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  1. jman72

    How I Keep Carbon Steel and Cast Iron Skillets Non-Stick

    Love me some Dutch oven cooking.
  2. jman72

    2nd Build-Rob's JTM45 Micro

    This is what I'd do. Building an amp (or anything) usually requires some "cheating", since nothing ever works out perfectly. Filing down one of the screw heads would be the easiest fix by far. Another option would be to take a pair of pliers and bend the tab on the transformers out a bit to...
  3. jman72

    NFL playoff picks predictions and discussion

    Yeah, and this was AFTER the drama and finish of the Rams-Bucs game! I was on the edge of my seat all day. Crazy good if you're a football fan.
  4. jman72

    NFL playoff picks predictions and discussion

    Wow, I went 3 for 4 this weekend. Great games all around, but I think the OT rule stinks. Not a Bills fan, per se, but I love to see the underdogs win if I don't have a team in the mix.
  5. jman72

    Boothill amps 5F2? Anyone build one?

    My son and I built a Champ from a Boothill kit a couple of years ago. For a kit, it was hard to beat price wise and for convenience. Awesome little amp.
  6. jman72

    Looking for the value of a 1995 MIJ telecaster

    Yeah, this Tele has clearly been stripped of its original red finish. Although the official Fender MIJ catalog from the late '80s/early '90s only showed a few color options, they were definitely shipping guitars with non-catalog colors. I have an '87 MIJ Strat that is Daphne/Sonic Blue (I bought...
  7. jman72

    Slightly baffled by Eric Johnson

    I've listened to Ah Via Musicom thousands and thousands of times- in college I would go to sleep listening to it through my headphones for months at a time. Easily my single favorite album of all time, and I enjoy the delicate vocal songs like "40 mile town" just as much as Cliffs. And I LOVE...
  8. jman72

    Marketplace score - Aion FX RAT Clone

    Awesome! I built one of these a few months ago and I love it. I included the sweep control on mine, but I actually have never used it- I like the standard three controls. I do like the diode switching option, though. Red LEDs sound really cool in this circuit.
  9. jman72

    DIY Tweed Champ Cab Head

    That looks great! Nice work. Having a Champ in a head cab opens up a ton of options for use with different speakers/cabs. And it's super light, too.
  10. jman72

    Regional Pride (sorry south).

    I grew up on a farm in a rural, VERY "southern" part of North Carolina and have now lived for 15 years in Central Florida. Anywhere basically north of Orlando is VERY southern. You're pretty much in South Alabama and South Georgia once you are north of I-4. I was actually quite shocked to see...
  11. jman72

    College Football Season 2021

    I know how you feel- I've always liked that about college basketball (growing up an NC State fan definitely drilled the Cinderella theme into my brain). With football, there are so many players and so many skills needed to win that the "best" team will win 9 times out of 10. Size and strength on...
  12. jman72

    Everest 2019

    I just watched "14 Peaks" on Netflix a couple of weeks ago (that photo by Nims Purja is talked about a lot). Tremendous movie! If you're interested in this kind of thing, it is a must-see. Nims Purja is incredible- makes me feel more insignificant than anything recently.
  13. jman72

    Just haven't felt like playing my guitars lately

    I think what you're going through is totally normal. 2019 was the best musical year of my life- my band was rockin' and we had the best run of great gigs ever. I couldn't get enough of playing-every day all I could think about was learning new songs and booking more gigs. We played a great...
  14. jman72

    DIY Tweed Champ Cab Head

    The 5751 preamp tube has about 70% of the gain of a 12ax7, so it actually gets LESS overdrive. One of the complaints that I hear about Champs is that they're a one-trick pony because they overdrive at any reasonable volume (you hear the same thing about the Tweed Deluxe). With the 5751, the...
  15. jman72

    DIY Tweed Champ Cab Head

    No problem (and thanks)! I put a 5751 preamp tube in this thing (instead of a 12ax7) when we built it almost 2 years ago, and it is probably my favorite all-time amp to play! Such a great versatile little amp. I'll hate to see it go when my son leaves for college this fall, so I'll just have to...
  16. jman72

    Country that appeals to me

    He has his problems for sure, but yes he can write a great song.
  17. jman72

    DIY Tweed Champ Cab Head

    I also built a 12" speaker cab to go with it.
  18. jman72

    DIY Tweed Champ Cab Head

    I built a head cab for my son's 5f1 build. I will measure it and get back with the dimensions.
  19. jman72

    Bedroom amp question

    I have a Tweed Champ clone with a 12" Jensen and a 5751 preamp tube (for less gain and less breakup). FANTASTIC amp!! Great for low volume tube cleans (and with pedals, you can get any tone you want). I've got a '76 Twin Reverb, a '77 Pro Reverb, and a Tweed Deluxe, but if I could only keep...
  20. jman72

    New Schecter Tele factory issue -

    That's my question- for it to have the correct 25.5" scale, don't the saddles HAVE to be in the right place? Those saddles in the Sweetwater add are WAY towards the front end of the adjustment screw, and it looks like a pretty standard Tele bridge. Maybe the saddles are just not adjusted...
  21. jman72

    Fret Buzzing, New Player

    If the neck is relatively straight, just use the allen wrenches that fit the saddles, raise each of the strings individually (play them a bit along the way), and stop when the strings don't buzz. That's it. You'll of course need to re-tune, but that should fix your problem.
  22. jman72

    Fret Buzzing, New Player

    EVERY guitar player should definitely learn how to do basic stuff like this on their electric guitars. Adjusting the action on an electric guitar is like pumping up your bike tires- you don't need to take it to a mechanic for that. If there are REAL issues (uneven frets, warped neck, etc), well...
  23. jman72

    Colorado Fire

    Wishing the best for everyone out there- one of my best friends from college lives in Broomfield. 110 mph winds and fire make a scary combination. I used to live in Laramie WY, and one summer the whole front range was on fire- the sky was red and hazy for weeks. Never thought it would happen...
  24. jman72

    How to end 2021? Well I did it by building a guitar.

    Very nice! Love that neck.
  25. jman72

    The definitive guitar instrumental playlist - over 11 hours (spotify)

    I could make 11 hours of just my favorite Joe Satriani instrumentals!:)