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  1. John Backlund

    Where can I buy a restored Harmony Sovereign 1260?

    I had one in the late 1960's, and want to own one now, but a nice, playable, example.
  2. John Backlund

    It's my birthday today.

  3. John Backlund

    Here's thirty-four seconds you'll never get back!

    (Almost) Live, from the driver's seat of MCI motorcoach #2006 (sounds better than 'bus') in the west parking lot of T. Riggs high school in beautiful Pierre, South Dakota...
  4. John Backlund

    Some of THE most gullible people on earth are on Facebook. Case in point.

    This 'ad' has popped up several times on my Facebook newsfeed, and immediately I knew it was a classic scam by the absolutely ridiculously low price asked for it. It's OBVIOUSLY an exclusive, unique, and quality item, but unbelievably (to me), people had blindly sent them their $80 or so...
  5. John Backlund

    I don't usually post these, but perhaps a short one is in order.

    "Willy's gone, one more round....Willy's gone"
  6. John Backlund

    I'm crude, I'm coarse, I'm as imperfect as I actually am, and I'm ok with it

    My 'Christmas in Prison'....(John Prine).
  7. John Backlund

    Just to prove that it can actually make a noise.

    This is the firstest everest recording of my Model 1500 'Neptoon' prototype being played. Of course, I've shamelessly slathered on an epically deep reverb with shimmering treble, and my internal metronome needs a little adjustment, but it's a 'Space Guitar' isn't it? so how else could it sound?
  8. John Backlund

    Wobbly video, matching sneakers.

    From last September....
  9. John Backlund

    New year's party, 1958

    A fond memory from the Backlund Guitar Company design department 'skunk works' gang, at the company's new year's party, 1958. In the photo, semi-blotto design supervisor, Gerald Fitzputtner, triumphantly holds the newly completed prototype of the Backlund model 1500 'Neptoon, while the gals...
  10. John Backlund

    Fresh from my dusty files...The Leningrad Cowboys!

    ...I present, possibly THE coolest, and perhaps the most delightfully surreal cover by anyone, ever....... (In my best(?) Ed Sullivan voice)..."And now, for the youngsters in our audience, all the way from the former Soviet Union, The Leningrad Cowboys perform their hit version of Lynyrd...
  11. John Backlund

    Soooo....where do they hide THAT thing?

    I now have two Box Elder bugs putzing around near the sink in our lower bathroom. One had been there for a couple days, ever since I caught it doing a back stroke in the cat's water bowl down there, hauled it out, then placed it on a sheet of toilet paper to help dry it out. It's been doing...
  12. John Backlund

    I knew it!.......I KNEW IT!!!!.....

  13. John Backlund

    Thirty years ago, Trixie sold her Yamaha 600 club racer.

    To be more specific, her1986 Yamaha SRX600 single, which she rode at Brainerd International Raceway near Brainerd, Minnesota for the '88, '89, and '90 seasons. She rode it in the Central Roadracing Association's Ultralight Class. After the 1990 season, she stopped racing and in 1991, she...
  14. John Backlund

    What two colors do you see in this dress?

    I clearly see it as white and gold, but Trixie clearly sees it as black and blue.
  15. John Backlund

    My 2nd favorite Christmas song.

    My No#1 being the Pogues 'Fairytale of New York'....
  16. John Backlund she goes!

    Drove Trixie up to the Buffalo Chip Campground just east of Sturgis at 9:30 this morning, dumped her off, and watched her disappear as she started her 26 mile training run that would have her back home at about 2:30... She's now less than a mile from the house as I type this...
  17. John Backlund

    Took one step closer to a fatal dose of folky-ism the other day.

    ...with the addition of this round-shouldered Taylor acoustic/electric. Can a Guild or Gibson 12-string be in my future too? I'll need one to play 'Walk Right In, Sit Right Down', won't I?...or could I save a substantial amount of money and just use my Taylor 12 string and hope nobody notices?
  18. John Backlund

    It's official!

    After years of not being one, I have just joined the rarified ranks of the....(drum roll here)...Two-Taylor-Troubadors. Joining my sooper-dooper deeeee-luxe 500 series 12 string, is a US built Taylor model AD17E 6 string. An admittedly humble instrument relative to the mid-range 12 string, but...
  19. John Backlund

    BIG sound from a little bitty bass.

    This afternoon, Trixie and I took the mother-in-law, 'Babs', to a western Christmas concert held by five very talented local musicians. The woman on the far right was playing a Kala bass ukelele with the band. I remember seeing her exact instrument at the music store in Rapid City some time...
  20. John Backlund

    It's that time of year again....

    ...when the garage gets a little crowded, what with everything jammed into it because of the cold weather. Keep in mind that there are two more motorcycles lined up against the garage wall to the right of the F-150.
  21. John Backlund

    This is uncomfortably close to the truth.

    I imagine everyone had seen this little pie chart by now, but at least in my case, it's not far off...
  22. John Backlund

    In a small and subtle way, the Universe has righted itself.

    A year and a half after our last Cottontail shed bunny was found in the street in front of our house, thoroughly smished by a passing car, I looked out my bedroom window this morning, and saw that a new shed bunny had moved in to the under-shed bunny den mined out by several previous shed...