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  1. naveed211

    Whooa! Your fave very brief moment in a song!

    The closing riff of this song starting at 3:40 is probably my favorite riff ever. I can’t play it, but damn, it’s good.
  2. naveed211

    Reviving the "Why vintage guitars are not worth the money" discussion

    I’ve never had a collector’s mindset. I play stuff I think is cool, and I keep only a few things til I want to try something else. I’ve never held onto gear for the purpose of it going up in value, nor have I bought with that in mind. I’ve missed out on making some pretty decent coin on some...
  3. naveed211

    Sports fan? Who is your team no matter what? Show your team colors!

    Milwaukee Bucks! Basically 3/4 of my wardrobe is Bucks stuff.
  4. naveed211

    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    Well, our most recent gig was in October at our bassist’s house party. Weather was nice. Really decent-sized crowd, I’ve definitely played quite a few smaller “gigs” in my day. Solid response and it was fun just to play in front of people again, it’s been a few years for me. Now we’re in...
  5. naveed211

    How many guitars?

    Not many, in fact, barely any now that I just sold my Tele (sacrilege!!). Just my Flaxwood Voima that’s actually mine. The Squier Bass is technically my dad’s. I honestly don’t want more than 1 or 2 at a time.
  6. naveed211

    Where’s Your Happy Place?

    Lots of places. Kopp’s Frozen Custard in Brookfield, WI. The beaches of Maui. My kitchen table in the morning with waffles and coffee. Dave’s Guitar Shop. In the backyard playing soccer with my kid. My band’s rehearsal space. And, on occasion, my own mind.
  7. naveed211

    Are You A Tourist In Your Own Town?

    We have hung out with our immediate neighbors a bit, mostly because our kids are the same age and have hit it off. I’m not one to force things, and tend to warm up to people really slowly, so lasting friendships are few and otherwise take time that’s not really afforded. I’m not a social...
  8. naveed211

    Got pretty pedals? Do show.

    Always found my JHS Panther Cub to be pretty handsome.
  9. naveed211

    GAS Hamer double-cut - Korean. Talk me into or out of it.

    You can sometimes find a USA Hamer for under $1000, if that’s more in your reach. That said, the Korean ones are in Epiphone territory to me, sometimes you can find a gem, but many are just okay. I’ve played a lot of them over the years, Hamer is one of my favorite brands (owned a couple USA)...
  10. naveed211

    My current guitar collection :)

    Cool, I’ve always wanted to try Manlius pickups, they’ve been on my radar for years. Only heard great things. Thanks for sharing!
  11. naveed211

    For Sale MJ Guitars Nashville T-Style

    $700 shipped for a boutique guitar. Bueller?
  12. naveed211

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Birthplace of Les Paul. For the younger generation, I grew up a five minute drive from the Watt brothers in the NFL.
  13. naveed211

    Bolt on solid bodies and humidity

    So, it’s mostly just a matter of potentially affecting the finish when it comes to the bodies?
  14. naveed211

    For Sale MJ Guitars Nashville T-Style

    Eh, changed my mind again. Have another guitar I’d like to check out. Price drop to $750 shipped.
  15. naveed211

    Bolt on solid bodies and humidity

    Does humidity have any real effect on the bodies of bolt on solid body electric guitars? I know its effects on necks, and I could see how it could affect glued in neck joints, and maybe how it could affect semi/hollow bodies. I’m trying to think if it’d have any noticeable effects on bolt on...
  16. naveed211

    How much does what you learned to play on still influence what you use today?

    Barely at all. I didn’t keep any of the stuff I started on, and despite owning a lot of guitars over the years, I don’t ever have a lot a one time. So it’s been a journey. Tastes change, and what I’ve liked to play has changed.
  17. naveed211

    So I'm playing my Tele with a Compressor - is this normal?

    When I play my Tele, I have my DOD 280 comp always on. I just love a Tele with a compressor. Strats, too. Not so much with humbuckers.
  18. naveed211

    Do Med-Jumbo Frets work with a 7.25" fretboard ?

    If I would’ve just went ahead and gotten jumbos on my 2011 AVRI Thinline, I might’ve kept it forever. Kinda dumb in letting it go, but I just couldn’t navigate the tight radius and small frets like I wanted to. I did always wonder if a refret would’ve been the key.
  19. naveed211

    Snark shade - This settles it for me - No snark 'bout snarks

    I used a Snark for probably the last ten years or so, mostly just to not have to use a pedal board spot. Though I did just switch back to a Boss TU-3, and I’m much happier. Admittedly, I’ve found headstock tuners to have trouble picking up the low E, and they also pick up vibrations from the...
  20. naveed211

    Amps based on the '60s Vox AC50/AC100?

    The Xits X50, if you can find one. I'd think the Matchless Chieftain would be similar, too.
  21. naveed211

    Best Tube Head for Guitar AND Bass

    Silverface Bassman.
  22. naveed211

    Good cables make a difference.

    I’ve had the same Monster cables for over 15 years now. They’ve been rock solid. I “upgraded” to Mogami Gold a few years ago. I didn’t find them any better or worse than the Livewire cables I also have around. Same deal with George Ls. I just bought some new ones from another company because...
  23. naveed211

    Blackstar-Cheap HIFI version of Marshall?

    Blackstar is okay. I’m a Marshall fanboy, and I wouldn’t say they totally sound like Marshall. They’ve also got a more modern thing going on. You can get tube Marshalls for as cheap as Blackstars. I’ve even had solid state Marshalls that give “that tone” better than a Blackstar would.
  24. naveed211

    Cordless Snow blowers

    I’d also be interested to know. We had an electric snow blower five years ago and it was atrocious. It could handle one or two inches of powdery snow, anything more and it was worthless. It would get clogged immediately. We got rid of it and just got some bigger better shovels. I’ve had an...