humbucker opinions

    A Vineham Telepaf in the neck might be a possibility as well. I have one in my Tele. A bright, clear, low wind pickup with zero mud.
  5. darkwaters

    Neck humbucker opinions

    Have you tried lowering the pickup on the bass side?
  6. darkwaters

    my neck pickup stopped working

    Give the switch a shot of contact cleaner and flip it back and forth a few times. That may do it.
  7. darkwaters

    Spooky Hot Sauce ?

    A local hot sauce that’s popular at Chez Darkwaters:
  8. darkwaters

    Telecasters Can't Do Jazz

  9. darkwaters

    Telecasters Can't Do Jazz

    Tell that to Ed Bickert.
  10. darkwaters

    Boss Blues Driver or Tube screamer?

    Bought a brand new BD several years back, but it was obnoxiously noisy and I brought it back. Defective perhaps. At any rate, I’ll stick with my TS pedals. I like the mid hump.
  11. darkwaters

    Share Your ES335

    These things happen. I think you deserve another! I too have a weakness for SGs.
  12. darkwaters

    Share Your ES335

    My 2000 Epi Dot with an SD ‘59 in the neck and an SD Seth Lover in the bridge. Great guitar:
  13. darkwaters

    I wanted to love the new ToneMasters

    Yep. Had a similarly underwhelming experience with the Deluxe. I won’t be parting with my money or my tube amps any time soon.
  14. darkwaters

    What type of music do people want in 2022, but they don't know it yet?

    Whatever it is, I don’t like it dagnabit!
  15. darkwaters

    Nels Cline and Julian Lage

    Love their Room album.
  16. darkwaters

    Thoughts on Fender Champ 600?

    I’ve had mine for years now. Removed the tone stack and negative feedback. Replaced the 12ax7 with a 12ay7 and it’s still plenty loud. Great tone if you like that tweed Champ thing. Love mine!
  17. darkwaters

    Using delay pedals to get reverb

    Nice. I stumbled on this trick 30 years ago when I had an Ibanez digital delay and wanted that 50s slap back echo sound. These days I use a reverb pedal, but I remember quite liking the sound. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a delay pedal again!
  18. darkwaters

    Do I really want my neck straight?

    Pick up a feeler gauge from the local hardware store. Clamp your capo at the first fret and hold down the low E string at the fret just before the neck meets the body. Start measuring and adjusting. A relief of about .008 works for me (about the thickness of a single sheet of paper). Once you’ve...
  19. darkwaters

    Your Favorite Hybrid Picker....

    I’ve always hybrid picked without giving it much thought. Nowadays I include it as part of my practice. Richard Thompson is a big hybrid picking influence.
  20. darkwaters

    P-90 Noise. Worth it? Take the POLL!

    In my experience the ones with the least noise were the ones that sounded the least interesting.
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  22. darkwaters

    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    Love early Floyd up to and including WYWH, but especially the Syd years. Unlike most, I didn’t care much for Animals and really dislike The Wall. Roger just became too hard to take.
  23. darkwaters

    Talk me into, or out of, getting a tube amp

    I say find a good 5W tube amp in your price range and discover what you’ve been missing. I refuse to recommend any one in particular. What you’ll love I might hate, but I can say from experience that tubes make everything sound better!
  24. darkwaters

    Hand problem:

    See your doctor.
  25. darkwaters

    Tweed Harvard with 2x6" speakers? Yay or nay?

    How about one 6” and one 8”? Assuming they’d fit of course.