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    A Farewell Gift

    Hang tough & make every day count.
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    Ronnie Spector, RIP

    RIP Ronnie.
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    Finally got a proper Telecaster

    Love that blue one.
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    Pribora Pickups from Russia

    Those pickups might have recording devises on them comrad. LOL
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    NGD LSL Paisley

    Nice Tele. Congrats!
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    My first New Years without tobacco...

    I quit smoking in 2008.
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    Alcohol Free January Starts...

    43 years sober!
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    In praise of a 70s Thinline

    They're a very good guitar.
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    Hi! I’m a new guy

    Welcome aboard.
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    Fresh from my dusty files...The Leningrad Cowboys!

    Gonna have nightmares over that one.
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    8 000 posts.

    Congrats on 8000 posts.
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    New Member - First Telecaster

    Welcome aboard. You're gonna love your Tele. A very versatile guitar.
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    Bald Eagle

    We have eagle nests along the river here. Beautiful birds for sure.
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    Harmless little critter

    You got a saddle you can put on that thing?
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    I'm hungry now. That looks like some good grub on that plate.
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    Walla Walla Guitars

    Welcome aboard!