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  1. bowman

    Contractors/flippers/builders/interior design aficionados : when will white/black/grey/oatmeal be over ?

    Don't ask me, I still have a pink toilet in my 1st-floor bathroom.
  2. bowman

    Are You A Tourist In Your Own Town?

    I'm more of a tourist than a man-about-town. I'm not antisocial by any means, certainly I will approach my neighbors if they're within talking distance, but I don't invite them in for coffee. What makes it easier for me is that my significant other is a joiner - tai chi classes, book club, etc -...
  3. bowman

    Acoustic treatment of your music room/studio?

    I wish I had a solution. I have a great 2nd-floor music room, but one entire wall - which faces the street - is windows. And I live on Main Street. If I'm using mics, I have to record at 2:00 AM when there are no cars on the road.
  4. bowman

    Last night, I lost the best friend I've ever had.

    My sympathies. So hard to lose a friend who loves you without reservation.
  5. bowman

    We've got nine of them plus maybe some cassettes or more lps.

    I wish I was only 50 years old in 2022...
  6. bowman

    Actors I dislike for the wrong reason.

    I just don't like actors who can't really act because they are so enthralled with themselves. "Hey, look at me, all you consumers! I'm ACTING! I'm a GENIUS! Don't you just love me? Don't you wish you WERE me?" And it's not even a lack of talent, because I know some of these people are actually...
  7. bowman

    Recording an amp with reverb setting

    I was going to say this exact thing. I'm not a pro either, but to me it just makes sense that if you like a sound you're hearing, that's what you should record.
  8. bowman

    A really neat car.

    My first classic car experiences go back a little further than most of these, although I did have a few cool late-60s and '70s V8 road machines of my own. My first high school girlfriend got one of these, in this exact color, from her dad when she got her license: A 1958 Cadillac. At the time...
  9. bowman

    Terry Kath model Tele….

    The only reason to own a guitar that looks like that is if you could make it sound like him. When he bought it it didn't look like that...
  10. bowman


    I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the thread title, but you know I had to click on it. I'm proud of the TDPRI for living up to my expectations.
  11. bowman

    Locking Guitar Straps

    The washers work well; so does everything I've used. But I will share this: when I bought my new Strat in 1989, I asked the sales guy "what are the best strap locks you have?" Without hesitation, he said "Schaller". I told him to put them on - they're still there today.
  12. bowman

    Faking keys (or horn) parts on guitar?

    I played in a band with a guy who used some big Boss floor unit for that exact purpose. He was really a virtuoso guitar player to begin with, and he was very exacting about it. He had grown up playing the piano at home, and he knew how to get a lot of those chord inversions out of the guitar...
  13. bowman

    I don't usually post these, but perhaps a short one is in order.

    That's always a tough thing to go through, you have my sympathy. We've lost two of our little pals in the last 18 months, so I feel your pain.
  14. bowman

    I’ve finally had it!

    I use 12s on all my acoustics, regardless of body size. On electrics I use 10s. I'm not loyal to any one brand, but I probably use D'Addarios more than any other brand.
  15. bowman


    When I was a kid, we always were scaring quail off of their nests by mistake when we were walking through the fields. You couldn't see them until you were almost right on top of them, and the sound their wings made when taking off was always startling. Last week we had one of these a few miles...
  16. bowman

    String swing wall mount question...

    Yes, you definitely need a board across your wall, bolted to whatever studs you can find. Similar to others on this thread, that's what I did. I used a 2" x 6" mounted with lag bolts - I wanted it it very strong so I'd never have to worry about it. (see pic) The guitars look crooked but they're...
  17. bowman

    those records which change your way of playing.

    Niothing has really changed the way I actually play, at least not deliberately, but lots of things changed the way I hear music - the things I listen for and notice in songs. Just a few, because it's a long list of influences: The bassline in "All Strung Out" by the Chambers Brothers. The guitar...
  18. bowman

    Dating in your 30’s

    Maybe you should hold out 'til your 40s? :) In my own experience, that was the best time for dating ever. The women I met were mostly divorced moms. They were newly free to discover new things about themselves and what they really wanted in their lives, they certainly weren't interested in...
  19. bowman

    Just haven't felt like playing my guitars lately

    Well, it's certainly a common issue, and from this thread it seems there are lots of different cures. It happens to me too, but for short periods only; just a few days at most. I don't know if you're a songwriter or not, but that's something that'll make you play - and it might not seem like...
  20. bowman

    How many delay pedals do you have/actively use?

    I have three, but am using two because I only have two boards at the moment. I don't get crazy with delays, I use them sparingly, and I only have multiples because I have multiple boards.
  21. bowman

    If You Get the Budget Pedal and Like it…….

    I like the cheap clones precisely because they ARE a bit different from the intended target. They generally retain enough of what you're after in the original, but also have their own little quirks which, in my experience, give them a cool aura and some interesting new things going on. I like...
  22. bowman

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    Nobody evah gets that right. It's "hahd ta pahk ya cah in Bawstun."
  23. bowman

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    I never contribute to this type of thread, but I guess there's a first time for everything. Here's me from about 3 or 4 months ago.
  24. bowman

    Tele, Paul, Strat …

    Because I'm old, and I don't sell things, I now have a lot of guitars and related musical things. I like what I have and don't really lust for anything else. Playing is the real joy, and I find I can get that joy from playing almost anything I own. I have many different guitars and I don't care...
  25. bowman

    Not sure how she managed but she did.

    When I was a kid, my friend Bobby across the street lived with his grandparents in a really old house. In a basement window was a coal chute leading to an actual coal bin from years before. We'd play in there all the time and get leftover coal dust all over ourselves. Our mothers were not pleased.