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    Just ordered a Ron Kirn Tele! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

    congrats man. i can second that emotion. ron is a gentleman and a pro to deal with. my barnbuster Opal is the finest tele i've ever had, you will never regret it!
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    Ron Kirn Owners/ Appreciation Club

    congrats man. gorgeous looking gtr there, love the combo of grain and a couple choice knots.
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    tele suggestions

    Kirn all the way. A beautiful, unique pine body with plenty of twangy spank! You won't ever regret it.
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    Ron Kirn Owners/ Appreciation Club

    so excited for you guys. wasn't too long ago i was dying to get my barnbuster 'out for delivery'. can't wait to see pics. i know you'll be as satisfied as i was. best tele i've ever had without a doubt!
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    Hey everyone from Kentucky!

    I married a good Kentucky girl, so welcome!
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    Whats the story with Danny Groah (Alan Jackson guitarist)

    as a player who worked as a sideman out of Nashville for years, i can second all this. i played on the road for several artists, but was never asked to go in the studio to record albums. kind of frustrating but just the way it is. session work will always be a tough nut to crack, a small circle...
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    New Guy from Oklahoma

    i'll second that emotion! welcome from a born-and-bred Okie! born in Durant, raised in Edmond :)
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    Ron Kirn Barnbuster arrives!

    wow, thanks all! overwhelmed by all the nice comments. she plays and sounds like the beauty she is. someone asked about the wood. i know she's about 180 years old re-claimed from an Otis elevator factory. not exactly sure where though, maybe VA??
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    Ron Kirn Barnbuster arrives!

    Okay, so Christmas definitely came early. This guitar is ridiculous. Came right out of the box with an amazing setup, plays like butter. I went to Ron because of his stellar reputation and his use of reclaimed woods. I got exactly what I wanted. A very special, unique instrument with lots of...
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    New poster

    thx guys. have had my new Barnbuster a couple days now, but every time i try to upload pics as an attachment it say 'upload failed'?? any thoughts? doesn't seem like i'm doing anything wrong but it's not working and i'm anxious to share! thx.
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    Hello Everyone!

    welcome! she is a stunner!
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    I just bought a new american tele.

    welcome! i like the peavey classic idea, also any of the fender hot rods. for pedals, there're a million out there. i'm personally a fan of wampler. the paisley drive is one of my current faves. best of luck!
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    Countdown to NGD, BarnBuster on order

    congrats! mine is out on the fedex truck for delivery as i type. can't. wait. to. play.
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    crook tele?

    Obviously, if Paisley plays 'em, they're good guitars. But my two cents, for what it's worth ... I recently looked at all the boutique builders including Crook. And I very happily went with Ron Kirn. Best of luck!
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    It has begun....

    can't wait to see how it turns out, waiting for my Kirn tele this week as well! love the grain on that body, guarantee it's gonna be gorgeous. congrats man, from one Kirn owner to another. keep us posted!
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    Ron Kirn tele on its way ...

    Ha! Otis it is :)
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    Telema says hi.

    from one new member to another, welcome!
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    Ron Kirn tele on its way ...

    whoa. Ron I literally just dropped my coffee at the sight of those pics. gorgeous!
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    Ron Kirn tele on its way ...

    Thanks gents. No haven't seen the back, no telling how beautiful that'll be. And I agree with your prediction!
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    Ron Kirn tele on its way ...

    Hey all, just recently joined this forum. I'm anxiously awaiting my new pride and joy, a custom Ron Kirn Signature tele. I'll try to attach a pic here, but am a newbie and may not get it right! The body is eastern pine, reclaimed from an Otis elevator factory, from the mid-1800s. I wanted...
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    New poster

    Ha, thx gary! Yes my name is Miles Aubrey. There's a young lady named Aubrey Miles who is the bane of my google existence :) Makes for some awkwardness! PS. Is there a trick to posting pics or do I just insert in a message like this one?
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    New poster

    Hey Ron! Well, in the show, I play Fenders that would've been appropriate for the time period. Mostly Mexican Teles/Strats cause they get beat up after awhile. As for my own rig, Hot Rod Deluxe with a few pedals, mostly Wampler. Can't wait to get my hands on this tele Ron ...
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    New poster

    Hello all, long time tele player currently living in NY. A little about me, and not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but I've had a blessed career playing guitar. Opry, Tonight Show, Broadway theater, endorsements. Have viewed this wonderful forum for a long time and decided to start...