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  1. Steve Holt

    Let’s see your top mount string ferrules

    Thanks for the thread! I've been needing something like this.
  2. Steve Holt

    We have a new Jaguar fan

    I had a similar thought. But my thought was more along the lines of "huh, all these knobs and switches look like his toys...but they're on my adult toy 🤔"
  3. Steve Holt

    We have a new Jaguar fan

    It probably is. I don't change strings as often as I could.
  4. Steve Holt

    We have a new Jaguar fan

    So here's my son trying out my jaguar. I already made him his own baby Tele, and I'm making him his own full size guitar (let's be real I'm making it for me, but someday I hope it's his). So not content to play his own he has to take mine for a spin. Really putting it through its paces...
  5. Steve Holt

    Custom 4 way switch wiring help

    There was someone else that had something similar to this not too long ago. Check out post #12 for the diagram I drew. Be sure and proofread it to make sure that I didn't do anything wrong...
  6. Steve Holt

    Leveling Frets With a Back Bow

    Warmoth neck? Just curious.
  7. Steve Holt

    Custom shop thinline with neck dive issues

    Yeah I think this is a better solution than the one I pitched. I wasn't aware of these wheel weights before this thread, so definitely good to know!
  8. Steve Holt

    Hellooo, I mod my guitar picks.

    Did you ever try one of these? I don't know if they're still being made. I bought one shortly after I started playing as I was trying to acquire all the different pics I could get my hands on. But that's closing in on 20 years ago! It's just a bunch of probably cut up D strings held in...
  9. Steve Holt

    Hellooo, I mod my guitar picks.

    Welcome! What exactly do you do to your guitar picks?
  10. Steve Holt

    First build - scratch built semi-hollow tele

    I was looking at the pictures thinking... you don't want to do the round over until your cavities are done. I always keep mine square until I have the neck pocket and cavities routed. Makes it easier to line up the template with the top of the body and see that it's good. And then I stop before...
  11. Steve Holt

    Where to buy lefty pots

    Pretty sure I saw some lefty pots at WD music the other day. Depending on what you're looking for.
  12. Steve Holt

    Shaping the neck: neck depth control

    A method I saw once that I really liked is to drill a hole at various places along the neck that goes to the depth of your desired thickness. You remove material until the hole goes away and then you're there. When I got to my final thickness I try to only remove material from the sides and not...
  13. Steve Holt

    Side Dot material ideas

    It's gonna be great. I've used it before on Rosewood and African Blackwood (which is what I'm using) and it's fantastic. No issues.
  14. Steve Holt

    Side Dot material ideas

    I tend to use shell dots that match the shell dots I use on the fretboard. Or I use what I like. The build I'm doing now, I'm using white pearl dots for the fretboard, but I really like the look of pau abalone. I was worried the pau abalone wouldn't fit the theme of the guitar, so I did white...
  15. Steve Holt

    Why. Oh, Why.

    There was a professor of jazz at the college I went to that was an absolute beast on guitar. So in addition to having a doctorate in jazz, guitar was his main instrument. The guy knew his stuff. I don't think there was anything he couldn't play. He could play a Hendrix song, flip the...
  16. Steve Holt

    Ash Jaguar Build

    I did a wire from the trem cavity as well as a wire to the post on the bridge. It's redundant, but jags can be pretty noisy depending on the wiring scheme, so I like to ground anything and everything I can. Hence all the shielding too.
  17. Steve Holt

    Ash Jaguar Build

    That particular jag I used surf green from guitar reranch. one or two sealer coats, one or two primer coats (until it looks covered) and then I did probably 3 or 4 coats of color. For clear coats I'm always floating back and forth between...
  18. Steve Holt

    Ash Jaguar Build

    Glad I could convince you. It's so much better than jamming a couple wires through a small hole and then running those up to the plate. Your build is looking great so far. Thanks for the tip on rasps. I do appreciate a good rasp. I have two good ones and they're among my most prized...
  19. Steve Holt

    Strat build #2

    Can I make a suggestion on your neck heel? The first time I did that contoured neck plate I started doing it like you've done it there, just kind of tapering it in the corner Then I decided to Google it and found this... So I just went ahead cut off that whole corner So maybe you've...
  20. Steve Holt

    Pickup Rings

    If those turn out to be trash, you might check here. You'll have to submit your own design, but they offer carbon fiber as a material
  21. Steve Holt

    Ash Jaguar Build

    Excited to see a Jag build!! My favorite fender guitar. If I could offer a tip from my own experience with jags... While you still have the body in its current condition route out more wood to connect all the cavities. It's not "original" to fender jags but it is something they started doing...
  22. Steve Holt

    I want to get serious about a pedal board but...

    For now my board will be the carpet on the floor. When I do go for a board, I'll probably make one rather than buy.
  23. Steve Holt

    I want to get serious about a pedal board but...

    Thanks for the tips! I'll check out the milli amp and volt requirements on what I've got. The only one that is clear is the looper, but I'm going to keep that on its own power. I'm set on tuners though. With a Peterson Strobe, a Roadie 2, and Roadie 3 I've spent more than my fair share on...
  24. Steve Holt

    I want to get serious about a pedal board but...

    Yeah the first 10 years of my habit I was in high school/college. I had money in high school, but was too broke in college for gear purchases. Unless it was a new guitar! Then when I entered into the working world I was too busy for guitar. One day I grabbed a scrap of wood and fashioned it...
  25. Steve Holt

    I want to get serious about a pedal board but...

    Let's be perfectly clear...I have no basics! I just laid down all the pedals and pedal gear I own for a picture and I guess I got the order right. But thank you for the advice! That would have been a question in the future for sure. So If I throw the looper at the end of the chain and record...