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  1. richey88

    Book: Rickenbacker Guitars – Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fireglo

    Wow! $175.00?? It does look cool though....
  2. richey88

    Tinkering with the Pro Junior tonight

    Just ordered a Speaker Soak! My at-home needs had kept me from using my PJIV....sounds like just the ticket. Thanks for your input (love this 'lil amp, just too much for the living room).
  3. richey88

    Beato Signature Les Paul Special

    I like it! Just discovered RB, love the blue....
  4. richey88

    Best Budget Delay Pedal?

    I was looking at this, weird aesthetic, but intriguing....thanks for everyone's input! I caved and ordered a YF, arrives tomorrow, will report in :o)
  5. richey88

    Best Budget Delay Pedal?

    Looking at a Donner Yellow Fall, just wondering if anyone has a better idea? Would love a Dunlop Echoplex or Analog Alien Rumble Seat, alas out of my price range. Let's hear your experiences!!
  6. richey88

    Epiphone Les Paul Jr.

    #12 JACKALOPE!!!
  7. richey88

    NGD Epi Les Paul.

    What's the verdict? I have the '59 Epi in my sights.....gotta love a good Lester!
  8. richey88

    Laney cub12r or supro delta king 12

    Straight in (if you have monitors) this will work great (weighs about a pound).....I do like the one trick those Deltas do, but that's all ya get ("Delta" sounds, very bluesy. Nice, but I would miss nice clean tones. Set up the best clean (on the edge of breakup?) and add a drive pedal if volume...
  9. richey88

    Pro Junior IV... just arrived home!

    Been a fan of mine since they came out, enjoy!!
  10. richey88


  11. richey88

    Pro Junior speaker swap???

    Let us know what you think after swapping....I just dug mine out after a pause, all-stock (but I think the P10 is a decent speaker), love this 'lil guy.
  12. richey88

    NGD plus two weeks

    I LOVE mine, have since '19, couldn't resist the blue (would have taken any color, but this was available). Enjoy that!!
  13. richey88


    I like the GH as well as the Mosky B Box, really good stuff, needa look into the Demon products.
  14. richey88

    Chorus in 3D!!

    I used to have one of the old Boss CE's (forget the actual model #, the big one that weighed a ton, pre standard Boss enclosure), but it sucked the tone right outta the amp. The 3rd D is crystal clear....anyone have a pic (of the old Voss doorstop)?
  15. richey88


    3 months for me (if I can go that long), but in a similar boat here :o)
  16. richey88

    Chorus in 3D!!

    Wanted to dip my toe back into chorus (child of the 80's here, backed off '95 - date, just wasn't cool anymore??), played the Boss Dimension C a while back, really enjoyed it, but pricey, saw the TC Electronics version and thought I would roll the dice. Really nice for the $$, soft to seasick...
  17. richey88

    Did I do well?

    I got the PJIV right when it came out, Paid full retail but no regrets. Great price, rock that bad boy!
  18. richey88

    A New-to-me SG

    Tres chic! aaaaaahhh FREAKOUT! How do you like the lipsticks? Cool color!
  19. richey88

    Clean boost.

    This has been my go-to for a few years now. Love it!
  20. richey88

    Going Chris Buck with my P90 Les Paul

    Really tasty playing there! Great grasp of pick dynamics and sweet P90 tone! Well done.
  21. richey88

    Epiphone Les Paul Jr.

    Nothing like a Junior! Been using this for a few years, effin great guitar!
  22. richey88

    NGD Vintage VS-6 Mick Abrahams Signature Model

    Looks killer! I have an Epi w/ 2 P90's.
  23. richey88

    Premier Guitar Article about Vox Pathfinder 15r

    Mine too (torn tolex), but it simply will not quit. Glad to read Mr. Carroll likes his too. Bought mine new ($115) and wish i woulda bought three of them....
  24. richey88

    NFW - New Fuzz Week

    Post sound files / video? Seems like overkill, but if you're happy, no harm, no foul. Would love to hear 'em.
  25. richey88

    Gave Up Looking.

    Had the Classic Vibe model in Desert Sand, kick myself for getting rid of :0(