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  1. superjam144


    My bad man. Thought you were being sarcastic. I forgot about those meatballs. Geez sorry though Seriously. Sometimes I swear I have mild Asperger's. I can't tell when people are joking sometimes. Gets me into trouble once on a while....
  2. superjam144


    Yeah, it was a BOGO deal, buy a pack of horse meat get a free table.
  3. superjam144

    Buying Used Peavey Classic 30: What should I Inspect When Trying it Out?

    Only bad thing I've heard is tube rattling. So watch for that. Crank her up and listen closely.
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    I shop there now too. Way cheaper. But I don't trust their meat. They got caught selling horse meat years ago.
  5. superjam144

    Tell me which guitars I should sell

    Dump the lot get a new high end tele. And vintage tube amp. Just my 2 cents.
  6. superjam144

    How Insensitive - Telecaster Jazz Tone

    Great playing and tone. Really professional quality.
  7. superjam144

    Favorite Paintings

    Here's a few of my favorites, what are yours? Tissot, Picasso, Rousseau pieces.
  8. superjam144

    I had no idea they made a Jazz Chorus stack

    Been seeing the JC's on YouTube alot. They sound amazing. Leave it to Roland. I have a list of Amps I'd get if I was wealthy. I'd get a bandit, jc, bc artist, Princeton, deluxe reverb, hrd, blues deluxe, supersonic, cyber twin, delta blues etc.... So many amazing amps available.
  9. superjam144

    I wanted to love the new ToneMasters

    I too am curious at this comparison. Proud owner of a bc hot. Great amp. I feel like the original trans tube tech is much the same that Roland introduced. Or maybe it was peavey's original tech from the bandit. That artist amp is pretty glorious. As far as tube amp reliability, I think it's...
  10. superjam144

    Wanting a hollow/semi hollow. Big dude i want a bigger guitar

    Im same size almost. Minus an inch and plus 20 pounds lol. Teles are one size fit all! 😎
  11. superjam144

    I wanted to love the new ToneMasters

    I agree. Call it what it is. My blues cube is a great ss amp. But tube tech won't make it a tube amp.
  12. superjam144

    NGD! Tele American Professonal II

    The am pros are home run guitars. Fender really did the right thing.
  13. superjam144

    What brand of boots do you wear?

    Red wing 405 It's a moc toe white sole waterproof soft toe. I get a new pair every 6 months. Only boot I can wear. Just an amazing product. The flat sole is where it's at. They are out of stock everywhere. C'mon red wing get moving!
  14. superjam144

    Click track pedal? Drum pedal? Options?

    Beat Buddy mini
  15. superjam144

    Official NGD thread vintage Gibson

    As someone who dislikes most non tele/asat rigs, that is a wicked guitar. Must admit.
  16. superjam144

    Olympic white tele, thinking about changing the pickguard, what ya got?

    Looks excellent, I'd keep the tort. I have a blackguard and keep thinking of getting a tort too.
  17. superjam144

    Boss Blues Driver or Tube screamer?

    I use a blues driver and soul food for those rare times I need it. The bd works wonders with a wash pedal, the soul food craves volume and doesn't pair well with other pedals. You can't go wrong with either the tube screamer or BD. I think the bd is more alluring for its name and cosmetic look...
  18. superjam144

    Vintage Peavey Classic Chorus 212- I’m sayin it.

    I played at a church one time and plugged into one of those. I was floored at the sound. Thanks for posting I'll be doing some research. I thought it was a bandit but this makes more sense.
  19. superjam144

    Why. Oh, Why.

    He's an absolute beast. Just don't get the image. Love his playing.
  20. superjam144

    Why. Oh, Why.

    They said he was the next Hendrix... Or Stevie Ray.
  21. superjam144

    40 Years from THE Catch

  22. superjam144

    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    Always lecturing people on what they need to do with their life... When you're own life is in shambles.
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    You Must Believe in Spring - Bill Evans

    This stuff just moves me. I've never heard piano like this, ever.
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    Fender Blues Jr advice for beginner

    Hahaha nice. I know. I'm hearing about shortages in company factories. Makes you want to go get that other amp you've been thinking about for sure.
  25. superjam144

    Fender CEO Says Guitar and Amp Stock Shortages Will Continue for 'at Least Two, Maybe Three, Quarters'

    This is great news. Bring back MTV music videos and great music with actual instruments!