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  1. Crashbelt

    NDG 1969 Telecaster

    The grain looks very much like ash - so blond finish. If the neck is stable in the pocket I'd leave it - if it moves a shim will fix it. I had that done on a 3 bolt 74 Strat, but yours is 4 bolt so hopefully its stable. +1 the acetone test - be careful not to accidentally drop some where you...
  2. Crashbelt

    1967: Year of Transition

    Congratulations- can you post pictures and let us know about the key transitional features. The OPs database on 67s is a great resource and I hope he comes back to continue the great work.
  3. Crashbelt

    The Pinecaster Book

    There are some great books by other authors on many Fender and Gibson vintage models, but nothing comes close to the service Nacho has given to Tele aficionados:) - total respect.
  4. Crashbelt

    NGD: 1957 Esquire

    Great guitar - love the pictures!!
  5. Crashbelt

    VGD ('68)

    Congratulations - 60s maple cap Teles are a classic vintage group. Its a club I only joined earlier this year and one you will be very happy to be part of - great playability and awesome tone. Great colour and condition too. My 67 bridge pickup is very microphonic too, but experiment with...
  6. Crashbelt

    1949 Fender Telecaster? :includes video:

    Next post due in 2031...............
  7. Crashbelt

    NGD 1953 Telecaster Blackguard

    Beautiful blackguard...............
  8. Crashbelt

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Special it just feel right

    Beautiful - the best Les Pauls are the P90s!!!!!
  9. Crashbelt

    Velvet Underground: The influence of The Velvet Underground , how about you?

    Still waiting for my man.........
  10. Crashbelt

    Guitars you have had the longest.

    Got my 64 in 1989 for what seems like small change now.
  11. Crashbelt

    What style guitar do you have the most of?

    2 Strats 2 Teles 3 SGs 3 P90 Les Pauls 8 335 types
  12. Crashbelt

    Check out this neck!

    "I'm no expert but..." the last examples of transitional logos, in the large database of 1967 Telecasters in the superb 2017 thread, were a couple October neck dates. But I'm no expert either
  13. Crashbelt

    What's your lightest Tele ?

    its my refin 53 Blackguard - perfect 6lb 11oz.
  14. Crashbelt

    Seller wouldn't weigh guitar

    Weight is important - anything over 8.5lbs is out for me. If a seller can't provide such basic information they can stick the guitar where the sun doesn't shineo_O
  15. Crashbelt

    Reviving the "Why vintage guitars are not worth the money" discussion

    Vintage guitars can of course go up or down in value. But the most sought after collectible ones are less vulnerable to market 'corrections'. Like this minty original 59 I used to own and sold a few years later. The margin was enough to buy a nice BMW - good car but not such a tone monster as...
  16. Crashbelt

    Christopher Cross Solo You Couldn't hear

    Great - really good judgement of Beato, to bring out that great solo. Never liked the song, but the playing is where I've always aspired to be - pretty old school, but so am I:lol:
  17. Crashbelt

    I want it.

    Life's not a rehearsal bro - get that guitar if you can do it. Not sure if I fully do justice to the 67 in my avatar I just got but I'm very happy to have it!!
  18. Crashbelt

    Anyone play a real 1952 Tele?

    I've never played a modern Tele so can't make much of a comparison. But I have the 67 and the refin 53 in my avatar. The 67 is a great guitar with the better sounding neck pickup - clear and bluesy. The bridge pickup of the 67 is really great sounding too, but the 53 just has that magical...
  19. Crashbelt

    Anyone play a real 1952 Tele?

    I've played and have one or two, but nothing like your depth of experience and knowledge. So I'm gonna have to seriously look at those early whiteguards some time - pity the prices have seriously raced away lately!!
  20. Crashbelt

    Finding accurate replacement for vintage telecaster pickguard

    Dan at Mojoaxe can make guards to order if he has the correct base material. Did a great job for my late 50s Les Paul Special.
  21. Crashbelt

    NGD 67 Tele

    Its too good not to gig so it'll end up like heavy relic after I've thrown it around a few rough pub gigs:lol:
  22. Crashbelt

    NGD 67 Tele

    I couldn't resist taking a pic under the guard too, to show the minimal colour difference when a 55 year old guitar never left its case much! Sorry for the poor photographic skills with a bright sunlight and stray shadows. While I'm being really nerdy it was interesting to see the identical...
  23. Crashbelt

    NGD 67 Tele

    I hadn't thought to look for one-piece in 67. So I've had a serious look with various lights, particularly at the bottom end and I can't see a seam and can see what looks like continuous grain patterns. Its not a very translucent thin finish where the grain is very clear (maybe its a refin -...
  24. Crashbelt

    NGD 67 Tele

    Tough to picture the grain - here's the best I could do with a cameraphone. If you look to the left of the ferrules (and the scratch!!) there's a characteristic ash wide grain arch. So blonde I'm pretty sure.