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  1. Wayne Alexander

    I want some P 90s, but I don’t want a new guitar.

    A regular P-90 will not fit a regular humbucker rout. You'd need to make a humbucker rout wider than it is to fit regular P-90s. There are P90s made in humbucker shapes to fit humbucker routs, but they won't sound and behave 100% the same a regular P90s. My advice? If you want P-90s get...
  2. Wayne Alexander

    replace hot water heater prophylactically?

    The last two or three I've had (natural gas 50 gallon ones) in Los Angeles (hard water, which leads to scale buildup) have all failed right about at the 6 year mark. Draining them out every few years reduces the scale buildup a little (it makes crackling noises when it's built up) but they...
  3. Wayne Alexander

    Please recommend me an amp stand

    If the goal is to point your speakers at your head instead of your ankles, or to point your speakers so they're not beaming straight into the ears of the front rows of the audience, and you don't literally need the amp itself higher, tilt-back legs are a better solution than a separate amp stand.
  4. Wayne Alexander

    Anyone done P90 for neck with 250 pots ?

    If after trying both 250K and 500K in the guitar you find that the bridge pickup wants a 250K but the neck pickup wants a 500K, use a 500K volume pot but put a 470K resistor to ground on the switch lug where the neck pickup attaches to the switch. That will make the neck pickup see a roughly...
  5. Wayne Alexander

    Anyone done P90 for neck with 250 pots ?

    If you want to use a 250K volume pot on a P90 neck pickup, do. If you find that the tone is too dark, switch to a 500K volume pot. It's an issue of $10 and 5 minutes. Try both and see what you like better. What other people have done in their guitars doesn't predict how your guitar will...
  6. Wayne Alexander

    Hellø from Denmark

    Beautiful work there.
  7. Wayne Alexander

    A tremolo (or whammy bar or Bigsby) for Telecasters that is easy to install?

    Bigsby. Get a Mastery bridge. Much better than other bridge options with a Bigsby.
  8. Wayne Alexander

    Is there one do-it-all amp?

    Certainly not cheap, but amazing. 3rd Power Kitchen Sink This will do everything I'd ever want an amp to do. I've played one at NAMM, it's what it's described to be.
  9. Wayne Alexander

    Boss Katana 100 watt accessories

    If yours is a MKII, the Roland GA-FC Foot Controller Compatible products: Blues Cube Artist, Blues Cube Artist212, Blues Cube Tour, KATANA-100 MkII, KATANA-100/212 MkII, KATANA-HEAD MkII, KATANA-Artist MkII, Acoustic Singer Pro, Acoustic Singer Live, Nextone Artist, Nextone Stage, Nextone...
  10. Wayne Alexander

    P-90 Noise. Worth it? Take the POLL!

    All my playing with others is in rehearsal studios and clubs where the noise is overwhelming - and it isn't only when not playing notes. I installed an Ilitch system in my SG Classic, which takes care of it, removing the noise but leaving all the other characteristics I want in P90s. If you...
  11. Wayne Alexander

    Another Cast Member Of The Sopranos Died

    Aside from his narrative movies, Peter directed one of the best band/songwriter documentaries of all time, "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers:Runnin' Down a Dream" in 2007. If you haven't seen it and like TPP&theHB, watch it...
  12. Wayne Alexander

    Babylon Berlin: A Series on Netflix's

    Season 4 has completed filming, and will be on Netflix in 2022. For those of you who didn't know, "Babylon Berlin" is the most expensive TV series to have ever been filmed in Germany. You can absolutely tell that in the production values, which are superb. And the cast.... Make sure to watch...
  13. Wayne Alexander

    Babylon Berlin: A Series on Netflix's

    Spectacular show.
  14. Wayne Alexander

    Best shaving hack

    Always look on the bright side of life. ( clara ecce egrediebatur inde vitae)
  15. Wayne Alexander

    Bridge Preference Question

    If fairly precise intonation is more important to you than the concept of having a 3-saddle vintage type bridge, a 6-saddle one will give you better, more tunable intonation than a vintage one with compensated saddles. When I want the sonic characteristics of a vintage stamped steel bridge...
  16. Wayne Alexander

    What's your favorite El84 amp with simple circuitry?

    Listen to the sound samples in the videos on the Ceriatone site - they're quite accurate to what that amp (similar to a Matchless Lightning) sounds like. - to get those sounds you'd need to use a Celestion Blue or the equivalent, or a Celestion G12H or the equivalent. And if you want to buy...
  17. Wayne Alexander

    What's your favorite El84 amp with simple circuitry?

    AC15 or Matchless Lightning will have better clean tones and a different breakup character. The Ceriatone "muchless lightning" is in that ballpark There are sound samples on their website at...
  18. Wayne Alexander

    testing a range of tone cap values

    If what you want is to change the brightness of the guitar when the tone control is not in use, change the 500K volume pot to a 250K pot. A 500K volume pot makes the guitar overall brighter than a 250K volume pot. The value of the tone pot doesn't affect the overall brightness of the guitar...
  19. Wayne Alexander

    What holds music but isn't a phone?

    An Ipod Touch (Apple) is a good choice.
  20. Wayne Alexander

    John Lennon

    Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today…
  21. Wayne Alexander

    How are AlNiCo covers mounted on Weber 12A125A's?

    Same as the other speakers with that kind of bell cover - peel off (or pierce) the label in the middle, there's a screw holding it on in the exact center of the back of the bell cover.
  22. Wayne Alexander

    My Feeling About Tele Bridges is . . . . . (a survey)

    . I'm a big fan of the Armadillo bridges. Perfect intonation, really well made. They have a more solid/sustainy character than the thin stamped steel stock fender type ones.
  23. Wayne Alexander

    The Beatles confessions: an anthology

    In January 1964, my 12 year old self was listening to the rock radio station in Boulder Colorado, while I was working on a plastic model car in my bedroom. I was definitely a rock and roll fan at the time - my favorite artists were Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys and Dion and the Belmonts. "I...