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  1. edvard

    String buzz even with high neck relief and action

    I second what's already been said, but I have to ask: what gauge strings do you use? A too-light low E can 'swing' too loosely, causing buzz. Of course, too large of a gauge can also swing wider due to mass, so it's a bit of a balancing act. Maybe try one of those hybrid sets that have the...
  2. edvard

    Make it BIGGER

    You know those Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Basses they made in 2010 or so? Shim a normal neck on it and scooch the bridge up to where it's supposed to be and voilá! Giant Telecaster!
  3. edvard


    Yep. Page 11 here (and a bunch of Deutsch): 1953-1966 The "normal" cap is 0.05㎌ (aka 0.047㎌ or 47㎋) and the "mud" cap for faking bass is 0.1㎌. 250k logarithmic potentiometers on both Volume and Tone. As others have said, do what you...
  4. edvard

    Bring and Take, and my children's confusion about those two words

    OK, 'splain this to my wife: "Do you think..." is asking for your opinion. "Don't you think..." is [asking you to agree|challenging you to disagree] with my opinion. We've almost gotten into fights because either one of us mis-interpreted the form of the question. Or am I wrong?
  5. edvard

    Contractors/flippers/builders/interior design aficionados : when will white/black/grey/oatmeal be over ?

    Looks like an entire block of late '80s Public Libraries...
  6. edvard

    Where is Obsessed?

    I haven't seen w3stie for a while either. He's an uɐᴉlɐɹʇsnɐ so I worry a bit more. Not seen since Jan last year.
  7. edvard

    Are fully electric cars really “coal cars”, “fracnatgas cars”, “uranium cars” or…

    I read an article a while back that some university figured out how to make fuel-grade oil from chicken farm waste and other organic waste products. NOT bio-diesel, but actual high-grade refined oil, and it made a LOT. They distilled it to automotive gasoline, and it burned with 30% less...
  8. edvard

    Swampy Music

  9. edvard

    Show Your First Guitar

    The butt-end of the guitar just above the Sears Les Paul looks an AWFUL lot like my first guitar; a Woolworth Top 20 that belonged to my grandfather. He could rip out Hank Marvin licks on it like it was nothing. When he let me borrow it, it was like playing bridge cables strung across the...
  10. edvard

    Looking Glass - Brandy

    I'm a metalhead from way back. Brandy is pretty high up on my (longer than I'd like to admit) list of guilty pleasures; you know, stuff I'm "not supposed to like". Right up there with Midnight At The Oasis, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Baby Come Back, Lotta Love, I'd Really Love to See You...
  11. edvard

    Just some dude and his gigantic Flying V...

    Now, that's big, but it's not playable. Ralph's is apparently the worlds largest playable electric guitar.
  12. edvard

    Just some dude and his gigantic Flying V...

    I don't know how I missed this (vid is from 2013), but check it out: This is Ralph Ciociano, proprietor of Guitar Shack in Port Jefferson Station, NY and he built this thing himself sometime around 2007 over the course of 6 months. Where the heck do you get a case for that? More videos of...
  13. edvard

    just got my first "haha"

    I don't think they can, because the new emojis are actually text characters, believe it or not. Thanks Unicode for cramming Wingdings into all our fonts now :rolleyes:
  14. edvard

    just got my first "haha"

    It's a one-piece swimsuit. In purple. I don't even know how to react to that... (P.S. if you change the font size on the little picture, it'll make it bigger and easier to see) --> 🩱
  15. edvard

    just got my first "haha"

  16. edvard

    ‘MultiCab Simulator’ circuit build

    Depends on what kind of tone you're going for. Most modern high-gain sounds cut the bass pretty drastically up front, then add it back in later. The Fortin booster pedals have a wicked 18dB slope between 80Hz - 1000Hz with a bit of a peak at 1000. That keeps the baritones and 8-stringers in...
  17. edvard

    ‘MultiCab Simulator’ circuit build

    Put a switch to change that input cap between the existing 100㎋, and a 10㎋. Those high-gain tones won't fart out anymore.
  18. edvard

    Vintage car fans Revs museum - pics.

    All these absolutely pristine examples of cars that haven't been produced for more than 50 years, and I can't get seat cushions for my 1990 Volvo 240. :cry: All kidding aside, those are absolutely gorgeous cars, thanks for the pics!
  19. edvard

    New tires on the pickup

    Yep. Kind of like guitars since the advent of CNC; I mean, think of the quality of a $200 guitar 30 years ago compared to today. I hear ya Boreas, I hear ya.
  20. edvard

    New tires on the pickup

    Love the Falkens. When I got our first (used) Volvo, the tires were *ahem* unsafe. I'm surprised I made it to the tire store. I looked up local tire stores online and went with the Discount Tire down the road because they had the cheapest deals, and their website was splendid; I could choose...
  21. edvard

    An obscure 80's gem....

    Y'know, it reminded me of quite a few '80s songs, that though I forgot the Streets song, I had these three running through my head today as I chipped ice off our stairs. Listening through these, I think it's the "tk-tk-tk-tk" chord muting and the 'story-telling verses with sing-along chorus'...
  22. edvard

    An obscure 80's gem....

    You know, according to "the rules" of the '80s, it isn't bad; I mean, it checks all the boxes: Proggy synth intro (thanks for pointing that out) - Check Overdriven chorus guitar - Check Bass low in the mix except for the doodly doos - Check "Bad Girl" theme - Check Harmonized chorus - Check...
  23. edvard

    An Embarrassing Admission

    Whoa! I mean like, WHOA! All it's missing is a MOTS fretboard: Or a headstock: (P.S., it's from this ->
  24. edvard

    Bad pickups

    Actually, that's what you want. As long as all the pickups push a signal in the same direction, they are all in phase, no matter which way the magnets are facing. If you want a humbucking effect, then the middle one should be magnetically opposite of the bridge and neck pickup, but still...