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  1. Super30

    44 Years Ago Today - What Was YOUR FIRST CONCERT ?

    IMO, one of the most underrated bands ever! I was a big fan, saw them once at Georgetown Univ., 1989?
  2. Super30

    Pay Attention to Your Breakfast!

    Obviously some type of ADA conspiracy?
  3. Super30

    Joe Walsh guests on the Conners

    I'll check it out. I'll admit, I watch the show occasionally.
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    44 Years Ago Today - What Was YOUR FIRST CONCERT ?

    1981, Judas Priest / Iron Maiden at the Paladium in NYC. I was 15.
  5. Super30

    New Car Day: ‘22 Hyundai Kona SEL

    Congrats! I have a 2020 Sante-Fe and a 2012 Sonata. The Sonata is coming up on 160K miles with very few issues. My other vehicle is a Chevy 2500 PU, the most unreliable vehicle I ever owned.
  6. Super30

    Should I be aggrivated?

    Annoying yes, but not totally out of the ordinary. I go through this at work. We have a million "custom" applications and it's anybody's guess what browsers it will or won't work with. So, I have to remember what browser to use for what I am trying to do.
  7. Super30

    Are you going out on New Years Eve?

    Staying home with wife, making some good food, steaks? seafood? But wait, last night my wife invited her recently divorced friend, and a friend of hers over. That would mean just me and 3 milfs. My old perverted mind is really working overtime here! The chances of what I am fantasizing about...
  8. Super30

    Christmas gifts

    One of the gifts my wife gave me.
  9. Super30

    Slow mail?

    Seems about normal near me. But now I'm triggered! I'm convinced they should privatize the post office. UPS, DHL, FED-EX are in my neighborhood everyday. The USPS just seems redundant. If they stopped delivering junk mail they would cease to exist.
  10. Super30

    A Clean Shop

    As soon as I clean mine up, I get into another project and it's trashed again.
  11. Super30

    Woo-hoo! Off work today...

    Enjoy your time off. I have lots of vacation days saved up but prefer not to use them this time of the year. I am looking forward to retirement (I think) too. I need to make sure I have something to do all day except worry about the stock market and my 401K.
  12. Super30

    Am I wrong to be upset? (No guitar content)

    The problem I see in this situation is the liability you expose yourself to by letting this party occur at YOUR house. Your son is 21, is everybody else drinking at YOUR house 21? The 21 thing doesn't even matter these days.
  13. Super30

    Radio when reverb past 1 on Fender amp

    I had that happen before with an amp without reverb. I was down in my basement late one night, after more than a few drinks, I thought I was hearing voices!
  14. Super30

    In a small and subtle way, the Universe has righted itself.

    The resident rabbit in my hood tries his best to get ran over every morning. I have to stop and wait for him to cross the road. I don't know why he waits till a car is coming to cross? This is a pretty low traffic area.
  15. Super30

    People who drive to get their morning coffee

    Wait in line for a $5 cup of coffee, heck no. I rarely buy coffee out unless I am on a road trip. I make a cup (keurig) before I leave for work. Make another cup when I get to work, then I'm done for the day. Weekends/days off I use a drip coffee maker and have an extra cup or two.
  16. Super30

    Deep fat-fried Turkey this year anyone?

    Of all my dietary and lifestyle choices, the risk of eating fried turkey a few times a year ranks EXTREMELY low. Just sayin'.
  17. Super30

    Deep fat-fried Turkey this year anyone?

    I've been frying my turkey for years without any incidents. I agree with MarkieMark, the cost of the oil is the only downside I see. The oil costs more than the turkey. I reuse my oil around Christmas/NY then get rid of it. I'll have to try his technique of frying the breast. The other...
  18. Super30

    So I have been cleaning up

    Sorry to hear about your wife and Good luck! I'm on a constant quest to pair down all the stuff I have. I don't want my kids or wife to have to deal with it. Trying to sell stuff is tedious. Young people have a lot less stuff than Gen X'ers and previous generations, and they don't want your...
  19. Super30

    The tale of a small town porch pirate--> holiday addition

    Good story. I'm glad I live somewhere that it's HIGHLY unlikely someone would try to steal a package off my porch.
  20. Super30

    The Eighties Were MAGICAL...

    Those were the days for sure! I was 14 in 1980.
  21. Super30

    My wife, my best friend.....

    I've been with my wife since 1988, married since 1993. Two great kids. Now we are both looking at retiring. I have my guitar room and she has her sewing room. Works out great!
  22. Super30

    Why Trade a Big Amp… for a Smaller Amp?

    I like BIG amps and I cannot lie!:D
  23. Super30

    Really Not Into Working Anymore

    I have serious retirement fever. I'm almost 56, planned on working till I'm 60. I have a decent job with good pay and benefits. Just can't stand it! My ace in the hole is my wife is retiring in 8 more months with a nice pension and health insurance that covers me too. It won't be enough to...
  24. Super30

    Probably moving to Maryland next month

    Congrats! That's a nice area.
  25. Super30

    Fuddrucker's Restaurants

    I thought they were pretty decent.