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    Traynor YGM3 vs YGM4 (1×12 vs 4x8)

    I had a ygm-4 several years back and the 4x8 configuration was wonderful. It’s like a mini-Super Reverb. I never had the ygm-3, but one time connected the 4 to a cab with a 12” speaker to see the difference and liked the 4x8 way better. It’s punchy yet full. sadly, I decided I needed to thin...
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    1953 Binson 3° Amp restauration

    wow. I want one.
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    Kalamazoo 30 bass amp

    I have one of these, and I'll be interested if you go ahead with your mods. Mine was a beater and I paid much less that $300 (I think just under 200). I have only cleaned it up and installed filter caps and a good grounded cord. The speakers on mine are original Jensen C10P (I think) and had...
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    Spectra 30t

    I had one and really liked it. I sold it when I was accumulating too many amps and regret it now. Normally they can be found for a good price. The sound great, and are very portable (small, and lighter than a Deluxe Reverb).
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    5f4? Project idea - would like some guidance

    thanks Printer2. I think I will give that a try. I had refurb'd one of these 4-5 years ago, so it got all new caps then. I also pulled the tone circuit out entirely already since I'm somewhat of an audio purist and was trying to set it up for hi-fi play. I don't recall how I set up the input...
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    5f4? Project idea - would like some guidance

    on further reflection, I'm thinking I may want to go with a modified 5E5 - with input channels like on a 5E3 to eliminate one of the 12A** tubes since I have no idea what the current capacity of the heater power is on the transformer. Or would the added tube be likely to cause an issue?
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    5f4? Project idea - would like some guidance

    hi, I have a couple of old Symphonic 6l6 tube amps that came out of an old console. I'm looking for a guitar amp to build and it seems like the 5f4 is a close match for the transformer set with a couple of exceptions. 1 is lack of a separate bias tap. I think I can do this off the main...
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    What is this for?

    yes, I agree Bendyha. I've already cleaned up some similarly bad work, and there's plenty more to do. thanks.
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    What is this for?

    excellent. thanks.
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    What is this for?

    I could use some help with this . . . Someone added this resistor (it's 5.7 ohms 10W) inline with the O/T primary center tap and the B+. The amp is a JMF Spectra 60T - 2x6L6. What would be the rationale for this? Should I pull it? thanks in advance.
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    Output Transformer Wire color codes advice

    so I guess I'll answer my own post if anyone cares . . . . After researching this, it appears that every mfg has their own color codes for the secondary's. In my case I had to measure the windings ratio to determine which is which, As it happens - Yellow = 8 ohms; red/orange = 4 ohms, and...
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    Output Transformer Wire color codes advice

    I have a JMF Spectra 60T amp I'm trying to get into shape (it had various oddball "mods" done before I got it). One has to do with the speaker taps. In any event, the OT has 3 taps: One is Yellow - which I think is 8 ohms since that's the one that was being used with the 8 ohm speaker, one is...
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    Re-cab 70's MDF Fender into something better ? Results ?

    A long time ago I bought a chassis (empty) and cabinet for a Rivera Era Concert Reverb. I already owned a early '90's Super 112, and discovered the cabinets were identical dimensions. The Super 112 is all MDF, the Concert Reverb is Pine (though I think the baffle is MDF). So, . . . I installed...
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    Played a Music Man RD 112 50 at GC

    I had a RD50-110 which is the same amp, but in a 1x10" cab. I too found it a bit sterile, but mostly I didn't like the 10" speaker. I also had a RD100-112 which I loved, and still have an RP100-112 which I love even more. The RD50-112 sells routinely in my experience for $650 and up. I'm sure...
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    Ever heard of a General Electric Amp?

    I have one of these that I bought to convert a couple of years ago. They come up on ebay now and then - I think I paid ~$40. It's a solid piece - all PtP. It still sits on the shelf waiting. Maybe I'll move it up the priority list . . .
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    Project, how do you think this would sound?

    I used to have a Traynor "Studio Mate" YGM4, which is a 4x8" version of the "Guitar Mate" YGM3. These are 18 watt amps using 2-EL84's. It sounded wonderful. I plan to build a 4x8 amp one of these days. I have a '73 Super Reverb, and while the Traynor didn't stand up to it, it wasn't...
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    Restoration of Fender Champ 12

    how does it sound compared to the original?
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    has anyone ever used one of these for a guitar amp build?

    thanks guys. I have one of these I already restored as a hi fi amp, and am really not that fond of it for hifi use (I have other amps I prefer for that purpose). I do have a 1/4" input so I can plug a guitar in and it sounds great, but since it has the stock tone stack, it's use is limited for...
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    has anyone ever used one of these for a guitar amp build?

    it seems like the transformers would be a great starting point . . . . especially at this price. heathkit AA-181
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    I sort of forgot that I had this amp

    here's the schematic for your amp:
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    I sort of forgot that I had this amp

    I have one very similar - also the Bass model Edgetone mentioned. I got it cheap off ebay (fixer upper - that didn't need much fixing) After going through it and replacing some of the cheap parts, and doing a little tuning, it's a great sounding amp.
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    New Software Discussion - Questions

    I too would really like an option for more than 20 threads per page - I had mine set at 40/page in the old SW.
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    NUOAD (New uncommon old amp day)

    it seems like this amp is enjoyed by Harpists:
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    NUOAD (New uncommon old amp day)

    thanks Wally, that thought crossed my mind for more than one reason (would also allow access to connect to an outboard cab). I'll probably give that a shot.
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    NUOAD (New uncommon old amp day)

    thanks guys. It's a fun amp. Impressions so far vs the champ: louder, bassier, a little less chimey while being equally musical. Oh, and overdrive breakup is awesome. I'm not home right now, but when I return next week I'll try to get a few sound clips posted.