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  1. nickmsmith

    Pribora Pickups from Russia

    Never heard a negative thing about them, besides the long shipping times, which comes with the territory.
  2. nickmsmith

    Just haven't felt like playing my guitars lately

    It helps to have a goal. To learn something, to create something. Like anything in life, having a dream or purpose is what keeps you in the game, even if it isn’t accomplished. me, I just sit and record riffs on my phone that I think are cool.. and rarely do anything with them, for some reason.
  3. nickmsmith

    Standard tele pickup configuration still the best IMO. Opinions?

    I have 2 and 3 pickup Teles. Multiple of each. But I keep reaching for my esquire style 1 pickup Tele when I want the Tele sound. Can’t really explain why. It’s got the disparaged 6 saddle bridge, a spare neck that was essentially a castoff. 250k pots, no switch hooked up. has no business...
  4. nickmsmith

    Kidz Bop … why?

    It has a place. As a DJ, it is the safest bet at children’s events. You know you can play it, and it won’t be ruffling any parent’s feathers. It’s harder than it sounds to put together an appropriate, fun (for kids) and relevant playlist. Kidz bop makes it simpler. Very few songs that are on...
  5. nickmsmith

    Mods for Brad Paisley Esquire

    Nope. Guitars in that price range ought to sound great, play great, and need absolutely nothing.
  6. nickmsmith

    G-Dec 30 Advice?

    Old thread.. but I got one of these Gdec 30s along with a Strat for next to nothing. It sat in my garage for nearly a year, and I finally tried it a few days ago..I’m really pretty impressed with the amp! Much easier to use and edit sounds than the mustang line that came after it. And I got a...
  7. nickmsmith

    Original Band switching to Cover Band?

    Yeah. You’ll probably book more paying gigs as a cover band, Depending on your local market. Not very many places want to pay out for original music. And most original bands don’t have 2-3 hours of material.
  8. nickmsmith

    What is the most effective way to prevent guitar theft?

    I usually have mine with me or very close to me. I also live in an area where most people are generally decent. That helps. I never take high dollar gear to a gig. The most expensive guitar I’ve ever gigged was 500 dollars and totally replaceable. The guitar I gig with most, now… was about 250...
  9. nickmsmith

    What was your worst gig?

    I forgot to mention the gig where a presumably homeless man who was very drunk kept yelling “DON’T STOP!!” In a very agitated voice, after we finished our songs. He ended up stumbling to my car and tried to get into it. Not break in.. just tried to get in. It was locked. He eventually left...
  10. nickmsmith

    What was your worst gig?

    Not the same place, but probably the same idea, for sure. It’s since closed (my local place.) It died along with the local music scene.
  11. nickmsmith

    What was your worst gig?

    I’ve had quite a few when basically nobody showed up. That’s not that interesting. the worst was probably in my metal days (back when local scenes were a thing) probably 15 years ago or so. We got to play at the ”big venue” in town. Looking back, it was a dumpy coffee shop with a stage in the...
  12. nickmsmith

    Yesterday, I had the Worst restaurant experience ever

    That’s happened to me before too. Somewhat. We ordered our food. Waitress disappeared for an hour, never to return. It wasn’t busy. At all. I walked back to the kitchen area and asked the cook if our chicken sandwiches were almost done. He said “what sandwiches?” she didn’t even put the order...
  13. nickmsmith

    Would You Treat Yourself to a $400 Delay Pedal?

    Absolutely not, for me. I don’t even own an amp worth 500 dollars. Most of my guitars are worth less than that, too.
  14. nickmsmith

    Player telecaster vs. American

    Nah, there’s never been a smaller gap between MIM and MIA than there is today. It was easier to say that MIMs were inferior when they had cheaper ceramic pickups and a headstock logo that made it clear it wasn’t USA made. None of those are true now. One of the only real defining factors from...
  15. nickmsmith

    Blue-eyed soul

    The ultimate. Surprised it hasn’t been posted.
  16. nickmsmith

    Was very impressed with a MIM Tele today!

    I love Antigua. Do you have pics?
  17. nickmsmith

    Trick or treat. Best and worst candy

    Anything but black licorice. You’re right, jolly ranchers are a chore. Circus peanuts are the worst. Weirdest thing I ever got, trick or treating; unwrapped fortune cookies. I skipped that house in subsequent years. Lol. He had a big barrel full of them. I like kinda weird candies. Candy corn...
  18. nickmsmith

    Kansas man catches fish that makes him think he's no longer in Kansas

    “PULL OVER.” “It’s a cardigan, but thanks for noticing”
  19. nickmsmith

    Kansas man catches fish that makes him think he's no longer in Kansas

    I stand corrected!! Evidently some Gars are kept as pets. Wikipedia lists them as common aquarium fish. Wouldn’t be my top choice.
  20. nickmsmith

    Kansas man catches fish that makes him think he's no longer in Kansas

    Yeah.. pet Gars don’t seem like the friendliest of pets. Prehistoric lookin SOBs.
  21. nickmsmith

    Mike Rutherford prefers…Bullet strats?

    Yes. In the last decade or so, they have been making the neck pockets and almost every other measurement to fender specs (excluding body thickness). So fender necks and parts will fit almost perfectly. I’ve used classic vibes and bullets for quite a few projects that you’d never tell weren’t MIA...
  22. nickmsmith

    Mike Rutherford prefers…Bullet strats?

    Yep. With pro fretwork.. no doubt it’s an awesome guitar. I have a bullet with stock pickups, I replaced the neck with MIM.. it’s my favorite Strat. Stock pickups, electronics and all. it’s light and comfortable to play.
  23. nickmsmith

    Giving up Drinking

    Yep. Like most other things in life, variety, control and moderation are key. some people just don’t have the ability to stop when appropriate. I feel like a inflated balloon after 2 beers, so it’s easy for me to stop.
  24. nickmsmith

    Giving up Drinking

    At 2-3 drinks per night you’re definitely on the lighter end of the daily drinker spectrum. Still, you’re saving yourself lots of money, if nothing else. Alcohol ain’t cheap. Even natty light/hamms/Busch light would add up on cost with daily drinking.