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  1. natec

    Mind Your Own Biscuits

    White Lily Flour - check Sub Buttermilk for Milk Cook in a cast iron skillet for the win. Gravy is great - however I prefer to make small sandwiches with breakfast pork, and a fried egg. These folks have a restaurant ~1mi from my house and its ridiculous:
  2. natec

    BT speaker box

    Good morning @Freeman Keller, Yes I did. Here are a few photos of the jig I built out of shop scraps. It's not pretty, but doesn't need to be :). I snapped these pics on the saw so you can see how the runners line up (dado not installed at the moment). The dual 'fence boards' are so that...
  3. natec

    BT speaker box

    Just a quick little plywood box for the shop. Wiring harness and speakers sold by Rockler.
  4. natec

    Wanting a hollow/semi hollow. Big dude i want a bigger guitar

    Hi I'm Nate, and I'm a big dude. ( echo's "Hi Nate"....) Somewhat larger than Charlie Daniels.... I did not buy my semi hollow guitar with any kind of ratio in mind but I sure do like it and I don't see it represented in a quick skim of this thread. Mine is a Reverend PA-1 - Same model...
  5. natec


    I'm tempted to email this guy and tell him to correct the spelling on his post.....
  6. natec

    anybody here reload/handload ammo?

    My best advice is to find someone local who is rational, safe, and knows what they are doing and ask them to spend some time with you going through the process. I've done that for a number of new loaders and most of the folks I know with experience are likewise happy to help. Sorry I'm not...
  7. natec

    Your parents' cars

    (Any photos are long gone - below are stock photos from the interwebs..) Dad had a 67 SS 396 bought new, and kept until 1971, when my Mom sold it while he was in basic training (.. he still brings that up). A short time later - Mom had a 1973 Charger. My early memories are looking...
  8. natec

    Spotting Scope Recommendations

    I have to put a plug in for our local company - they have a phenomenal lifetime warranty on all their optics (that I have used firsthand several times). Several options in your price range.
  9. natec

    truly shocking hand painted strat on reverb

    Everybody knows that Tone is in the can. Line-X for Worship bands Plasti-Dip for shoegaze Hammercoat for Nordic metal and wait for it Rustoleum for Neil Young covers
  10. natec

    Amp Tech in the Pacific Northwest USA I'm sure there are others but Arcane gets my vote.
  11. natec

    Garage heater suggestions?

    @CapnCrunch are you on the eastside or westside of the cascades? I'm in Portland, and was curious if you've had any trouble with the outside temp being too low for your mini split to work?
  12. natec

    Garage heater suggestions?

    No worries - I'm interested in this as well.
  13. natec

    Garage heater suggestions?

    Good point(s) if I go with Natural gas I will want to account for any humidity increase. I'm assuming I would need to purchase a unit with an effective venting mechanism.
  14. natec

    Garage heater suggestions?

    Thanks @Freeman Keller I am in a similar situation where I have a little buddy / Mr heater that I can run off the small green cans or a larger bbq tank. Having just spent a few hours out there this am - I got the garage from 35f up to about 45f. Each winter I think more often about upgrading.
  15. natec

    Garage heater suggestions?

    Looking at a variety of natural gas heaters for my garage - curious if any of you have one you'd recommend? Thx in advance.
  16. natec

    Drink smoker

    Cherry for that first one. He also threw in some mesquite & hickory.
  17. natec

    Drink smoker

    Christmas gift from father in law made on his lathe..
  18. natec

    Have you made a neck yet?

    Not yet. Definitely a 2022 goal though.
  19. natec

    Friendly enablers, talk me out of this....

    To zoom in on this specific question - the lesser expensive option would be a TRO or TMO Fat neck from Allparts, unfinished for $110 / $115 US. You could easily spend more if you like. I'd approach this as whether or not I still wanted it for $479 + $110 - (whatever I could sell the stock...
  20. natec

    Which tool for cutting a telecaster bridge?

    I have cut down tele bridges in order to make room for a humbucker - if that's what you mean. An angle grinder to start, then a bench grinder to clean up the edges. It was more hassle than it was worth and if I need another one, I'll buy the size I want from Wilkinson, Gotoh, etc.
  21. natec

    Anybody ever used Cedar for a Speaker Cab?

    I found some cedar and/or redwood 'tree stakes' behind my garage a year or two back and I ripped those into 3/4" strips which I used to re-cab my Blues Jr. It is much lighter than the original cab. Whether or not it affected the tone is difficult to say as I made a number of other mods at...
  22. natec

    14" drill press

    Thanks everyone for all the replies. I have been watching for a used one, but I haven't seen as many (quality) tools on the used market since the <big event> started. More folks are tinkering at home I suppose. I am replacing a small 'big box' drill and for sure want a bigger, heavier, more...
  23. natec

    14" drill press

    I'm on the verge of picking up this: Does anyone have any alternates they recommend I check out first? Nate
  24. natec

    Sub $1000 semi hollow body?

    It's on the edge of your budget but I like my Reverend PA-1. I shopped around until I was able to find a used one for that price. The one in that review has humbuckers, however used one comes with a variety of pickups...
  25. natec

    Veterinarians = Scammers!

    Sorry for your experience. As your title and opening post pertain to 'most if not ALL' veterinarians I would like to point out that suicide rates for veterinarians has been steadily increasing for the last few years and is getting out of hand. It is not a good job. Since we're talking about...