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  1. adjason

    How Insensitive - Telecaster Jazz Tone

    Yeah nice job!
  2. adjason

    Looking for advices on a USA Tele

    Yeah I like them all too- I like American standards of any year and the Mexican classic series 50's and 60's or vinteras are really nice too. Yeah find one you like and get it rather than only looking at one model etc. For years I used a Mexican standard tele with nocaster pickups
  3. adjason

    Help me country

    Don Williams, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings...then move onto altcountry with son volts trace, wilcos being there and the Jayhawks and whiskeytown and Lucinda Williams
  4. adjason

    General Telecaster Noise Question

    I thought that these American Pro guitar came shielded from the factory? My vintera tele likes to buzz but there is no shielding on it. Maybe try to post a video here or play another one and see if it is different?
  5. adjason

    In praise of my Fender Vintera Telecaster Custom 70

    I've got a martin dcme I think it cost me about 500 used 20 years ago- I seem to go through lots of electrics but for whatever reason I am totally happy with that Martin. I wanted an acoustic I could plug in and play out with. I also like that its not expensive so I never put it in a case...
  6. adjason

    In praise of my Fender Vintera Telecaster Custom 70

    Sweet guitar! Yeah I would probably sell the esquire and get a nice acoustic- unless you already own one....but that same rabbit hole is there- My lower end Martin never leaves and I would not trade it for many a more expensive acoustic. I am digging my vintera 50's tele
  7. adjason

    Vintera 50's Telecaster Review

    I pickup up a used one recently and I am liking it- it has the classic tele sound with that thin bridge and three saddles. The pickups are a bit quieter than the typical alnico 5 ones out there but it sounds good. I raised them up pretty high and I usually like them low on most guitars. Yep its...
  8. adjason

    Lets build something that looks like an L5 archtop

    Your work is amazing-the guitar looks great!
  9. adjason

    Vintera tele bridge pickup demo

    so a couple of weeks ago I got a vintera 50's tele. It has a good sound. The pickups are underpowered compared to most but I kind of like that too. Here is me soling over ron woods version of bob dylans 7 Days straight into my late 60' super reverb. I think its pretty good tone
  10. adjason

    Do I really want my neck straight?

    seems like at least originally I make the neck flat then the string tension puts just a hair of relief in it- this usually works for me. some guitars seems to want a bit more relief and some a bit less. If they play well I would not worry about it-but yeah your measurements seems really high
  11. adjason

    Showing my ignorance: 1982 - 2002 vs 2002 - 2022

    I agree-I mean look at 1965-1985 - I think there were big changes, then look at 2000-2020 I would say not as much- BUT I am getting older too
  12. adjason

    Jamming to write songs or writing songs separately from the band

    sure is nothing wrong with jamming and trying to write around that- sounds like fun to me- maybe this is why artist have solo record and band records :)
  13. adjason

    Magic Sam's Boogie: Smokin'!

    Now that fires on all cylinders!
  14. adjason

    Terrible unfortunate accident. Injury. Need some advice.

    I don't know - I can't advise either way without being you on this one. This is a tough one
  15. adjason

    Actors I dislike for the wrong reason.

    Michael Keaton is good in the new series about oxy abuse....Jonah Hill seems to play a jerk in every movie he's in
  16. adjason

    NPD- Envelope Filter- Disappointed

    its kind of the nature of the beast with envelope filters- I found that out with the keely neutrino before I returned it- lots of guys use a boost pedal etc with them, but yeah I agree they are hard to trigger with single coils not at full treble
  17. adjason

    The most important lesson you or your children can learn.

    Give more than you take
  18. adjason

    Talk me into, or out of, getting a tube amp

    Yes you need a tube amp. You can skip a lot of steps if you get a princeton or deluxe reverb or a vox ac 15 is good too. If you don't have to move it get this one
  19. adjason

    Do You Ever Just Look At Your Guitars?

    Yeah sometimes I do- I made a bunch of furniture over the years and some guitars so I find when I look at them I'm reminded of when I made them and it gives me a chance to feel proud of myself. Its a good feeling. Heck I even find myself looking at amps and wondering about their lives before...
  20. adjason

    Switch to a Thinline Classic ‘72?

    Yep- I agree with most - keep that classic 50's- they are really nice- the thinline 72 is a good one too but if you have one tele it is not the one
  21. adjason

    Neck profile on 70’s teles

    Welcome- not a lot of help here- the one in my avatar is a 1973 telecaster custom- neck felt normal thickness but it has a thinner nut width than a modern fender. Those 70's teles had one meg pots which make for a bright guitar but they sound great with tone turned down-good luck on your search...
  22. adjason

    NGD heading my way, 1981 Westone Concord II

    Oh I had a red one of these years ago- it was a cool guitar for sure
  23. adjason

    Should I sell my 2016 Gibson 1958 ES-335 VOS??

    I'd probably sell it. Its not that you don't deserve it or need the money etc.-its that you don't love it. It is too expensive to own a guitar that you don't love. It has no real emotional value to you. I'd sell it buy a nice used American standard or vintera tele and maybe a new amp and a nice...
  24. adjason

    Anybody built an Allen Chihuahua?

    I've been looking at a kit of this model- I like the low volume/fairly light weight and the reverb is what I crave. Anybody like this model? I've built a bunch of guitars and swapped out lots of pickups so I understand basic soldering but have never built any amp before