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    Blend who was first fender or gretsch

    Had broadcaster and capacitor had to be changed since the way I understand it was used for must have been Fender. That being said bought 1999 Tennessee Rose and was hooked. Bought Broadcaster with smaller body right after first Gretsch purchase, but small body guitar with bigsby was...
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    Vintera 50's modified bridge suggestions

    Maybe I got A Friday or Monday guitar. The Vintera bridge, is really OK. but the fret ends are sharp and has a 90% fretboard shape...a slight roll would be cool with me. And bridge does have way too high screws. And a gigbag. For $1049 a cheap hard shell case would have been nice. But it has an...
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    Vintera 50's modified bridge suggestions

    Really hate the bridge this great guitar has. Anyone changed theirs and are happy with the new bridge including the 6 individual saddle versions?
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    Ordered PRS SE Hollow Body last night

    Bought used standard was all they had. It is great though. A keeper.
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    Miata Thoughts… Owners Weigh In?

    Who could tell it was a kit. I see only an object of great beauty.
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    Miata Thoughts… Owners Weigh In?

    Got one when they first came out. $1500 down and $199 month. They offered to let me keep the car and just pay $199 a month. But I said no because the 2nd gen had come out with 140 HP and a glass rear window with defroster.. So I ordered one exactly like I wanted it. Guy ran an red light in SS...
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    1994 "black label" Squier Stratocaster

    My 1994 "Black Label" that when I wrote Fender with the serial number does not exist just got Hipshot tuners and my brother will have it shielded and LB60 Suhr pups in. Really hope nobody was hurt in the fire. They sure made me a fine guitar.
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    Got 2 PRS (Chinese) hollow body standard and a 99 Tennessee Rose this week

    Sending one PRS back...nice but keeper is a feather weight. Gretsch gave me fits with the wood part(please excuse my ignorance) and the roller bar bridge. And the tuners are really sensitive. And does not replace tele or others. But really nice. Chet was the man(Mr. Sandman) and has his pick of...
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    Baja vs. American standard

    Have a 50's modified Vintera and a 6.8 pound Pro II. Online buys from the only shop I use. I love the one I am playing at the time.
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    Guitar players you are digging at the moment

    I always did me the most...when I have time to play. But suffer from lack of focus. Will hear a note and I switch to that song. Not bragging but know too many dang songs since I have been playing 47 years. And to, me if it doesn't, have 6 strings what's the point. There is gibson and fender and...
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    Bought 65 PRRI

    Yeah man sold my first one since my wife didnt think it matched our living room
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    ordered another prs hollow body standard

    Both colors. Have pal that refused to buy. So I have him one or aint gonna cry if I have 2. Used of course.
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    Bought 65 PRRI

    5 watt Swart great but IMHO Fender PRRI just does it for me.
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    Importance IMHO of playing style

    Its the notes left out to me are more classy than too many notes. Its about the song after all. And 2-3 minutes gets the point across. of course there are exceptions. Think BB King.
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    Great members

    Boris Baderbov Old Play...too many to name. Thanks fellows A
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    More player sure to bore

    Andy Fairweather Lowe Keb Mo
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    Finally a tele guy

    Love it. Gotta have a tele and the new ones are the best ones to me. They chime, blue, and rock. Tone down jazz.
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    Thinking of selling my tele..

    If you do get a guitar with tremolo. I just bought a Music Man Cutlass (2016) has stainless steel frets, compensated nut, tremelo, great neck and too many features to list. Paid $1250. Plays itself. Can be had cheaper than mine, but trusted the guy on is mint and coral red. Locking...
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    Thinking of selling my tele..

    Sorry just read the headline and jumped in. I love the neck and the Vintage frets, but my Piney...2020 Pro II. Can't buy. Do not duplicate guitars. Please ignore my foolish previous post.
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    Thinking of selling my tele..

    Unless you sell it to me!! I am serious. Ignore foolish post. Foolish post...wrote without thinking.
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    Ordered PRS SE Hollow Body last night

    Warned wife if I put up for sell my Gibsons, I would be buying another as soon as I found just what I have wanted...a red burst prs se hollow body standard. But was not going to pay $1000 for a new on. Found used red burst last night for $400 less out the door. Read a comparison with an ES335...
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    NAD... 1965 Fender Princeton Reverb

    Time to eat crow. I pushed Swarts and am not unhappy, but never should have sold my PRRI. My wife did nit like it...I play in the room we live, TV, and so on. Sold mine for $750. Found one today at MF mint open box for $967. It is on the way. Swart will hopefully sell for a good price...
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    1994 "black label" Squier Stratocaster

    After playing it awhile, this one is a keeper. A forum member that likes these guitars said he would not pay more than $200 after hearing than I paid $395 with roadrunner HS case. I ordered vintage squire tuners and found a deal on Suhr LB 60 pups today. Electronics and new 5 way switch already...
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    You learn something new every day. What have you learned?

    Swart is great amp, but its not a PRRI. Swart on ebay.