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  1. eallen

    How do you make those stick/holders for your body?

    You just answered a 4 year old thread. 😬
  2. eallen

    String buzz even with high neck relief and action

    Unless your frets have been checked for level or leveled all else is just gluing on feathers and believing you can fly.
  3. eallen

    Where Does The Tone Come From? Jim Lill video

    Full confirmation of 2 things. 1- I'm right 2- I need a new tone table. Eric
  4. eallen

    What would and finish technique for this?

    I call it "as minimal amount of works as possible" finish. Sand to 400, finish with amber shellac.
  5. eallen

    Working w/Spalted Maple

    For a whole body I warm the body up a bit such as in front of a heater or lights for sometime followed by Zpoxy thinned with DA so that it soaked deep into the pores. If I have specific soft spots I soak them with thin CA 1st to make sure it penetrates in deep. Follow with additional coats of...
  6. eallen

    Help shopping for humbuckers

    A pic of how they are direct mount you are talking about would help. Unless the current pickups are some abnormally thin design you can usually find ways to direct mount any pups. You cant beat the Lawrence 500XL for what you are indicating wanting. Killer metal but clean up so clear as a...
  7. eallen

    Neck humbucker opinions

    I use the L500 in builds as well but they are much hotter pups with the lowest being the R with 6 henry I believe. Both the 500 & L90s are excellent in their own right. I prefer the lower output L90 to blend with singles which allows the humbucker to still be used at a nice pickup height in its...
  8. eallen

    Neck humbucker opinions

    I use Bill Lawerence Wilde L90 2.0 or 2.8 henry for the neck with singles. They are low enough output to blend with singles with outstanding clarity & highest with the standard 250k pots. That said, they will still flat scream.
  9. eallen

    How to roll over fretboard edges

    When it comes to rolling the edge I wait until all my fret work is done. Then I run the side of a round, like a Philip's screwdriver shaft, down the edge between the frets at a couple angles. It compresses the wood & hardens it. Do until the edge roll is as desired. Takes no time. Eric
  10. eallen

    Favorite tele pickup sets…

    Bill Lawrence Wilde Microcoils for SS!
  11. eallen

    Bill Lawrence L-250 Tele bridge pickup wiring question

    Jump over to and by a set of microcoils or L48 blades! You won't regret any extra cost.
  12. eallen

    neck debate

    What a crock on not being a tele. It may not be a fender but the only reason Leo didnt use mahogany is he used whatever wood was cheap & available where he was located. As far as having short grain, it is an inherent problem with the Gibson kick back headstock style. Just let one even have a...
  13. eallen

    Super Glue (CA) Accelerator

    I use Star Bond accelorstor in a pump bottle. Works well & get a lot of pumps out of it. I will caution that Star Bond can really mess up nitro and leave cloudy spots where it hits. I assume it is the same with all. Eric
  14. eallen

    Bill Lawrence L-250 Tele bridge pickup wiring question

    It's a saga of a story others know better than I. In a nutshell, Bill Lawrence was the American name Bill used as a performer rather than his real name, Willi Lorenz Stich. He had a business partner early on who when Bill had to return to Europe where he was orginally from for various reasons...
  15. eallen

    Bill Lawrence L-250 Tele bridge pickup wiring question

    For one you got one of the fake Bill Lawence pups. The real one are only available from Becky Lawrence & daughter Shannon at The Microcoils are amazing for poles & L48/L45 for blades. Eric
  16. eallen

    Fretboard Dots - Brad Point??

    I prefer forester bits as well.
  17. eallen

    Lets build something that looks like an L5 archtop

    Excellent work as always! Eric
  18. eallen

    High end wood supplier

    I've bought from curlymaplewood as well as northwest timber. Both good but curly maple far more reasonable. Just be aware, the whole hype with "master grade" is it is totally subjective and largely a label someone slaps on their wood to charge premium. Throw out the rating & look at all sides...
  19. eallen

    Options for sealing decal on nitro finished neck?

    Dust the decal front with nitro night before soaking in water. Make sure you have a cost of nitro on the headstock that has dried before putting the decal on. Let the decal thoroughly dry like overnight. Mist lightly with nitro for couple coats before moving forward with full finish. Eric
  20. eallen

    Need help with polishing / buffing - What am I doing wrong?

    Jim, you should post a step by step pic tutorial of your stages sometime on one you're finishing for an illustrated thread. Let people see what you mean by a thin coat and what it looks like when 1st applied and once dried before the next coat. Show your flood/gloss coats, what it looks like...
  21. eallen

    Lacquer removal

    +4 Acetone. Soak your rag & start rubbing. Once it softens a bit I will just start wiping off. About 30 minutes and it will all be gone.
  22. eallen

    Want to have standard tele positions with series option. Either using fender 5 way or push pull.

    Just grab a Schaller Megaswitch M & you got your 5- way with 3 standard positions, a series, and an out of phase. Standard on my builds.
  23. eallen

    How to solve a string jumping out?

    Your slot is plenty deep enough to keep a string from coming out. If it is the correct depth for good setup is only possible by measuring. Fret the string between 2 & 3. The gap between the top of fret 1 & the bottom of the string should be about .006-.008". If you do not have staggered...
  24. eallen

    Dust collector tips & tricks share

    Thanks and good sounding setup! Totally agree on dust deputy ability to catch stuff! Amazes me. I just finished a run of 4"pvc up into the attic to go over a structural beam & back down on the other side. I didnt want to see how bad it would look & how much pressure I would loose dropping down...
  25. eallen

    epoxy resin for inlays?

    I have done crushed pearl inlay with thick CA but for large areas I would use slow cure epoxy glue which is quite clear. Epoxy Resin which is just slowww cure epoxy glue will work as well but as you mentioned tends to shrink for some time. I have done quite a bit of experimenting with dying mop...