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  1. Chip

    Show us them sexy straps!

    I just put strap locks on my Old Black. You can see some of the strap…
  2. Chip

    Sports fan? Who is your team no matter what? Show your team colors!

    I unfortunately feel like I no longer have a team or colors. I was born and raised a Cleveland Indians fan and from 1970 until the announcement of the name change I stuck with them through thick and thin. Even when they broke my heart and moved from the largest stadium in baseball to Jacobs...
  3. Chip

    Random Daily Photos Jan 2022 Edition

  4. Chip

    Musicians who use made up first names!

    Conway Twitty
  5. Chip

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

  6. Chip

    Dachshund sticker shock

    This is our rescue Beesly… We got her a few months after Peanut passed at the old age of 18… But I agree $5,500 is way too much.
  7. Chip

    Showing my ignorance: 1982 - 2002 vs 2002 - 2022

    And the Cleveland Indians will never win another
  8. Chip

    Ohio is freaky

    The photo I posted is from the second night. I was sitting next to the stage Jerry side. The first night I was in the tenth row between Bobby & Phil....damn we were really close to each other. How amazing is that?!?!
  9. Chip

    Ohio is freaky

    I was also there!!! Maybe you are in this picture I took at one of the shows…
  10. Chip

    Last Random Photo of 2021

  11. Chip

    Anyone in their mid-50s remember this?

    Those are Devil Sticks and quite popular at Grateful Dead shows in 90’s Here’s a couple of pictures I took in the parking lot at the Richfield Coliseum on March 21, 1994 unfortunately I don’t see any Devil Sticks but there’s a huge drum circle in the middle of those cars.
  12. Chip

    What is the greatest boom town of all time over one decade?

    Phoenix, Las Vegas or Houston
  13. Chip

    Another List of Bands

    66. Buffalo Springfield Do I win a prize for two places?
  14. Chip

    I'm dreaming of a moist Christmas...

    Merry Christmas neighbor!
  15. Chip

    My first Christmas

    This photo is from my first Christmas… This was Christmas Eve 1967. My Mom is holding two month old me and my brothers are hanging their stockings for Santa. Out of curiosity I looked up to see what the number one song was on the charts at that time… Merry Christmas Everyone!
  16. Chip

    Songs with a date in them

    For example this song mentions today - 23rd of December So, post a song with a date.
  17. Chip

    Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.

    I saw it in Cleveland a few weeks ago. From what I understand is that there are several different companies presenting this show and I’m not sure if they are identical or not. I thought it was interesting and I’m not sure I could have stood to watch much more than the 34 minutes the show lasted...
  18. Chip

    Turkey Time

    Getting ready for the oven….
  19. Chip

    Happy Last Waltz Day - 45th Anniversary

    Here’s the real movie…
  20. Chip

    How old were you when you first saw Jaws?

    I remember watching it the first time it was on television. It was November 4th 1979 and I had just turned 12.
  21. Chip

    Indian Summer

    You can't say that in Cleveland
  22. Chip

    The Wave

    Myself and my best friend started the wave at an Indians game back in 80’s
  23. Chip

    Random Daily Photos Nov 2021 Edition

    My office building is getting prepared…