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  1. jedi

    Custom Shop Telecaster Frets Wornout Early

    What kind of "ringing" are you complaining about? Do you mean buzzing? Sometimes you can get a sitar effect if the brass saddle is worn a bit. You can solve that by just turning it over. I have a 99 Nocaster that has been my main guitar and it has been refretted and ready for another, if you...
  2. jedi

    NGD - 52 Tele - my 1st Custom Shop guitar

    Cannot beat a Blackguard Tele...congrats!
  3. jedi

    Does this Custom Shop Tele Appeal to You?

    Not my cup of tea. YMMV.
  4. jedi

    NGD - Brad Paisley Tele!

    Sitar effect comes from the brass saddle if they are not filed correctly or if they wear funny. Check the saddle and turn it over and try the reverse side. Another way is to put a small slot for the string in the brass saddle. Bring to a tech if you are not familiar with this kind of tweak. YMMV.
  5. jedi

    Back in the Blackguard Game

    Very cool guitar...what is the neck Humbucker?
  6. jedi

    Fender Masterbuilt ’55 Telecaster Masterbuilt Chris Fleming

    I have one and love it. I took a leap of faith and traded an aged R7 LP for it with a reputable dealer and very glad I did. I have done a couple basic things to it 1; re-fretted with 6105 frets and 2; changed the switching to a regular 3 position Tele. The '55 MB and my CS NoCaster pretty do all...
  7. jedi

    My Esquire, my love.

    Fantastic Esquire! Enjoy!
  8. jedi

    tele neck relief

    Very little relief for me...considerable difference in tone and playability.
  9. jedi

    First CS - '51 Nocaster

    Can't go wrong with a NoCaster! Congrats!
  10. jedi

    Here is My newly aquired 53 Blackguard

    Can't go wrong with a Blackguard! Congrats!
  11. jedi

    1967 Blue Ice Metallic Tele

    Congrats on a fantastic guitar!
  12. jedi

    53 Heavy relic!!

    Fantastic Tele!
  13. jedi

    Advice needed

    Man...I would just find a new used Tele with a Bigsby. I would not put a Bigsby on your vintage guitar. IMHO.
  14. jedi

    1952 Fender Telecaster - Rumble Seat Music

    Check out Nacho Banos - Blackguard Book....many of the weights of blackguard Teles were all over the place. Regarding playability, good frets are a must. Everything I own must be at high playability status....a refret is not a negative to me. YMMV.
  15. jedi

    New pickguard color - better or worse?

    IMHO white pick guard on black body.
  16. jedi

    Broadcasters galore!

    I love the clips of Mr Gruhn on YouTube where he is explaining the history of certain vintage guitars (LP, Teles, Strats, etc) and every time he picks them up or moves them he keeps banging his rings and jewelry into the guitar.
  17. jedi

    NGD - CS 63' Relic

    Fantastic guitar!
  18. jedi

    NGD: CS 51' Nocaster

    Can't go wrong with a Nocaster, I have been using a 1999 for 14 years and it has been fabulous. congrats!
  19. jedi

    Vintage or custom shop ?

    Look for a used Fender CS Nocaster.
  20. jedi

    NGD and Refret Question

    Like changing oil or tires on a car....**** wears out it needs to be fixed. If I was going to buy the guitar, I would want it to set up and play well first and foremost. YMMV.
  21. jedi

    My 1996 '51 Nocaster Relic (photos)

    Nice Cunetto-era Nocaster....great guitars!
  22. jedi

    Esquire, nocaster or 52ri

    Find a used Fender CS Nocaster and don't look back...
  23. jedi


    Nice guitar....for me personally 7.6lbs is a bit heavy for an Esquire. However, if it is a tone machine then go for it. While others have mentioned other boutique builders (and I do love their stuff) down the line an actual Fender product will always be a fairly safe bet. Good luck.
  24. jedi

    Fender CS Fleming '55 Telecaster

    I have 55 Fleming MB and it is phenomenal. My Nocaster was my main Tele but the 55 has so much going for it. The steel saddles are different sounding, in my mind and ears there is more information transmitted from them producing a significant amount of presence which I like very much! YMMV. :razz: