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    1959 Les Paul Build

    Happy birthday Gil!
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    Lilyhammer Season 3

    thanks for the heads up. I love this show.
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    Fast Guitars LP Kit Build

    Looks amazing!
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    Fast Guitars LP Kit Build

    You've got me looking at their SG kit now. The details you provided on the LP kit has be interested.
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    Always test your truss rods

    Or you could skunk stripe the back of the neck and put in a new rod and some dark fill strip
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    Revisiting the Tele-Paul concept for charity

    None or black. But seeing as I remove every pick guard I can I might be biased to none.
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    1959 Les Paul Build

    Scooby, are you talking about DART?
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    Revisiting the Tele-Paul concept for charity

    What a memory James! I try and play the les paul as much as possible. The tele is complete and plays great but ended up with a might mite neck due to the fact that when I took the guitar to be setup the tech showed me that no matter how tight or loose he adjusted the t rod the neck didn't...
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    Revisiting the Tele-Paul concept for charity

    1st let me say I appreciate your efforts for the charity a lot. As an adoptive father it really hits home. 2nd, what a beautiful guitar! Your work always amazes and inspires me.
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    New Design Proto Build - Bone

    Ok, I didn't think I would like the lemon and black but that is beautiful!
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    New Design Proto Build - Bone

    Preeb! This is absolutely beautiful! Count me in as an orderer!
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    Guitar Prints

    Colt - When you said you met Tim Armstrong, was that Tim Armstrong of Rancid?
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    The Texcaster

    that body is beautiful. The bridge looks like you left it out for a canadian winter with the salters going by daily!
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    Non-traditional LP style build

    are they literally hog jowls? Or is that slang for something?
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    Another "maybe by this Christmas" build thread

    did someone say boobies? where? where? Anyone want to pull my finger?
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    Goldtop LP

    I think the part that was missed was Rogers comment of "wanted to do multiple colors" he'd agree.
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    First Build Complete: Cabronita

    I agree! My son is only 2, but I am stealing this idea in a few years. Great work. It is beautiful.
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    Goldtop LP

    The pickups look cool. Can't wait to hear them. James - as for my LP build, no thread. I took pictures at the start of the process and then got side tracked for 3 months just as I finished the neck as my son was born. When life got back to normal I didn't take a single picture again of the...
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    Goldtop LP

    I have to say, as always. I am amazed A) at your attention to detail and B) your obvious love for the instruments you are making. As a guy who found tdpri due to a certain somebodys les paul builds and has built one les paul, one tele and one strat (which will never see the light of day) I...
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    my most incredible, most life changing build is finished

    congrats! Being a dad makes me try to be a better person daily! My guitar playing sucks worse with no time to practice, but Jaks thinks I am great so I'm cool with it.
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    Tele-Paul-Les-Caster builds

    I tried to stop myself, but I have to ask. Why are you getting a body from someone else? You make beautiful guitars!
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    emoney's 2012 Challenge Build Thread -- COMPLETED

    Eric, You can also give the pot a little roughing up with some sand paper. That allows the solder something to stick to and makes sure there is no oils.
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    Oigun's 2012 Challenge Build Thread -- COMPLETED

    beautiful! Love the guitar!
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    rcole_sooner's 2012 Challenge Build Thread-- COMPLETED

    beautiful guitar rcole_sooner! there is a good change the next challenge will be a Police tune so you might have to play the thing with a ska feel.
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    Muzikp's 2012 Challenge Build Thread -- COMPLETED

    amazing! can't wait for it to arrive here. I promise I will take good care of it. Ok, sort of. I will love it and play it daily.