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    Slick SL50 - love to hate or hate to love?

    So I picked up a used SL50 from GC on-line and I don't know what to think of it. Cheap enough. That's good because I'm cheap. Looks like Stevie Wonder put it together but then you plug it in. What?!!! It rocks with authority, back down the volume knob and it cleans right up. It holds tune...
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    New Baja Day

    I played one of these for the first time today. It was fantastic and the color is just great. Nice guitar!
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    Edge falls off the edge in Vancouver, still hasn't found what he was looking for

    I grew up in Vancouver. The air in the building was most likely pretty thick:lol:
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    Edge falls off the edge in Vancouver, still hasn't found what he was looking for

    The ppe that you suggest do not prevent elevated work injuries! But all joking aside, I dont like to see folks get hurt. He is not the first performer to fall off a stage. Maybe its time for a simple toe board.
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    Does this qualify as a stomp box?

    Thats about 59 and a half minutes longer than me!
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    Feeling old…

    Jusr remember, the goal IS to get old!
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    Edge falls off the edge in Vancouver, still hasn't found what he was looking for

    Another example of workplace injury due to lack of attention. No where in modern workplace do we allow a platform without a handrail and toeboard . This really shouldn't come as a surprise.
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    how i did my bubba mod.

    I did something similar. I drilled a fender vintage bridge plate and used 3 brass saddles. My squire is a mim model top loader so it worked out pretty well. I prefer the edges and thinner steel on a vintage bridge plate.
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    NGD New Guild Day

    I have a guild too, they are my favorite brand!
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    Ultra-Cheap Acoustic Guitar

    Carefull on craigslist, not always the best place to meet strangers. look for a blem on musicians freind. a solid top is good but a well built laminate guitar is just as good at the $100 mark. If a guitar feels good, you will play regardless of the tone. If it is hard to play it will sit in...
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    Bummed with my new Classic Series 60's Tele?

    If the guitar didn't wow you from the get go, I really don't think a little tweak here and there will change anything. Playing a guitar for the first time is kinda like a first date, either the two of you are a fit or you are not. It rarely gets better over time and in the end it just shows...
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    1960 tele

    Peace, pick on.
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    1960 tele

    I certainly didnt knock anything regarding this guitar and why do you assume that you know anything about my dwelling or my worth? All I did was tried to make a joke, sheese, tough crowd. For the record, what tele picker wouldn't want that tele? Unfortunately vintage guitars have become out...
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    1960 tele

    So if you have a pickup and a trailer you do not enjoy the finer things in life? Interesting...
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    1960 tele

    If im spending 20 grand on something, im either going to live in it or drive it!
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    strat wiring question

    Is this problem in all pickup positions?
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    Buying back my 73 blonde

    With all the mods, I say half of what it may be worth unmolested. $1100, maybe? Probably less.
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    Am I crazy?

    The only downside would be resale value might not be great.
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    How can I like this!

    Let's get a few things straight. I like vintage frets, I do not like Asian guitars, I like vintage bridges, I hate worn (fake relic) finishes, I like 7 1/4 radius boards. But I traded for an ESP ltd te202 tele sort of thing and I really like it. It is exactly the opposite to everything I...
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    1979 Les Paul Deluxe

    I had a 1984 deluxe and loved it.
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    what pot to change to brighten hb pup?

    I have a tele with a neck humbucker and a rear single coil. The hbr sounds dull. Both the volume and the tone pots are 250. What pot do I change to 500 to get more highend from the hbr pup?
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    Montana -The Last Best Place Club!

    Yup there is a guy from Billings, me! What a great state to be living in. Grew up in Vancouver BC but living in MT I am happy as a tele plugged into a twin.:grin:
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    NSD: Japanese Squier SQ

    I had a SQ for a while. Nice necks! Good deal on yours. Enjoy that cool guitar.
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    Best "Bang For Your Buck" Strat Copy?

    I have an ESP LTD ST-213. Decent strat like guitar for less than 2 bills used. Not for everyone though, 12" radius and big frets. But alder body and full size pots with AlNiCo pups. Quite ok.
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    Practice Amp Suggestions

    Snoop around guitar center used gear. PV envoy 110 restripe or similar would do pretty nice. fwiw, sometime SS is a better choice over tube for a practice amp...(ducking for cover)

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