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  1. Telekarster

    Reviving the "Why vintage guitars are not worth the money" discussion

    Heck.... would I like to have a 50's Fender or Gibson, or a Dumble ODS or SSS? You betcha! Am I gonna fork over the bread to own em? Ha! Heck no. Even if I had the $ I wouldn't do it. I'll rock my partscasters and dumble clones, oh... and my klon clones, and be content. I can find a heck of a...
  2. Telekarster

    VHT D-Fifty Owner's Club

    Bump bump ;)
  3. Telekarster

    Scored a near new MIM strat. Help me get used to playing it!

    Congrats man! MIM's are mighty fine IMO. The Strat is a different animal from a Tele as you know, so it will take a little getting used to. Most people, at first, have problems hitting the volume knob when struming, likewise the middle pickup seems to get in the way as well. Over time you'll...
  4. Telekarster

    VHT D-Fifty Owner's Club

    Ok ya'll.... I guess I'm a member of this club now ;) I just landed a super deal on one of these babies, on the used market, and I couldn't pass it up. So... my question is: Is there anything I need to know about this amp i.e. any mods that should be done to improve upon it? I know about the...
  5. Telekarster

    NAD — Gibson GA30-rvs

    Wow! That thing is gorgeous!!!! Nice score man!!
  6. Telekarster

    Pawnhop Steal Vibrolux Reverb Update

    Man.... there's not a pawn shop in 100 miles of me that ever has good stuff like this. All they got is worn out crap when it comes to musical items.... nice find man!!!! That was a dealio big time!
  7. Telekarster

    NC&CAD: New cheap & cheerful amp day!

    Those little Roland Cubes are surprisingly good little amps! I've played through a few of em over the years, and am always impressed. I'm a tube guy so.... kinda stuck on em, but the Cube is certainly a worthy amp ;)
  8. Telekarster

    Show us them sexy straps!

    Sorry kind of a blurry pic, but.... you'll get the gist ;) Walker&Williams strap... I love em!
  9. Telekarster

    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    FWIW on the Wrecking Crew DVD, they state that when they first met Zappa they thought he was a joke.... until he started playing ;)
  10. Telekarster

    My Partsquire wound up being the one!

    Congrats man! I love it when that happens! I had that same experience when I built my 51 Nocaster. She's my #1 guitar today. I also had the same luck with my 54 Strat, and my 59 ES-335 ;) In fact, I'm seriously considering selling all my other guitars and keeping only the ones I've built. It...
  11. Telekarster

    Tips on relicing?

    I'm a firm believer in natural wear vs. relic jobs, but I will say that I love the looks of a good relic job too. I read where people will put their bodies and necks in a freezer for X number of hours and then bring em into the house, whereby the finish with craze. I've never tried this myself...
  12. Telekarster

    Reviving the "Why vintage guitars are not worth the money" discussion

    I suppose it's the same with just about everything collectable. Why do people/orgs pay 10's of millions of dollars for a Picasso? I have a pro artist friend that could paint me a copy in a flash of just about any Picasso I'd want, for about 500 bucks. The diff is it would never be the real deal...
  13. Telekarster

    Volume Poti acts tonewise like a on/off switch on a stock 1968 Telecaster

    FWIW I asked about this very thing out here once, cause I was curious what the experts and collectors thought about such an action on an original guitar, the overwelming response was that it was not worth doing i.e. that the guitar performs well is the most important thing in the end... and I...
  14. Telekarster

    Volume Poti acts tonewise like a on/off switch on a stock 1968 Telecaster

    Hopefully others can see an issue here, cause I can't, but man.... those are some SWEET Tele's! Congrats on such a nice collection ;) Good luck and hope you find the issue!
  15. Telekarster

    Esquire Build

    Great job! I did the same thing. I wanted a historic correct 51 Nocaster but didn't want to pay the $ for one already built, so built it myself ;) I'm very proud of her and she's my #1 guitar today, 3 years running :)
  16. Telekarster

    Baby’s first wah

    FWIW I had a Dunlop but it never really sounded that great to me. Recently I bought a Vox V847A on the used market for about 40 bucks and did the true bypass mod on it as well as did the pot throw adjustment, and a good wah became a great wah for very little effort. There are videos out there...
  17. Telekarster

    How I Keep Carbon Steel and Cast Iron Skillets Non-Stick

    My Mom always just put em in the sink with full of water with a little soap, used a dish rag to sort of wipe over em a bit, and hung em to dry. Never had an issue with em.
  18. Telekarster

    Pretty Large Guitar

    I knew it! It's just what I woulda done ;) LOL!!!!
  19. Telekarster

    Pretty Large Guitar

    Where's the amp for that baby? :)
  20. Telekarster

    Where is everyone? Has anyone else noticed the slowness

    I'm still here ;) As @Toto'sDad pointed out the other day, I am a bit concerned about @Obsessed and hope he's ok :confused:
  21. Telekarster

    Neil Young "Barn" Movie!

    Recording outta a drafty log barn, no insulation, no pads on the walls, nothin'. And a mobile engineering room stuck in the back of a make shift truck.... just goes to show you: You don't need much to do a quality recording, you just have to have the talent willing to do it ;) Thanks for...
  22. Telekarster


    As National guitar player of a few decades, both vintage and contemporary, this thread has a cool factor for me of about 1000 ;) Nice man!
  23. Telekarster

    Power for the machine

    Geesh! That's some serious equipment you got there man, in a hood no less! Wow! You must have great neighbors! LOL!!! ;)
  24. Telekarster

    Bought a '59 Bassman LTD from a lawyer...

    Nice!!! You didn't have to sign anything did you? LOL!!!:lol: :lol:
  25. Telekarster

    1974 Fender Tele

    Yeah man... back in them days the things were never thought of as future collectors items etc. like today. Who knew??? A young man asked me once "Why are so many vintage guitars refinished or not the correct paint?" I said "Man, they were repainted back in the day.... because we could" LOL!!! I...