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  1. GreatDaneRock

    Suggestions for putting a decent “dad band” together?

    This is the ad I run when mates decide to quit, which only happened once with bass, and I can't keep singing lead, voice is stained as it is from my professor/lecturing regular job. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. We are an established Orlando band (YouTube and Facebook...
  2. GreatDaneRock

    Need a SIMPLE 4 track recorder. Suggestions?

    Tascam still makes the Portastudio recorder, just not tape based, internal memory, usb and all that. It's a fantastic standalone portable unit, and I think you can actually get 8 tracks nowadays. Also...
  3. GreatDaneRock

    NPD - High gainers/Fuzzers gitt

    "Donner Noise Killer" here, always on, very quiet pedal, does what it's supposed to do very well. It has two settings for the gate release time, fast and slow. For the $, is a no-brainer.
  4. GreatDaneRock

    "lunchbox" amp options

    Any of the Peavey micro head amps. My Classic 20mh is my main home/ rehearsal amp. They're choked full og options in the back (like 5w and 1w settings, DI cab sim output, headphones out, fx loop, USB port, etc).
  5. GreatDaneRock

    Last of the Grand-dogs

    I feel this will be the case when my Danes' time comes. Can't imagine the feeling of not having them around, never had children, they are it. R.I.P. Rudy, handsome boy. He's now running fast and free of pain alongside his bestie K.
  6. GreatDaneRock

    Gear from 1983 thats worth buying?

    Musical tanks from the 80s:
  7. GreatDaneRock

    Gave away some pedals

    So in the end, Leonard "does" rock!
  8. GreatDaneRock

    Back to DiMarzio Chopper T.

    I've since removed the chopper t, as it wasn't giving me the amount of bite/edge I was looking for. I ended up going with a GFS little puncher XL wired hot at 15.5 k. Killer. Soon to pull the trigger on a Xaviere guitar loaded with rails for both bridge and neck. Oh, Tele also got rewired with...
  9. GreatDaneRock

    Happy Birthday 2 Me: Springfield Armory

    I agree, high-pressure round with no perceived benefit, but it will go through walls and potentially two human targets, which is too risky. 40 Smith & Wesson and 10mm were developed in response for anemic .38 special and 9mm rounds back in the day. The powders have vastly improved since, and the...
  10. GreatDaneRock

    NGD: Kotzen Telecaster, huge sound

    Very nice guitar, the Chopper t is a very versatile pickup. I had one installed on my Tele but needed a hotter one, so I ended up going with a GFS Lil puncher. If anyone is interested in a Chopper T for cheap, good condition, please PM me.. GDR
  11. GreatDaneRock

    Finally finished

    Wowza, that's about the coolest Tele I've laid eyes on! Those wooden pickups, oh my. See if you can record some clips for us to hear it ringing! Congratulations!!!
  12. GreatDaneRock

    Handgun Comparison

    Sig P320 compact, nuff said! My carry and nightstand pistol. I also have a Springfield 1911 range officer, awesome, all stainless, and the venerable a Ruger Mark IV 22LR with mounted optics, call of duty style. So much fun. My real combat scenario weapon is my amazing Spike's tactical AR-15, not...
  13. GreatDaneRock

    What is an influencer? (Like on social media)

    Someone who spreads Influenza??
  14. GreatDaneRock

    DAW for editing/mixing only

    8 GB of HD space? I'm sorry but there's not much you can do with that kind of hard disk space if multitrack recording and mixing. I think, can you use these stand-alone recorders as audio interfaces no? If so you could actually record directly to the computer provided you have enough hard disc...
  15. GreatDaneRock

    What five people in the history of guitar would you most like to personally thank if you could?

    In the history of guitar? I would pick any 5 line workers from any guitar company that still makes guitars in the USA.
  16. GreatDaneRock

    HSS Strats

    Why? What's wrong with non-slanted?
  17. GreatDaneRock

    What's your opinion on sparkly Telecasters?

    If it's a Tele it's all good in my book, no matter if it has an arm or belly cut, sparkle or no sparkle. For the record I like sparkly!
  18. GreatDaneRock

    Your moment.

    I've must have been 10 or 12 years old, living in Chile next to the ferocious Pacific Ocean, I followed my older cousin into the surf as he attempted to use a small rubber boat for some fun in the water. I wasn't able to catch up to him and got trapped where the waves break and could not catch a...
  19. GreatDaneRock

    Is This Some Kinda Joke?

    Enter JOSH SMITH...
  20. GreatDaneRock

    Where did my thread "Do you like this Telecaster" go ?

    I'm done here, I understand everyone's point of view, I respect it all, and I also know where I did wrong. I will not reply anymore to any comments. Peace and have a great Sunday
  21. GreatDaneRock

    Where did my thread "Do you like this Telecaster" go ?

    I'm sorry dude, my post was not about how beautiful women dress, it was about female players, accomplished players, playing songs we all like. Later, it was an explanation as to what was happening and how common it is to see on television, anywhere really, women dressed like young women dress...
  22. GreatDaneRock

    Where did my thread "Do you like this Telecaster" go ?

    I see your point and can sympathize. I've hanged around many gay guys, and some started to make lewd comments about me and my friends. It doesn't mean me and my friends are guilty, it means those forwarding the comments are. The finger is pointed at them. But I will agree and recognize. My...
  23. GreatDaneRock

    Where did my thread "Do you like this Telecaster" go ?

    I see, I understand moderators trying to prevent threats from growing and then derailing big time, having then to delete them after many have participated or posted. But I think the line should be held with individual posting, not with the original OP if there was no wrong doing. If posters...
  24. GreatDaneRock

    Where did my thread "Do you like this Telecaster" go ?

    The vids were not pictures, they showed were very accomplished female players showcasing their skills, dressed like beautiful women dress.