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  1. Billy3

    Reviving the "Why vintage guitars are not worth the money" discussion

    Play them if you got them. An instrument is no good just to look at. Let them speak. Unless you are in it for the money. I can't say anything else about that. Never owned a guitar I was afraid to kick around. Keep on picking.
  2. Billy3

    Modern wiring harness for AVRI 52 Tele

    Don't swap it out yet. Get your soldering iron and multimeter.Try a treble bleed,or Google modern/ vintage wiring diagram first. Also capacitor and pot value make a big difference.
  3. Billy3

    Tell me which guitars I should sell

    Are you a lefty?
  4. Billy3

    Need help with volume pot issue

    Is your volume pot lug grounded where your capacitor is?
  5. Billy3

    DIY Replacing LP Pots, Switch using pre-wired kits?

    A wise man once told me as a guitarist and a tweaker of many things. "A soldering iron is your best friend and will save you lots of money."
  6. Billy3

    Wiring help please - separate vol and tone bypasses

    I just throw in a mini toggle between the volume and tone pots for a blower switch. I does not get in the way. There's three hole control plates available online for like 15 bucks or you can just break out your drill. 'Straight to jack' is great to have in any position. And people will ask you...
  7. Billy3

    On-On 3 lug toggle switch for always on pickup?

    It's called the Gilmore mod. I would use an on/off switch. You can use the neck or bridge pup on the switch. Great mod.
  8. Billy3

    Looking for some wiring schematics....., Phosthenicsfiles should get you there. G.E. Is great also.
  9. Billy3

    4 Wire HB to 2 wire...Which Colors do I Use?

    I love multimeters. Anyone doing any electrical mod should buy one before a soldering iron. Learned the hard and time consuming way.
  10. Billy3

    Scorsese to direct Grateful Dead biopic

    Might have been noted before. But who is doing the soundtrack? Will be interesting to say the least. Does J. Hill play? I can't see his fingers moving like Jerry's. He is a great actor. But is he willing to lose a finger? RIP Garcia!
  11. Billy3

    The weight of putting a dog down

    So sorry! I've been there myself twice. Not an easy time. But there comes a time in all life when it's time to go. That's the hardest part when we love. Lots of good little doggies out there who need a good home. Might help. Just my 2 cents. Again sorry about your loss.
  12. Billy3

    Ex-bandmates want to meet for a drink!

    1. "Hey, let's get together and jam" Or 2, "So bro, it's been awhile since we've talked or hung out. Well..since then we got a recording deal and we're going to be using are old stuff we wrote with you that you have no rights to. Cool with that? If not, contact our lawyer. Here's their card. "...
  13. Billy3

    How could I wire my tele pickups to series with a push pull?

    Check out the phosthenix files. Petty sure you will find it there.
  14. Billy3

    Want to have standard tele positions with series option. Either using fender 5 way or push pull.

    Look up Anderton 5way Tele mod. Uses a standard 5way switch.1 Bridge, 2 bridge and neck parallel, 3 neck, 4 neck w/cap, 5 neck and bridge in series. I also added a push pull on one of the pots for half out of phase. Very versatile
  15. Billy3

    Trying to fill a hole in my soul

    Sorry. I feel your pain. Been there. Losing someone you love is hard. No doubt. Fwiw, there's lots of little ones who need new homes. Might make you feel better. Good time to write a song too.
  16. Billy3

    Hello from New Orleans!

    Welcome. Went to Loyola in the early 90's. Love NO!
  17. Billy3

    Strat Pickup In Tele Bridge Position?

    Why bother? Two totally different guitars. A strat is a strat. A Tele is a telly. Let's leave it at that. I don't understand why people want one to sound like the the other. I love apples and oranges.
  18. Billy3

    Who is your favorite slide Guitarist?

    Electric, Trucks and Duane and Jr Brown. Acoustic, Leo Kottke. Square neck, Jerry Douglas.
  19. Billy3

    Help Me Finish My Tele Wiring

    Happy first wiring day. The jumper wire is good to have between pots. You can ground that jack wire to any pot you want. Doesn't matter. Remember try not to overheat your pots. Viking you beat me to it. Oops!
  20. Billy3

    Wire Question

    You all know wire "Inside" of a guitar, outside of pickups really doesn't matter right? As long as you wire everything properly and shield accordingly, no guage or wire will make a difference. Not enough voltage involved. Lots of good small gauge wires on the net. They will all work just fine in...
  21. Billy3

    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    There are videos of guys eating mre's and ration meals from older wars. Dude drank some coffee from WW2. I think he's still alive. Hm?
  22. Billy3

    Anyone in their mid-50s remember this?

    Only 48, but people were always playing with those sticks at Grateful Dead shows in the camps and parking lots before and after shows. Some of those people were really good at flinging it all over the place. Especially cool when my mind was properly adjusted.
  23. Billy3

    If only I were a lefty...

    I am a lefty and.... I don't like that guitar. Embarrassing
  24. Billy3

    Colorado Fire

    I have family in Broomfield and Lafayette just outside of Boulder. Scary stuff man. Let's all pray everyone is safe.