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    NPD - TC Plethora X5

    I bought one in Amazon Black Friday sale £209! Others are still selling at over £400. I love it! You get 5 effects per "board" you can have 127 boards. There are now 13 pedal types to choose from and you can download any of their Toneprints. But, there are NO distortion effects. However, you...
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    NPD! $39 TC Electronics 3rd Dimension chorus

    I tried it but, found the Corona Chorus a better pedal, with more functions. It's more expensive, but seems to be coming down in price probably due to the unfortunate name! TC have launched several other Chorus pedals and I suspect the Corona may get shelved. Doug
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    A mediocre pub band has the number one rock and roll performer

    I saw the Stones at the Queens Head in Windsor, they played Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Motown and were very good. Simple music well played, they did 90 minutes as pub bands did then. I saw the Who in Reading, they played 30 minutes, weren't very good, but Townsend stuck the neck of his tele...
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    Telecaster for sale but serial no doesn't come up on Fender Website, should I be worried?

    Hi guys, I'm new to all this. What is the web site you're talking about? I typed in MZ9573551 and a non Fender web site told me MZ9 followed by 5 or 6 digits is a 2009/10 Telecaster Mexican Fender Serial Numbers - Guitar Repair Bench Doug
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    String Tree "not needed"?

    If you bend the notes the strings will pop out. What would Fender do? I've seen one tree, sometimes two trees, but never no tree. Doug
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    Which Pickguard For Sunburst Tele : Black or Tortoise :I Chose Black

    I'm a sucker for white pearl, I keep looking, but keep coming back to it. Nearly got a mint green pearl for my surf green tele, but no, got white! Doug
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    Anyone here plays their tele with the ashtray on?

    I used to rest the heel of my hand on both my strat and tele bridges, which was uncomfortable. So I bought ashtray covers for both and glad I did. I've recently put together another tele but it has the very modern bridge design and I can rest my hand without pain! Of the two teles the original...
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    I was born on Friday 13th which I consider to be pretty lucky!
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    Espresso machine recommendations, please

    Have you considered one of these? The only way to drink Italian Espresso! Available in several sizes. Italian Espresso Maker 1 Cup Italian Stove Top Coffee Percolator Moka Pot 1 Cup / 50ml : Home & Kitchen Doug
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    I bought a Chinese Tele neck.

    I bought a Chinese neck a couple of years ago, £25 free postage, I'm very pleased with it, well made and I got a good action on it. During lock down I thought "Lets build another Tele!" I had a spare Gibson Humbucker and a neck plate that said Fender Corona California Which I thought...
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    5 immutable laws of human stupidity

    Genuine UK Ebay ad Left hand Squire Telecaster - opened never used Reason for sale: Bought for my wife to learn, only to find she wasn't left handed after all! Yeah, right. He also didn't notice that the manufacturer is Squier not Squire and there's no picture of the front, for some reason...
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    Tele Build / Specific advise on Pickups / Push Pull / # Switch/ Phasing etc

    I'm newish here to, I joined for advice about a problem I had with lack of volume and tone with a humbucker and a single coil in parallel. Turned out to be a phase problem, received wisdom was to reverse the humbucker phase and it worked, fantastic tone a sort of twangy Humbucker! You can use...
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    thick sound

    I have a Mimiq mini it's supposed to sound like 2 guitars playing, it copies the signal and massages the copy to make them sound slightly different. That's the theory, in reality with it turned to maximum I can hear there's 2 signals, but I can't tell they're different one from another. Maybe...
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    power supply question for TC Ditto Looper

    Be aware the there is now a Ditto+ Original Ditto does a 5 minute loop. Ditto+ does 60 minutes and also can store 99 separate loops. Ditto+ new is twice the price of Ditto, but you can pick up a 2nd hand Ditto REALLY cheap! Doug
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    NPD - Spark & MojoMojo

    I've been playing for decades, but it's only in lock down I've started buying pedals. Become a bit obsessive really. One of the first I got was a Mojo, it's a lot of fun but not something I have on all the time, it's quite difficult to get just a tiny bit of OD. I bought the Spark, 2nd hand...
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    Humbucker and single coil

    The resistor goes across the bridge pickup in parallel so that in position one the 500k volume control appears to be 250k as it should on a Tele. In position three the resistor is not in circuit and the humbucker sees 500k as it should on a Gibson. This is a common mod on humbucker/single pole...
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    Humbucker and single coil

    I have installed a Gibson 490 neck pickup and a Fender single coil bridge pick up. I've a 500k volume pot and a 470k resistor across the bridge pickup so that the humbucker sees 500k and the bridge 250k. Received wisdom says this is good. I've adjusted the pickup heights to compensate the...