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    40th Anniversary Tele owners...

    does anyone know where i can get a copy of the "ivroid pick-guard" that came with these 40th anniversary guitars?
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    Pennsylvania Pickers

    Happy New Year everyone! Grew up in Bristol. A couple of nearby towns afterwards. Live in Newtown now.
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    Keith Urban "Clarence" tribute build - 40th anniversary telecaster

    do you know anyone that sells an ivroid guard?
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    very nice!
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    Keith Urban "Clarence" tribute build - 40th anniversary telecaster

    nice build! did you get an ivroid pickguard?
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    I saw the original line-up in concert and they were great. I am a big fan a of Messina's early tele playing in Poco but afterwards, I thought he really went "pop-rock" with Loggins. As far as Cotton goes, at first, I thought he wasn't a good replacement/addition (although I really liked "Bad...
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    I always thought that with a manager like Irving Azoff, POCO would have had much more commercial success. I remember reading that Glen Frey said that when he contacted Tim Schmidt about playing with the Eagles, Tim was on the road @ 50 weeks a year and making @ $200 a week. No matter how...
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    Marty & McGuinn

    "...the Mike Douglas show..." Wow-wee! I forgot about the Mike Douglas show. I thought he was a local Philly PA show?
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    From what I remember, he quit the band via a message on his web/facebook page. And I think that's how Rusty found out.
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    I'm a big fan too. Rusty got me interested in pedal steel. Jim's intro on "You Better Think Twice" still amazes me. My favorite album is "Inamorata". "Cantamos" and "POCO" are right there with it. But I can find songs on every album that I still really, really enjoy listening to. I read that...
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    Anyone rocking the Allparts TMO FAT?

    fwiw, I was going to get an Allparts "fat" neck but wanted a larger nut spacing. So I went with a finished Warmoth fatback w/a 1&11/16th nut and 6150 frets. It's a great neck for me :) You could also look into a USACG fatback or a Musickraft Fat profile neck (all of these are 1" in depth...
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    40th Anniversary Tele owners...

    Thanks Guys.
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    40th Anniversary Tele owners...

    does anyone know where to get a replacement ivroid pickguard for a 40th?
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    'Sherlock' of old and new..

    Most definitely! +1
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    I Used to Love Listening To Dave Herman's Show on WNEW-NY

    He started a radio program in Philly in the late '60s called the Marconie Experiment. He played everything from Jimi Hendrix to the Incredible String Band to Biff Rose. So I thought he was a cool guy (back then). If he's 77 and still doing this, he must have ruined the lives of many, many...
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    New Offset Design

    wow, i like everything about it and would like to have one.
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    1959 Les Paul Build

    Wow, some of those other forum posts are downright wicked. I guess it's a click/forum thing and they don't know of Gil like we do here on the TGF. I read posts pretty regularly here but don't post that often. But I would trust Gil (and Cliff) to do the right thing (i.e. getting me another guitar...
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    Warmoth Parts

    What I really like about Warmoth is that if I buy something from the their in-stock necks, I can SEE what I'm getting for my money. If I order from USACG or Musikraft, it's more of a crapshoot as to what the neck will look like. For example, is the rosewood dark enough, does it have any...
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    AVRI "62 Custom Double Bound Discontinued?

    Boris, I put a 1 inch rosewood boatneck w/6130 frets on my AVRI "62 Custom and it's become my favorite guitar to play. Also, I really like the neck pup in the '62 Customs. They sound special to my ears.
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    40th Anniversary Tele owners...

    anyone know where I can get an ivroid pickguard?
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    CS 40th Anniversary Telecaster

    anyone know where I can get an ivroid pickguard that's on these 40th anniversaries? p.s. congrats kgguitarplayer! I've been looking for a particular "almond" burst 40th since they came out.
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    New Design Proto Build - Bone

    Hello Gil, I'm enjoying this thread and build. What do you think the guitar would sound like with just the hollowed mahogany body and the maple cap (without the Paulownia insert)? Thank you! denny
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    Looks like Guitar Center is in some money Trouble

    "...All we sell is the most common stuff available..." And this is why I haven't bought anything new from my local GC in many years.
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    Gibby Factory Tour - DIYers will appreciate some of the tricks

    Thanks for posting that vid. I've had some QC issues on my '94 J-45 (paint & glue) and '03 Firebird (fret sprout). But this vid renewed my faith in their operations and employees.